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Baking tutorial with Harper on how to make chocolate chip cookies

My very first baking tutorial ever!!!!!!

Original of the video here

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Video Transcription

hello I am Parker this is my very firstyoutube baking show today we’re going tobe making chocolate chip cookies withice creamso our ingredients is two and two and aquarter cup of flour 3/4 3/4 cups ofsugar just regular granulated sugar and3/4 cups of brown sugar 1 teaspoon ofviki’s of baking soda 1/2 a teaspoon ofsalt 1 1 cup of butter or coconut oilwe’re using coconut oil because we don’thave any butter 1 egg 1 teaspoon ofvanilla 2 cups of chocolate chips andmommy she already preheated the oven to375 degrees which is also appreciated sowe are going to first mix all the dryingredients we’ll just so chocolatechips regular sugar baking soda andbrown sugar sugar that is brown how didI forget so we go we’re going to do thebrown sugar first which is 3/4 cups Ihave a 3/4 cup thing so we’re going touse 3 1/4 cups to fill it up with somebrown sugar as I’m doing right hereyou see two months ago[Music]and don’t be afraid to bang it againstyour bull they’re strong enough unlessyou have a booming really thin glasshalf a teaspoon of salt then we have tomake chipsone cup of chocolate chips anotherchocolate chips flourthe trick is using flour you have tomake it dense you use a spoon to do thatI just got informed by recipes I’m sorryso we don’t have to use a spoon to fillthe top which is long maybe I should geta bigger please[Music]delicious not trust me I’ve tried flourbefore[Music][Music][Music][Music]three quarters oh that was just theother beeping because it’s donepreheatingsugar sugar sugar okay we have 1/4 cupof sugar which we’ll need two more ofthose because I’m sure you can’t see andmove this closerthis is the last one of that sugar it’sso messy try eating baking soda it doesnot taste like sodait tastes like dish soap if you havenever tried that any more dryingredients nope and we’re going to mixthis together I wonder if I should usethisyesit’s just this part the what ingredientsare going to be what ends up this iscoming to the stage area I need you helpwhy won’t these bowls of sugar break upwithout using my hands okaymaybe before they all mix together maybealso squishing if that doesn’t work okayjust smash shaking these little balls ofsugarbesidesso I have joined to just mix this up[Music]we’ll add our wet ingredients we have tomix it all up except for the a convenerthe Ndebele ago after we mix the wetingredients with the dry ingredientsthey will unite there’s otheringredients all right where’s thecoconut oil I was looking for it let’ssee how much coconut one cup that iswe’re just four quarter cups if tossit’s what I would like to help me shemay come upokay this is what I really oh okay wellI just found out on the recipe that Igive you firstokay two more 1/4 cupsno my dog is trying to eat all of mystuff on the floorit’s always something to give your handsa little messy as long as you don’t myhands can you please have clap for dog[Music]smell like 40Oh[Music][Music]it’s covered in flouryou shove that down in there please feelfree to shove your baking to shove yourbatter down the bowl because of[Music]I didn’t come here to see if this isenough of mixing this cemented state ramwe’re going to add this one very specialegg do you know why it’s so specialbecause it has a little piece ofcardboard that got wet into the eggshellthat’s why it’s so special one tireand put vanilla extract 1 teaspoon I seethis baking show for horrible Baker’sthumbnail that some Netflix they somepeople use like 3 pints of vanillawell not 3 pints but just so muchvanilla you know I couldn’t believe butlet’s stop talking about nailed it let’sget on with the mixing[Music]it’s coming together so[Music]if you can’t close the camera tooand these chocolate chips were notbaking with the mix so hopefully theyturn out good I’ve never made I don’tthink I’ve made cookieshopefully they turned out good let’shope for that recipe like if you likestuff in here I’m gonna get out it feelsreally nice chocolates just a little[Music][Applause]I think when you form it with your handsbut it still looks a little grainy soI’d give it some more mixing okay pleasego back to what you were doingI think a little too many coconut willturn into a big ball it says on therecipe you have to put the M littleballs that are like this like too messymy hairy balls that are big as this andput them two inches away on your pantsyou don’t have to put am sheet I am oneof these I’m cheap things because I’myou might want to just have a regularpan but yeah I have one of those on oneof my pens so yeah there’s aso much okay okay ball you can use alittle scoop or your hands it doesn’tmatter right I like to use my handsbecause balls like thisit’s about two inches so that’s twoinches but I could use my bead BenI’m going to do both hands oh I hopethere’s enough cookie now to do bothpans as if there isn’t well well where’sour big cookiesthat’s what[Music]oh well well Doug is begging right nowDoug would you like to know just when amI going to give him stuff that’s notchocolate because dogs are allergic totalk okay that is happy and he’s goingto still bet he’s so sad when he’s beenwell he’s acts like he’s sad he’s nothe’s justit’s so close to Christmas time it is soexcited for it I don’t know why I justget butterflies in my stomach I wonderhow many days I think 11 or 10 I lookedon my phone today it’s a 10 11 dayswell not 10 or 11 it just it said one ofthose I know it’s so close one more weekof school and then I’m off to winterbreakoh this is Remy learn to bang my dad isa chef he’s a chef who own restaurantcalled wing