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Video Transcription

I got somebody to channel I’m JordanI’m Jack we’re both vlogging yeah no I’mStuart you got blue sorry if we justlike a bunnywhy wearing a bunny and we have ours[Music]wait let me go[Music]yeah[Music]but our hands yeah we washed our handshow cute here how much okay like scootover there and I’ll be over here so I’mgonna go ahead and take them on out Ihope we don’t need flowers wait Mamie dowe need flour or will these not stareokay they are made like a little thingso no we don’t so I’m just going to goahead and take a roll out oh yeah weneed flourthese are sticking to the counter yeahdo you always ask thatif I were you I usually just like toplay with it yeah it I used to like forsome reason I used to like eat it rawjust play know what I know what guysdon’t look she’s I don’t know what’swrong with this kid what was she haswrong eight unit no I think of it butyou don’t know that this we don’t knowhow they met but I don’t know I thinkthey have raw leg in[Music]yeah I like to make it ok now this anglemy butt Bristow trap these night part 1I’m making cookies we’re doing a jewelerdoing yeah you can move it guys Ibelieve all of our lights actuallymakers in the description below I do Ihave fun in stone she don’t have it Ihave it yeah we’re gonna have to makeyou one this was like sure I need moreflourhow many more flour like you’re takingoff out of my space you scoot over so mycamera can see me now we’re not in eachother’s way but your karma in my waythis way yeah yeah alright let’s go tothis like let me suck oh he’s gotrolling mine got a stickokay kids you guys back Meimeitime is not gonna end you don’t knowafter what you done if you have to putyours on the boat like you do the doughmix the doll the dough is soft becausethe flour yeahthe dough is soft because the flour andthe dough is stickyOh God my nose is itching no fool withitdirtbags I understand how these diseasesgoing around it’s crazy I mean you guysdon’t have to go crazy on me okay yeahbut if you get a choice or be okay goand if you don’t have it stay safe Ijust got another me now I’m I know itwith your hands I should win in my withmy hands earlier your sugar cookies ifyou guys you know chocolate chip I wishyou know I don’t want chocolate chip gotrying to get a little too big okay I’vemade mine three weeks I like not takingup half of the surfaceI’m gonna go ahead of night cookie soI’m only gonna use this paste for rightnow pick up all my time of tyrol outsideone date I’m trying to make him like beon cookies I am not making any cookiestin binhey I’m trying to make the end look looklook mine why do a piece by pieceno not thatdon’t do that things shown you know tiedwhat’s together okay make my bunny herewait wait don’t take it up it’d bebetter wait till we get the edges of mylittle bunny okay no good bro okay I’mjust kind of like wait don’t pull it uphere go on their song I don’t know youknow what you need to like do it oh he’sfunny in this we’ll play this for alittle bit and right go ahead and begina little better hurry god I remembertheseall right so I had buddy run out okay[Music]daylight you’re going I don’t want abright flower that should break youdon’tother we click over as he talked andwere everything there you know how areyou – Turtlesdon’t write look what I do Jordan hiflowers good flower go into bunnygo ahead makes youokay scared give it give it[Music]okay that was hot stuff so you need tobe a little thinnershe made a flower yeah you made a flower[Music]die Newport today we’re pool there’sstill like the water in it from lastsummeryes we need to clean it but we alwaysbeat silly every yearwell tell them a story about you pushingme on the pole and that’s how we startedopening the pool againyeah and I was worried I wish were eachother into the pool she played three barso I like that’s a good bunny look I’musing this toy camera your camera headflower that’s how we fake stuff so we’realmost done with this batch put abouttwo more in the middle[Music]yeah yeah okay[Music][Music]and then much much more get anotherchaseso go ahead yeah Oh lick itI made a burritohey guys I don’t want you guys to watchme do my stuff it doesn’t stick I needmore bunny money time yeah really isbunny time okay this thing is stuck whatOh Oh the rat I mean to get out ofcourse bunny this time flowers okay so Imade a bunny out of flowers nobodystarted wrecking the flower no did youmake a bunny yeahhey what I need to make a Billy againWowI’ll go get water I’ll go like forwardI’m a bunny flower bunny flower you madeone train huh no aheadokay here’s my big old wall here I stillhave awful wallet that all you have leftno where’s your other look at mine darkmeans I was a star like our boy couldget the same time never got to do mineyesterday yes a lot if you guys want akiss my first video yeahlike and subscribe and welcome to ourfirst video yeah because she had astrokeyeah I saw it and I as we might show you[Music]damn child oh my goodness I broke itbunny time it’s flower time to branchwhich she ratchet sassy booty yeah yeahI love that tick-tock we got actuallybaked cookies because our brother ain’thome right now yeah our brother roomseverything’s almost even not leave usalone guys as you guys know he is a babyyeah[Music][Music][Music][Music][Music]we hear that they probably I feel likethey were done to get a little bit moreowners or dark or whateverhey guys look how much more dough don’thave half yours I melted I hope yours ismelting so I’m making it right later onit can get okay give me some flourhere’s a stick I don’t know how you getwhen we get some flour do we need to puta little bit of extra sugar on topyeah well don’t put it on your rap fight[Music]we still got a water don’t lift cabarrusthey’re probably about tonight two moreOhprobably about three I mean two morebatches or so you’ll be able to make abath okayI love it so guys I’m over here mycamasta small and the light weight girlI might be able to make more cookiesbecause of the extras[Music]how do you skip the backthese cookies are really good I knowthis oh my gosh this is the best bunnyah come here hurry[Music][Music][Music]hey where’s my extra dough I can maketwo and you’re probably remember Iwarned and I think I wouldn’t make upthe easter egg cause the Easter eggsthrough like so easy all I have to domake it look like an oval shape[Music]whap you guys outhey never mind you guys I’m nothing I’ma car can’t just I just a pure door itjust what it does somehow looks like ata straw good wool same I mean I will seewhat happensmy I am making a little dots or EasterEgg trap c-clip this one I’ll lift ourtiny number there so let’s go grab itthat we pick up hey kind of haul it cometo a stir is another a scratch[Music]how many do we have on there five sixseven yeah you’re welcome make this oneagain Wow I just make it I was amazedright turn that’s a perfect face youregg looks oh my phone’s on where it’s soquite I might make some designs with ityeah I’m gonna better not tonight clocksis on with itOh knife whatever yeah over here whatwhat Ohokay guys so weird it up with thismicrophone yeah like I better not messup by you guys I’ll see you next time

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