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Kyley Jenner; Her favorite Christmas cookies with stormy

Her favorite Christmas cookies with stormy.

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Video Transcription

okay so Stormy’s mouth is all greenbecause she’s already eaten a lot of thecandy right you ate the candy Wow we aregonna get into this and make Santa’scookies because remember we have toleave cookies for Santa on Christmas Eveyou know that let’s get into these sugarcookies are you ready yeah okay will youhelp me put in we’re gonna start withtwo sticks of butter okay who’s on yourpajamas for me Christmas what’s on themthough you have Santa okay so this isgonna be fun okay you’re gonna add onecup of sugar whoathere’s no storms okay so yeah we gotyour mouth is all green girl so now wegot the two eggs in and we’re gonnacrank it upand mix it lowtwo or three wow this is mixing we’regonna add a teaspoon of salt Joanna pourthis in here yeah you know me to do itthe salts and then we’re gonna do ateaspoon and a half vanilla with snowthis yummy no okay so this is three cupstotal we’re gonna do half of it now mixit a little bit and then we’re gonna dohalf the other half and mix it a littlemore oh my goodness stormy got a cleanhit bar mix good job you said what it’sdirtyOh Kris Jennerwe’re making sugar cookies for Santa ourcookie dough is done girl you did such agood job pound itnow that we’re done with our cookiedough we’re gonna put this into aplastic bag and we’re gonna let it we’regonna let it chill for just 30 minutesto an hourokay you want to wear it okay we’re backit’s been about 30 minutes we just tookour dough out okay so this is what ourdough looks like look at our dough feelit Christmas my favorite holiday yesChristmas is that your favorite holidayyeahand I’m so excited because stormy isalmost two years old and she is gettingit she gets Christmas she was a littlescared of Santa first weren’t you scaredof Santa my mom’s you want to dip in itand we went to see my mom and PalmSprings and she had this a giant 8-footSanta that’s sang and just moved weirdit was scary it scared me for me are youserious right now I said you could putyour little finger in there and what areyou doing there’s a feel cool perfect Ineed you to put a little bit of flour onhere put a little flour get a hand bunchput it on good job oh girl you might bea baker you are a chef chef stormy whatthank you those movements so now you’regonna roll out the dough doesn’t stickwe’re gonna start cutting the cookiestorm you ready and then lookI’m show you how to do it hold it likethis put it on here okay put it on thepancuz it’s not cooked yeah we still tobake up put it on there good job babystarting to do it that’s right okay sowe’re gonna keep doing this and then weare gonna put them in the oven at 350degrees for about 15 minutes so thecookies already ever had to reduce someof them so they look perfectwoahthey’re ready for us to decorate are youready okay so you’re gonna get somefrosting do you want white or red red solet’s say we’re gonna take our littleman and we’re gonna go like thiswhoa the man is red now candy canes puthim on your cookie so to you babe can Iput some sprinkles on your could be ohyou like to copy me huh I’m gonna do alittle greenwhoa so pretty huhthank you baby so yeah we’re about todecorate our cookies and we aredefinitely gonna give these to Santa andleave them out for him on Christmas Evethank you babyI think this is such a fun way to getinto the Christmas spirit right stormyeah you say bye to everybody

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