carts and so yeah that’s howI learned how to bake well he’s verygood he actually named uh is one of hisburgers after me and his own restaurantI’m called bleep runs it’s called theHarper burger I’m proud to be the nameof a burger well it’s very messy don’tyou think if you’re if you’re doing thisright now while following myinstructions well let me know if youthink it’s messy because I think it’smissing okay well this pan is done mommywould you like to put in the ovenoh and I forgot to oh I just forgotdon’t boil my pan oh yeah I have aspatula it’s coming towards me thank youwhoever gave me the spatula just blewinto the air no it was money it was nota ghost fingers just it’s easier with myfingers here take this back ghostjust cookiesOh still bake in the oven is still stillon bake but it’s actually notmm I’m just eating Doh doh-doh thatreally much to talk about except howmuch I love Christmaswell this is how much I love Christmasthe music the presents the treemy grandma’s tree probably has over 600ornaments it’s a lot of ornamentscollecting for 60 years at least well mygrandpa too and but that’s not whatChristmas is aboutit’s about the giving in the joy in theCharlie not present presents no naughtynaughty people who only care aboutpresents well without center luden to bevery mess well oh goodwe wouldn’t be very good and all thosepeople who are bad are on my list fullauntie auntieoh if that echo is not an edit it isactually mindfulness if it sounds like areal echo I think I said I love themusic my favorite Christmas song is MeleKalikimaka that’s my mom’s favoriteChristmas song chris is in Killarney myBing Crosby you should listen to itand there’s no room I can fit littleonesI’m just taking them separate we weregoing to do waffles on my screen but wechanged our mindOh grown-up time we need to put thecookies in the oven please 81 studies 81in dog yearsand he has no idea what a melon is he’slooking right at this but he doesn’tknow it is it nothingoh I’m not into camera I’m sorry I’mjust talking that’s a ghost this is howthey clean up you get your poolwell you would you like to close Oh foreight or 10 minutes I have to set thetimer I forgot to set the timer set thisis easy we’ll set it for eight minutesnow and a pressed timer[Music]I’m just waiting for something you’llsee me coming by like this in a secondwhen I get the broom YouTube video videobut I don’t like asking videos only ifyou put backgrounds on it no othercolors no music I like just normal Dougget out of the kitchen I told you amillion timesoh yeah my favorite part eating the dogleft on the batterba-ba-ba-ba[Music]eat it you’re doing that what do youmake these cookies it’s really good youcan eat I forgot to give them ghosts mybrown sugar bull put this awayOh spirits also be of instructions ifyou would like to copy that downinstructions if you’d like to call methat down you can pause the video andjust copy the code if you copy it downon a piece of paper it’s bear it’s avery easy recipe that almost anybody cando unless you can’t breathe if you canread you can bake because it’s right onthe instructions but the people who makethe instructions she was she took abouta month trying to make the perfectcookie and she got it if she wrote downthe recipe book and now she got new anddifferent type of flour so she has tospend maybe another month that’s easiersaid she knows how to make it just justadjusting theyeah I will I willokay but what Oh classical or BingCrosby Christmas remember the recordsyou have to wait till a tiny tick comeson and then you press yeahthen yet then you know how to you knowhow to do it rightwhat is this mummywell what artists or as agreed or stirWalski the stream of sure it’s all it’sonly a two minutes and 36 seconds soit’s almost doneI’ll have to get a toothpick ready atoothpick to see the running you seem sosad it’s not well let me introduce youto mr. sandthis is mr. sand I made him and it was arock that went into the stove[Music]and I’m sleeping goes you put this awaypleasehey what do you like to am to get yeahcoming from the oven close the cookie soless than a minute the cookies thissmells so good okay get up somebodybring them camera down here I want toshow you that what’s the light no thecookies look like I haven’t seen themactually yetWow looking goodhere’s other recipes there’s a wafflerecipe mommy can you please entertainthe people while I use the restroom ohyeah can you please come to theto the extremely softhmm interestand they’re done they might need workmorbid one more minute mama one minuteto put on two or oneoh look chocolate chip gunk this doesnot work cuz some weird person wellbecause I’m the the electricity in thekitchen videos lamps they I’m headliningdidn’t work doesn’t work well the bestthing about baking the best thing aboutbaking is getting messy even though Idon’t like it just fun it’s fun to getmessybecause like in the summer when you gooutside in the dirt it’s the winter timeso yeah you can’t go outsideso binky here’s what I like to do in thewinter there reminds you of goingoutside in the dirtand I just threw away the toothpick dogyou’ll get burnt can I have a couplemittsso yes you may need an adult to get itup for you I’m showing you how themadults can help oh that little one thingyes at the end of that song would havebeen good for the end of the at the endof the show because it’s like dum dumdum in it we have to let them cool Ididn’t read them the recipe how manyminutes do they have to cool yes timerit’s all oh there’s sizzling I can hearthem do we’re about to blow up I didn’ttake the botany sooner sign off I’veheard sayawhat’s it mean what does sign off mewrap it up oh here are the wonderfulcookies the end of lovely bacon show la[Music]

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