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Playing with skyshark and making cookies and kevin

Original of the video here

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Video Transcription

I know you don’t[Applause][Music][Music][Music][Music]nobody wants to tell me one part of thearmtell me one part of the song that youremember I tribes me I don’t evenremember any[Music]that’s going what can I lose you I meanjust – but joy – so[Music]I mean my drum gun give me my drum gunshe did that to me because he’s like youdon’t even matter he will kill you youcan’t kill me though because I’m gonnareboot okay so wewas itI’m not going to guys I can’t run ormove or anything or well I can only walkso don’t hurt amazing make sure that youprotected me booth of that I don’t havearmor because I’m dead because I’m deadI have my drum gun I need some ammo forshotgun for sniper and AR pushes toremove some ammo for shotgun you guysyou want to see me backflip off of thisyou me so that was that sick or notrelease gosh I cannot leave me like thatfail to turn the season see what’s leftthere if the slave has even opened whichnew hobby was around don’t let me offlet me get so let me enjoy get goldalright wait for mewell no the fellow men behind well doneI know what you do my life I know howthe driver goes we put it betterwaitalright wait I need someone to leave I’mmaking cookies someone reviving revivinghome and I don’t want it to die so I’mgonna charge it you should just call medownyou should’ve told me fam no likethey’re automatically dead like familythey don’t want to be in our gamegetting used hi I’m back knock me down[Music]which I mean my house I just rememberedmy passage I can’t I can’t I gottapackage the secret passageI don’t know someone someone come areyou gonna stream snape you can oh my godyeah I can’t help you get stream snapeno podía do you know who’s watching mewatching himyou guys sound better guys make me agreat guy Oh cookie you and a great thatwas me well cookie save me by subject Isaid that before herlet’s go out on now and me why do II know anything okay no they are you arein the moves you got removed I didn’tget to see if there’s any guns andcommenting on people who comment thankthis up to mellow I’m gonna sue and Ican subscribe or I’ll eat your mom I’mjust going out to eat right like andsubscribe or even ever when the gamebefore they ever again in your life ifyou in play for now if you don’t playfor night then your win every single dayno you won’t you should subscribe you’llwin every single gamewe don’t subscribe you don’t like thismovie if you look in this I’m only a fewa gun if you’d like and subscribe finefine all good gunsI found all and let me go guns I mean isalready touched them and[Music]what is it I want to know yes all rightI don’t want to know one sec one sec Ihad to kill that guy I would have been a[Music]long time ago oh wait it’s called therapid-fire SMG yeah that’s a new gunyeah I don’t like go out up in fivesmg’s I have to make it no you can’tshut your mouth no stopping you but whatif somebody is talking to meoh no I’m just being annoying Kevin lookI’m talking to you huh yeah you seesomebody said to me mellow livestreamingno no puppy where are your livestreaming before yeahthree months Kevin you know here’s 20mil answered you chest that I found I’mgonna do absolutely yes I can’t I can’tbe having some d increase for my ownbrother does not go with the sisterdon’t even RioI have a goat snipe oh can you actuallymake it go down oh because you’reholding protection yeah what if I shootyouwait don’t break that box I won’t breakit I’m gonna break this oh yeahBoulder’s now when the Jodon’t you gono everyone don’t go turbo I know rightnowOh die I know I knowbut I just see themI’m gonna scan myself you and window[Music]nothing okay I’m taking the boat I’m inthis stormtake this let me go let me see I mightnot make it but I’ll try my best andnobody really cares about this thismoment but me because I might diebecause of the tail fine I don’t haveany med kits or Hugh’s if I will make itthere I will make my decimal ok metalcan you hear me can you hear me man I’mat 41 please I need respitecome and hear me I need I need experthelp go and you know excuse me somebodyknocked those you got free choose Oh waytoo muchsay goodbye to melded oh no he’s deadis he did I just find a wild boar in thewired that makes absolutely no sense butdid I just find words for dumb sky beeswe’re not making skiving a lot to makethe sky base but starting off in thestormI remember it’s gotta kill me from falldamage but he actually doing candy cuz Iwanted to a crack not the crack youthinking no I’m thinking of that car Iliterally just jump down the waterfalland I’m happy that there wasn’t any goodnail using cable cover that part upI found a suppressed jostle hello do youhave any of my interest becausebasically there’s a bow oh my god whatcan I get us some GMO over here can Iget some GMO ammo say goodbye to thisworld it’s gonna get perfu by my gun[Applause]where’s the jungledoes anyone know now girls just go justgo just skin is like a little bit openit open it open ityes that’s crazyI’m a gone decide I’m a girl nothingimpossible in cycle the supply thatthat’s even more increase you imagineyou found of a mythic weapon in one meI’ve found some you puny mirthful yeahmay also cause pew pew riflewhat do you mean to people it was twopeople godly losses two people gotrebootedsomebody shot on the leg Shawn Mendeswants to get wolf I said is one not oneI missed I have them and I got a medkitit’s a miracle don’t be safer for me totravel to heaven that is not your lastcome in the bus come in the bush no makeit all go into the bush rebirth Reviverinto the bush we go like thank you myfriendno she’s your older which is my systemyeahmy own system under heavy sniper atsomeone all right I already have a goheavy sniper purple very you I don’twant that I already have the best Ialready have the best onebehind behind was my behindI don’t know my behind because I am I amattacking from my behindhe’s in the waterrepeat is his Hot Tuna trying but he isin the water I just hit himyeah I just hit him over 100 metersthere’s only two people left was coolone of them is make some tiny make sometime let’s get the 10 years or as we canokayI can’t do anything humane guys I toldyou shaming I just dreamingI feel free enough yeah[Music]max would you don’t get max would youhave to break down a lot of trees oh gofor you you could farm a lot of woodwith the wood todaywait but I was like a bunch of Mornicookie yeahyou see I got 48 just by one tree butthey don’t give you a lot every timelike create they don’t give you a majorwell if you have the same feeling thatif you break the thing a bit more thannormalmy friend had so said things like thatso that’s why we need like a Arsenalburst my god I got start going you didit look well so I’m not bragging but soI got soaked oh that doesn’t matter youneed to be in storm to do this mm-hmmwhy cuz I don’t I’ll shoot you downreaping the woods like a bunch of treesI’m gonna go to my friends pibblieshouse in the middle together how muchwould you have sir I’ve got wood but alot slower yeah I feel like I can walkup it existed hereand off – I have to walk like a bit I’mgonna go get some flowers – mellowearlier I need I need a body you’remimicking phone you can’t make it gookay guys try not to voice any Matt fornow yeaheven if you found some decontaminatedshoulder deep we need decoy girl namesthat people think that were that were onthe guy god no yeah mm-hmmif we put them in a box you’ll get likeso much more maskswe’re only gonna put them in a boxpretty big boys in the boxyeah I mean they’re gonna give me like abunch of match I mean that’s actuallynot you I don’t carethere might be some I based on righthere coin master yeswe’re getting my knots why I got someguns you guys cheated can’t we finishlike above they’re still inside that boxby the way they still haven’t gone awayright doing right they actually give younothing nor thumb you just wasted somedecoys yes but let nobody tell aboutdecoys Kevin before this drives you knowwe’re doing people yeah I haven’t evenharvest 99 999 wood Oh Kevin areaboiling every minute yeah I just got itso first do you remember the paintingthat I gave you a good coin I’m visitingyou guys also I have a med kit I’mvisiting you guys gotta start this inthe horse boy youtubers do people

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