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How to bake Nestle Toll House Chocolate Chip Cookies | BakEDD w/ Elena Delle Donne

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Video Transcription

[Music]welcome to my first sub so we’re gonnago with the Nestle Tollhousechocolate-chip cookie recipe to behonest with you I’m not a great Baker soI’m gonna be learning along with you thefirst thing we need to do is preheat theoven to 375 and you should take yourbutter out of the fridge and let itsoften I’m gonna preheat you also gonnatake this downI should add always check the ovenbefore preheating it you never know whatyour little brother or a little sistermight have put in there all clear so I’mgonna go through all the ingredientsthat you need I actually made this lastweek and I had way too many cookies toeat so I have halved ingredients butfeel free to make as many cookies as youplease so we have softened butter flourthe best part chocolate chips eggs oopsum light brown sugar sugar vanilla andbaking soda not to be confused withbaking powder so I pre measured all ofmy ingredients you don’t have to thefirst thing we’re gonna do is combinethe flour and the baking soda into thesmall bowl now you can also combine saltbut my butter is already salted so I’mnot going to add any more salt and thenwe mix our dry ingredientsnext we’re gonna grab our big mixingbowl big mixing bowl and combine thebutter sure you get all that good stuffwith the brown sugar the sugar andwe’re gonna mix this up nice you knowsometimes I really like to use my handsget it but I’m gonna stick with thisokay now that’s a little bit okay so seehow this is mixed nicely now we’re gonnaadd an egg or two eggs depending onwhich how many you want to make we’llmix the egg in there okay now that theegg is next in I’m going to slowly addthe dry ingredients and beat the mixtureif you don’t have one of these you couldjust use a whisk or you know sometimesjust doing it by a hand it’s the easiestway to get this done so starting offslow so I don’t[Music]reallyso what have you guys been doing to staybusy through quarantine for me I’ve beengoing on a lot of walks with my dogsI’ve been shooting fun videos onInstagram I’ve been doing zoom callswith my teammates I’m sure some of youknow about zoom I hear that’s how mostof us are getting through homeschoolingat this time okay so once this is allnicely combined should be kind of thetexture we’re looking for we get to addthe best ingredients the chocolate chipsso sometimes it’s just easier to do itwith your hands and go old dirty so oncethe chocolate chips are nicely added inthere and you know you can always add alittle more the more chocolate thebetter am i right okay so this is likewhat it looks like looks good right okaynow that I have this mixed I’m gonna goget mine on greased baking sheet Iactually have a non greased stone that Ilike to useand we’re gonna just put like a littletable saw tablespoon sized cookies onyour sheet or if you like really bigcookies you can go big or go homenow I cannot stress enough theimportance of washing your hands oftenthrough this entire process to make surewe’ve got clean hands especially ifyou’re mixing or putting the dough ballson with your hands also when you putyour cookies on the sheet you want tomake sure there’s about you know like aknuckles length distance apart so theycan expand well and they don’t allcombine into one massive cookie okay soI have my cookies ready and we’re gonnaput them into the oven which has alreadydinged and it is preheated we’re gonnaput them in for 9 to 11 minutes I’mgonna set a timer for 8 minutes becauseyou know all ovens bake differently andyou should really start checking it by 8minutes because there’s nothing worsethan a burnt cookie the cookies arefinished but I think I’m gonna have myfriend take them out of the oven I smellsome cookies where are my dogslet’s get these bad boys out of the upwhere is my spatula time to try myfriend elaina’s masterpieceI’m gonna tell you something these aremore than good[Music]

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