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Video Transcription

[Music]and I have okay 1 and 1 spoon – 1 & 1/2spoon white chocolate in okay I’m gonnaother with this and 1/2 1/2 cup butterand I’m gonna put cops brown sugar 1/2cup brown sugar 1/2 cup and it so-calledBellamy J I don’t like too much sugarjust like half half and butter 1 cup and2 egg oh gosh I’m greedy I’m gonna putit in the oven and I mean fridge thefridge hard or later on like half anhour I am a head day also my sonAlam solanum Hamid and I’m gonna put inthe oven I just show you the pictureokay I’m put top sugar[Music]now I met you doing this little bitoh I should use the big but it’s littlebit messy price okay I have a techniquewomen on the ball big big one for thecake one I was lazy assay myself Sawa orfine wise okay anyway are you doing likethat certain Yahoo avocado insha’Allahbecause I don’t know cement so you mixagain just you keep mixing ityou know mix now what I do is like[Music]clockwork in agape I’m doing again I wasusing hot cocoaCharlo and then I’m an Associatedclassic comedy Copa I’m gonna cook onehour why crunchy vicuna on her dad had asage cup but we’re this aside melosa alot when you leave in the fridgeit’s taste is much better before I knowhandsome Anjali just when I wasfinishing I put in the oven it wasn’tlike the way I wanna but Amy come onthrough the way different way just freeshe ate it like no fridge just put inthe fridge so often knock on door whatConnie okay what was the many so vodkayou know like 15 to 20 minutes at leasttardy cinema until the cook on gohandsome Echenique she loved YelpintervalAlton as Dante go at ravu yo a littlesoybean the Myrmidon cottage soon alsomail I think oh come on Sammy when Ifeel like doing iti party see you next to sassy haveammonia see later the vanilla modeling Ididn’t cook vanilla I didn’t just likeflour egg and chocolate that’s all andbutteryes uncle to brown cup yes uncle to workso easy and simple is what and the Wachasee you don’t need to mix a lot of timejust leave it and why you do it[Music][Music]you see guys you can appreciate twohours to one hour and then when I finishI’ll show you guys the picture you showa lotI’ll cut the entire Angelus the mountainand also marina need to talk whatever umbiscuit cake mommyI asked Amanda biscuit chocolate oh yeahShola I see you next time videoCharlotte Anna selam aleykum take careeveryone make sure be safe be safe besafe thank you what I’ll Al Salamalaykoum I’m gonna tell you up noweverything see ya if you like sharesubscribe share like know like sharesubscribe my channel and comments aswell please thank you very much everyonebye[Music]


  1. Mom I was first but why isn’t other ppl likening your video I heard tht ppl are commenting ur video but not likening it tf

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