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Make cookies 🍪 w/ me!!!(how to)

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Video Transcription

[Music]we are going to be making cookies and sothe first thing that you’re gonna do istake a measuring cup and pour in all ofyour fillings we are using chocolatechips and mini M&Ms sticks of butterinto a bowl and microwave those for 30seconds okay so once you’ve taken outyour butter from the microwave you canjust stick a knife in it to make surethat it is softened enough and mine is[Music]you’re gonna need brown sugar nextyou’re gonna get three-quarters of brownsugar and you make sure that you Pat itdown so that you can fit as much as youcan also guys I apologize for thebackground noise stuff either my familytalking or my little sister cry okay I’mgoing to take the same measuring cupthat you used to get the brown sugar 3/4of a cup and you want to fill it up withnormal white sugar huh and make surethat it’s even so that you don’t havetoo much or too littleand then pour it in to the minutes fiveminutes laterso you should have it fluffy and have alight color so then you’re gonna take ateaspoon and pour some vanilla in it butI’m gonna let my mom do that because Iwill probably spill if I try to so thenyou’re going to take a bowl and two eggsand you want to crack them next perfectto the mixerand then you want to put it down andstart it pour some salt into theteaspoon then add it into the mixer thesame teaspoon you’re gonna get ateaspoon of baking soda and pour it into the mixer okay so you’re gonna needfor this part you’re gonna need thisplastic cover that goes over your mixeror else the flower will fly all out ofit so you want to start with 1/4 of acup and pour that into your mixer andthen you’re gonna take a 1 cup measuringcup and you are going to fill that withflour to all the way to the top and I’mspilling because I’m crazyit’s hard does not spill flour okay yeahthat was pretty easy I’m probably gonnahave to clean this up in to the mixeryour plastic cover and lock your mixerand then start mixing part take all ofyour feelings I’m gonna keep lickingthis I’ll get back to that in a secondmake sure you wash your hands and thenyou’ll need cookie sheets we’re usingtwo but it depends how much cookie doughyou make sure you have your ovenpreheated to 350 so then you’re gonnatake a spoon and your cookie dough andyou want to scoop a little bit with yourspoon and take it off of the spoon andplace it onto your cookie trayI’ve already done three now you just gotto finish until your whole tray is done[Music]okay guys so I got one sheet done andnow I’m gonna let my mom put that intothe oven and I’m gonna start working onnext[Music]these look so good I’m tired so I’mgonna get some water and we still haveanother pan to go mmm that feels goodright about now so the cookies aren’t inthe oven and I’m gonna show you whatthey look like[Music]ok so it’s been about huh okay abouteight minutes this is what they looklike right nowI hope you guys enjoyed that time lotsof them rising but we’re just gonna takethem out and are we gonna use atoothpick for them but they are done andthey look yeah now we’re putting thenext batch in losing it up I’m gonna doanother time-lapse of them rising alsoyou need to do it for eight minutes[Music]okay so now we’re gonna scoop them offof the tray and put them onto a wiretray mmm these look really goodare you guys excited for the taste testclick on the little eye up above on theright top corner and vote also commentdown below if you made these if you didwhat feelings did you usethey’re done mom okay guys so my momjust took out the cookies from the oventhe second batch but now we still havemore so we got to go ahead[Music]okay guys so these cookies got out alittle bit ago so we’re just gonna takethem off and put them onto the wire rackand the reason why you need one of thoselike wire bar rack things it’s becauseit’ll help them cool off because all theair can come from the bottom I on thetopwhat sides but yeah I’m just taking allof these and putting them on to the wiretray and I’m going to do some ASMRmm okay guys so now we’re both gonna dothe taste test three two what not good Idefinitely recommend drop off you guysthank youI definitely recommend you guys to trythis because they’re so good okay guysso my little sister really wanted to bein this video so say hi Jessie anywaysthis is my little sister and I hope youguys enjoyed this video if you did givethis video a big thumbs up turn theirinformation about the video and okay byeguys

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