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Catherine Shows Us How To Bake Cookies (Yum!)

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Video Transcription

hi guys I have a super simple chocolatechip cookie recipe that I think you guyswould enjoy so here are the ingredientswe need some all-purpose flour bakingsoda brown sugar chocolate chips buttersalt and vanilla and then here are yourmeasuring spoons and here are your bowlsand then I take my salt a measure andthen you set it aside and then we getour bigger bowls and our bigger bowl weadd our butterOh Kiwi and then we add two cups ofbrown sugar which makes it nice andsweet- now this is mixed by a mixer but I mixthis by hand it’s a little easier for meI use my little spatula to get all thebutter off and let it all soak in and ifyou are using a mixer which this butteris very squishy so I’m going to have toI use my niftyany mixer have mommy or daddy take itand plug it in and then we beat themixtureshould look like thathow cool just break them up some of thebrown sugar is a little bit harder so Ican take my fingers I washed my handsbefore I did this and I just break themup some of the brown sugar likes tostick togetherand doesn’t like to break up then we addour two eggs and these eggs are not fromour chickens I use the store-bought eggsfor these one egg to make and then I usemy vanilla so I use one in half pour itin and dumpjust mix mix mix again you can use abeater I like doing this by hand then Iget in the role because sometimes thishappens really masculine wait butit’s look like a Mac then can add theflour as you see it’s starting to formstarting to grab hold of the flour inmax making your dough mommy and daddyand your muscles really very very tiredand then last but not least you have thechocolate chips OOP and that’s the supersimple recipe they are so super yummy weonly have four left because we weresuper hungry and wanted to eat them hopeyou enjoy

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