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Video Transcription

[Music]Ola Mae I’m Martina and I’m going toshow you how to make chocolate chipcookies right from your very own homeokay ready to get started our first stepis to always be clean and sanitized solet’s watch our hands make sure you washthem really well think we’re ready to goalso if you like to wear a nice apronlike me feel free my mom actually mademe this so we need four ounces of buttera hundred and fifty grams of sugar and15 milligram grams of brown sugar and Ihave already incorporated both of themtogetherwe’ll need five millilitres of vanillawe will need one egg I’ve alreadycracked open this egg but this is whatit looks like 140 grams of flour andI’ve already put that into my bowlone or two point five grams of bakingsoda so I have that ready here 1.5 gramsof salt and 3.1 ounces of chocolatechips which I have right here and thenyou’ll also need your measuring utensilsthat I have already that I have out hereso let’s get startedour first step is to take one of ourmixing bowls and put in one stick ofbutter which is a hundred and ten gramsand then our sugar so 150 grams of sugarand 15 milliliters of brown sugar I’vealready put both of those in this bowlof mists and mix them together and thebutter is already in my bowlso we’ll just pour those together andmix together we also need 5 millilitersof vanilla added to the brown sugar thesugar and the butterthen you’re going to add in your eggyou’ll want your butter to be a littlebit soft you don’t want it to be hard soI’m open mine a little bit in themicrowave and your parents would helpyou with thatokay then we’re going to add in our eggmake sure you mix the egg all around andcrap the yolks okay we can set that bowlaside and get another bowlin this bowl we’re going to put all ofthe dry ingredients so I already havethe flour in here 140 grams and I’mgoing to add 2.5 grams of baking sodaand 1.5 grams of salt all right nowwe’re going to take a fork and mix it upall together you don’t need to mix toolong just kind of get the big chunks outand make sure it’s all mixed together[Music]now for the fun part we’re going to takethe dry ingredients and mix it into thewet ingredients and at this stage youcan use a kitchen mixer if you have onebut if you don’t then you don’t have touse one I don’t have one so I’m justgoing to use this boom so slowly butsurely it just a little bit at a timepour it in and mix it all together[Music]it gets tougher as you go okayand laugh a little bit it should looksimilar to this once you’re all mixedtogether if it doesn’t look just likemine that’s okayokay this is my favorite part thechocolate chips take your choppedchocolate chips measure them out tothree point one ounces and dump them inI’ve already measured what’s in the bagand if you are like me you might throw acouple extra and the belt and the bowlokay and mix those all togethernow it’s all mixed together and we cantake a little silver spoon take a littlebit out and make into a ball with yourfingers this is kind of sticky you wantto place it right on your cookie sheet[Music]okay this is what my cookie sheet lookslike and so all the cookie balls are onthe sheet and now we’re going to pressslightly down on the each ball with thepalm of our hand just to make them alittle bit flatterall right now it’s time to preheat theoven so we’ll want to preheat the ovenat 375 degrees you might want to ask aparent for help during this dub and nowwe waitokay now it’s time to put these in theoven yeah[Music]and start timer for ten to twelveminutes[Music]while the cookies are baking this is agreat time to clean up the mess that youmade those look awesome I might havemade them a little bit big because theywent together but that’s okay okay oncethey come out of the oven you want totake a spatula and move them one by oneto a drying rack okay now we wait forthem to cool they should be ready in alittle bit and this is the best partnow we get to enjoy they’re all done[Music]you

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