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Make a Tent – Eat Some Cookies

Isabel in her first every video, shows us how she puts together her tent for her dolls. But a doll is not what ends up in the tent.

Original of the video here

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Video Transcription

how come together out of five they’regoing do one of these what are we gonnamake this okay okay sorry you makewannabe gods tents and we have enoughfunky bad they’re going that yeahcamping for a week yeah tests for thedogsEthan Appa there’s a for the dogsif four dogs the dogs many potafter three ways awaywe want it now first we’re gonna buildthis now get readyfirst we’re doing today we’re gonna makea dog cat but he’s to put it doc yougotta take it what you got yes what yougotbut you got picked up week againdaddy come back here okay that’s mydad’s one waywait you’re dying you get to go oh we’vegot that I barely got castle oh my goshfirstly I built a big big cat burglarnow we’re gonna um I can’t talk to youI guess my it’s moving oh um you knowwhere I amI’m new city the Kings never give meblue my eyes are getting new oh I got meto go closer thoughthat lip step I go onwhat we’re making today what I make ohthis is tough I mean guess my dolls umyou guys talked me head this is realokay it doesn’t like your old one thisbetter what we’re making todayoh sorry I did laughter me[Music]like this like this right[Music]everyone make me turn around like ohthis actually see this one that one goeshere all right here do this one firstput that in there got it put that onenow then that one goes right there onthe end so put down unions so take thislittle one with that one watchwe should down like this pick this onewith this you know yeah I tell you gothrough there it’s right they’ll findyour bigger gonna bend that way so whatyou know I can’t fool twins we get playwith each by the dogs but the dogplease because we bought this becausethe toysyeah and by they’re now behind an youwant to leave big mm-hmm cookie I likecookies let me have one let me hide therestwow what sit tight mmm it’s quite goodprincess Hayek good my god got me wetgood piecegotta beYOU gosh look at me bill yougood back up dude I’m deal[Music]he’s got back enjoysbrother what are you doing Timmy betterare you watching a movie[Music]

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