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Making chocolate chip cookies – Baking with the b*tches

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Video Transcription

it’s like a ready-made that we’d uh we’duh we we don’t hey guys welcome back tomy channel so for today’s video we’redoing another episode of baking with theokay so we have two special guests todayand and we have you can hear themalready we have rose Anthony show readyone two three helloso this is Tanisha and this is Rohit andthey are really good friends you guyshave seen them before so we are gonna bemaking some cookie chocolate chipcookies this already ready but this islike a ready-made ready-mades butteralready so like it’s only gonna beawhile and to make so first of all wehave to split the bottom half becauseand we didn’t buy two because this isgonna be a lot of cookies everywhere sowe are going to slip the butter andwe’re gonna do team somi Anisha againsorry on Roby we’re gonna see who canmake the better cookies and we’re gonnajudge them by its shape and its tasteconsistency in everything so first ofall we have to cook that’s open and thenmeasure and even need this pack mixaround like eight cookies so we get likefour each this mess is 200 grams sowe’re gonna go a hundred crowns eachinto this alright funny money she’sdoing by the way this is wrong it’s not200 220 because you know it’s not gonnanow look I don’t Eunicewe each put more sovereigntist because Imade it to okay and we’re gonna takethose spins or like mad and then pop iton here yep and they go they go runningit melts a lot and then God becomes sobig okayplease don’t kiss never like these daysRussia shut up me if I just find a fan Ineed to believe[Music]we’d uh we’d uh we we done so a lotthey’re gonna they’re gonna like reallyready bro so we didn’t want to make themtoo bigunder you made the movie thin becausethey will rise a little bit as well sowe’re gonna pop ours into the open andthen we’re going to just do a so untilthey finish alright guys so the cookiesare now out of the oven I’m not gonnasay this all in under bit little burntokay yeah who cares okay it’s only theedges okay so we heat it ours up into myfavorite bit because ours was out for along time not too long but we’re nowgonna try to enjoy each other first allwrong for each other I don’t take take avery small one I don’t mean to containall energy all good take this one daycame ready one two – oh this is burnt nodamage you this is like a rock-hard okaylet’s let’s try ours every wasted myrace race right then you don’t do itright there Jerry I took your a jokewhen I went to smaller alright ready onetwoyeah yeah it’s rocky from puppies um Ilike any better texture all right ConnorI please yeah what do you think guard meyeah yeah go look you know but I can’treally taste and I hope that you knowchocolate others bit to Britain it’smelted inside a little I’m not fine atthe freight ones anyway I hope you guysenjoy watching if you did make sure youguys give this video a big thumbs upsubscribe to the Nick worked atsubscribe to react subscribe to mr.inquisitive here who made a channelrecently anyway I hope you guys enjoyedwatching see you in all three of makingwith the alright bye bye[Music]

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