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i’m very good at baking cookies and using oat milk in every step, despite the recipe never asking for oat milk.
let me know! are u good at baking? what else should i cook? 🤔
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Video Transcription

hi guys I was trying to think of a goodvideo idea for my next like YouTubevideo because I’m trying to make moreI’m trying to fill out that content andmy first thought was okay well I eatsometimes I know people also like eatingso why not make like a cool like videoabout vegan snacks that I like and thenI realized that I don’t want to do aboutcooking say what they write comments andI found this and I realized I’m really bad at baking and this isprobably gonna be a great thing to cookso let’s make some out of seasonValentine’s Day cookies so I am a reallybad cook and not in that quirky like ohmy god I’m so good at making mac andcheese like I burn mac and cheese I amvery bad at this whole cooking processand it is the honnestly Americal Ihaven’t starved to death at this pointin my life so it should be reallyinteresting to see what happens withthis considering the fact that I amnotoriously bad at baking specifically Idon’t know how I managed to mess it upbecause it’s just putting things in abowl and then putting them in the ovenbut I somehow always man should greasebaking sheet with cooking spray or usesilicone liners wash cutter in warmsoapy water and dry thoroughly so how doyou have a take this apart so what’s ohit’s okay so come to the sugar cookiemix vanilla frosting mix red and blackicing mixes candy eyes piping bags and acookie cutter so what the what is thisis this the cookie mix Gigi you’re gonnahelp me cook they’re gonna be really badon it do I have a baking sheet Gigiyou’re gonna have to get down come on Noall right so I got a lemon bowl which isbasically the same thing probably how doI mixed the dough okay okay see what’sgoing on here so this is the black frostfrost icing mix and then this is the redicing mix and then these are little eyesand then this is the vanilla frostingmix I asked type things for decorationit’s understand oh okayso it also says right here that I’mgonna need some butter and an egg Idon’t have a banana more applesauce I’mjust gonna use peanut butter that’sprobably enough so I know and then Ihave two T’sI need four oh this is something I canimprovise with I’ll be okay I’m justmade a giant eggI didn’t think about how much pay it butI was gonna mean for this I’ll just addin the milk now I’ll make it easier tomix probably when I have a CookingChannel show if I had a Cooking Channelshow what would it be calledyou know what at least I’m having fun noguy has ever told me to go in thekitchen I’m starting to wonder ifthere’s the reason for thatokay I’m going to put a little bit moreoat milk in here just to liven things uplook at me I know outside or milk thinkthat’s about good enough look at thatthat’s cookie dough resembling producton a lightly floured surface roll cookiedough to three and sixteenth inch littleblob of what cut into shapes okay somushy this is so easy I’m so good atthinking hey let’s kill these suckersoff look at those babies hey Phoebeshe thinks I’m cooking for her PT heybaby girl she doesn’t like the ladieslike you’re not a kitchen man oh my godthis is such a thick chunk[Music]hello lighting change this actuallylooks really terrible but I only need toshow that I’m putting them in the ovenall right time to pull them out I don’tknow how to describe it feel it’s kindof like like a sponge maybe I don’t knowokay now we have to wait for them tocool down so I can decorate them becauseI’ve learned that from baking shows sosee you in 10 minutesish hi it’s me so let’s make is a whilethe cookies are cooling off to makefrosting use an electric mixer to beroom temperature bacon hot butterfrosting mix and powdered sugar and waityou know whatwe don’t even frosting I just thoughtI’ll make it myself make icing bycombining milk and corn syrup togetherin a bowl i powder shook I’m rethinkingmy life decisions at this point didn’tmanage to make everything withoutpowdered sugar so this is the vanillafrosting actually if your looks likethat you should probably go to a doctor[Music]no we can make it icing there’s the redand then milkcome on you’re laughing okay beautifulactually Lauren there’s nothing bars mybest friend today that’s a lot thickerthat’s better see I didn’t add that muchoh no this time it’s perfect no oh mygod looks like the this legend FernGully oh my god I’m so good at this so Ithink they look really good actuallythat’s their freshman what the box saysbeautiful all right now this onenow the ready okay no I just have to doa little heart see remember what a heartlooks Nick think the hearts here oh mygod that actually looks really good lookat that I’m so good at this look at thePierre artistry nothing is for a littlenose little noseGigi Gigi get down hey get out of herePeters on the phone right now all rightnow I just have to do the little stuffwith the frosting so we’re just testingourselves now oh that’s oh no I don’tlike that yeahso one what’s that what’s the dog inFuturamado you know that I’m talking about thedog in the future one little beanie oneOh with the eye last advice I madecookies looks just like the picture I’mso excited to try itwhere should I try we’re gonna go thisguy he seems to be your favorite becausethey’re baking story in here but Ididn’t put in baking soda take one bitedear for the views I’m not I’m not evenin the video they give you 20 bucks it’sa little bit chewywell it tastes like a cracker ravingreviews oh my god my lips are black thisis must goth I’ve ever livedlet me know what you guys thought aboutcooking in general in the comments Idon’t really know how else to try andget comment an interaction from you guysso I’ll just leave it at thatplease talk to me I’m very lonely andI’m not even able to cook to fend offthe loneliness so make sure you like andsubscribe thanks so much guys

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