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How to Make M&M Cookies in 1 MINUTE | Yum Dumbs

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Video Transcription

[Music]hey guys I’m gonna teach you how to makeem named cookies food look a rainbowtaste the rainbowJK’s not skittles put in the butterwhite sugar and the brown sugartake your mixer mix it all up mix mixmix mix mix dad I’m gonna juggle for youguys huh Jake hey I don’t really knowhow to juggle haha okay now you’re gonnascrape down the side scrape scrapescrape crack open one egg with one handbut you can’t do that and then mix mixmix mix mix it should look like this thebest part is the cookie batter so I’mgonna taste something mmm after I put inyour baking powder baking soda vanillaextract in your flour put it all in mixmix mix mix mix you don’t want tooverwork the dough bear me it shouldlook like that in five secondshow’s that putting your rainbows M&Msand it should like a big uniform pardonin there have a stupid I’ll put it inthe oven for 10 to 12 minutes and thenBAM your cookies are done I hope youguys enjoy bye

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