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How To Make Perfect Chocolate Chip Cookies | Easy Choco Chip Cookies | Eggless | #CookwithArugaru

Everyone loves a good Chocolate Chip Cookie ! This video shows you how to make perfect cookies every time, and that too eggless!
Super easy way to make cookies, using minimum ingredients.
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Video Transcription

hi everyone welcome back to my youtubechannel today I’m gonna show you how tomake these monster chocolate-chipcookies which are eggless so let’s goover the ingredients first we need 1/2 acup of powdered white sugar then I’mtaking cheapest cup of brown sugar whichhave also added 1 teaspoon of saltwe need about 2 teaspoons of vanillaextract about half a cup of unsaltedbutter that is melted so now as asubstitute for egg and using a blackcells that is flaxseed powder mixed withsome water the exact measurements are onthe screen then we need about 1 1 by 4cups of flour and half a teaspoon ofbaking soda[Music]finally I’m also gonna add some chalkfor some so I’m using cooking chocolatea dark compound you can even usechocolate chips so to a bowl I’m addingthe sugars first so the white sugarbrown sugar and salt they go into thebowl first and I’m just mixing it alltogether to make sure that it’s wellcombined once that is done I’m justgonna pass this powder mixture through asieve because I want a smooth mixturefor the door[Music][Applause]so as you can see I am doing thisprocess for the whole mixture for thisvery crucial so now I’m adding thebutter into this dry powdered sugar mixand the texture that we now have is aFeliz and so once we achieve that I’mgoing to go ahead and add the flax eggand the vanilla extract and mix this alltogether and you’ll see that we now havea best mixture ready with us so now I’mgoing to directly sieve in the flour andthe baking soda into the wet mixture andmix it all together[Music]you’ll see that a dough is now startingto form and once that happens I’m gonnaadd the chocolate that I have and coverthis whole mixture with a foil and letit rest in the fridge for about four orfive hours the more you let address thebetter the flavor would be and once youtake it out I’m gonna just scoop it outonto a baking sheet that I’ve greasedwith some butter so I’m just using anice cream scooper now and taking smallto medium round balls and just make sureto provide enough space between eachball because while baking they’re gonnaexpand so I’m gonna now place them intoan already preheated oven at about 180degree Celsius for 15 to 20 minutes sothis again differs depending on whatkind of phenomena you have and thetemperature setting that your oven worksbest at for me 180 degrees 15 to 20minutes were the perfect time andtemperature so once they were out I letit cool in the cooling rack for about 15to 20 minutes and this again is a verycrucial stepdon’t forget the cooler cookies beforeserving so there you have it our cookiesare readyit is best enjoyed with a glass of coldmilk and just look at these cookies aloop so beautiful it’s very very chunkyand soft on the inside and trusty andcrispy on the outside I hope you guysenjoyed this video and if you did thendon’t forget to like this video watch myother videos and subscribe to my channelthat would really motivate me to createmore content for you guys and I hope youenjoyed this and I will see you guysnext time in my next video till thenescapeeat good food and enjoy bye guys[Music]

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