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Video Transcription

hi warriors how’s it going time to dosomething in the kitchen againI thought today we’d make what’s calledno bake cookies so you won’t need theoven there is a portion of this whereyou need to use the stove so you’ll needto get parents permission or someoneolder brother or sister who haspermission to use the stove for part ofit but there’s no worry about bakinganything let me show you what ouringredients are gonna be you’re gonnahave butter and you need 1/2 a cup ofbutter and that’s exactly oneregular-sized stick and you want to cutit up into little pieces you’re gonnaneed some sugar regular everyday whitesugar and you’re gonna need to measureout 2 cups of sugar and remember wetalked about looking at measurementseyeballing it straight on instead ofover the top because you get a moreaccurate measurement if you do it thatway we’re also going to use someHershey’s cocoa now they do have otherbrands I just love Hershey’s cuz I thinkHershey’s makes good chocolate andyou’re gonna have a quarter cup and itlooks just like brown dirt actually thenyou’re gonna have milk regular old milkand I have already measured out half acup of milk this project goes real easyif you kind of measure everything out atfirst then we will add some vanillaflavoring we’re gonna add a teaspoon ofvanilla flavoring and I just have alittle measuring spoon here then we’regonna add some peanut butter and it hasto be creamy you can’t use chunky theyjust don’t work in chunky and I havealready measured out half a cup ofpeanut butter here and then we need someoats and these are the oats I’m usingand we need 3 cups and I happen toalready measure out what Ihad and guess what I have exactly 3 cupsin here so I’m not going to need tomeasure it again I’m just when the timecomes gonna pour right from the bucketand you can see they’re just votes likeyou’d make oatmeal out of it okay to getstarted we’re going to take two cookiesheets and we’re gonna cover them with astrip of wax paper or parchment paperbecause this is where you’re gonna setyour done cookies so they can go intothe fridge and cool and that keeps themfrom sticking to your pan so those areset and ready to go I’ve got my saucepanand in my saucepan I am going to put mychopped up half a cup of butter and thisjust melts faster is why you cut it intolittle pieces I’m gonna put my half acup of milk I’m going to put my two cupsof white sugar and I’m going to put myquarter cup of Hershey’s cocoa so I’vegot all those items into my saucepanhere you can see they’re all just dumpedin and I am going to take my saucepanover and I’m gonna put it on the stoveand I’m gonna turn it on to a mediumheat and then I’m gonna need to stirthat pretty much the whole time becauseI don’t want anything to stick and Iwant to make sure that sugar that’s inthere gets melted in and becomes more ofa liquid better than sugar so I’m justgonna keep a stir and you can see myburner is getting hot so this is thepart where you need somebody who’s gonnagive you a little bit of help becauseyou sure don’t want to be at the stoveby yourself so I’m just letting it getall melted down in here and it takes afew minutes for that the butter to startmelting down but it melts faster becausewe’ve already cut itlittle pieces here’s what it’s lookinglike in here it’s just get this for youit’s just mixing around and stern around[Music]it smells really really good cuz I cansmell the chocolate in it now you wantto get a big enough saucepan so thatyou’ll be able to add a couple moreingredients into your saucepan don’t getjust a little tiny one we’re only thismuch fits in it cuz we’re gonna add ourpeanut butter into this saucepan to thatbutter started to melt in there and whatwe want to do is once this gets hotenough that it starts to boil we want toboil it for exactly one minute we don’twant it to go any longer we don’t wantit to go any shorter because it justwon’t turn out right in our cookies ifwe don’t time it just right but we don’thave any boiling yet so it’s got alittle ways to go and while that’s goingI’m gonna get out a bowl then I’m gonnaend up my mixing bowl or I’m gonna endup putting it boy the butters reallystarted to melt down and that’s good youcan see I wish you could smell itthrough the camera it sure smells yeahit smells like chocolate I’ll just keepa stir in here but I’m gonna turn it upa little bit more than just medium sothat it can get going good here cuz I’mgonna not put it on the stove and thenwalk away I’m gonna watch it the entiretimeand I’m lucky enough my microwave isright next to my stove so I’m gonna usethe timer on my microwave for exactlyone minute once this gets boiling andthen that way I’ll know to keep itboiling I’m looking here you can seeI’ve got a few chunks of butter in hereleft there’s a few of them left but mostof them are disappearing sugar that wasin here you can’t even see it anymoreand the powdery chocolate just lookslike liquid now so the sugar in thechocolate and the milk have all mixed intogether the thing we’re waiting on islittle chunks of butter and they’re justvery little we don’t have we’re justgonna stir we shake it some bubble goinghere pretty soon that’s how you knowwhat’s boiling is it will really startto bubble it good you want to be carefulbecause when it starts bubbling youdon’t want it to raise up and out of thepan and still over you’ve got it turnedup too high if that happensall right I think they I don’t see anymore signs there’s one I was gonna say Idon’t see any more signs of butter but Ithink we’re pretty well they melted herenow we’re just ready to let it startbubbling we’re ready any timeI think we’re close help me watch it andsee if you see any bubbling happening inthere it’s thinking about ityou see some little tiny bubbles poppingbut that’s not a real true boiling yetbut boy it’s close come on buddy you cando it continue to stir it because youknow anything to stick and this is justthis cook process right here is justgetting them all mixed in together allthe things we put in the pan[Music]you know what they say they say awatched pot never bubbles that means ifyou watch it it’s just gonna seem likeit takes forever come on mr. chocolateready I’m gonna set my timer on mymicrowave for one minute show you what Idid I set the timer for exactly oneminute so once we get to boil in herewe’re gonna I think we’re getting prettyclose take a look here guys see what youthinkdo you see it starting to bubble seethose real bubbles go on all right I’mgonna set my timer anger just climb itand I’m gonna stir this for a minutelet’s gooh boy it’s going to town in there canyou see it – so bubbling up like crazyit’s just going to town this is justwhat we wanted it to do we’re gonna go35 seconds left oh he’s just going nutsnow be sure you stir it this whole timeyou don’t want anything to stickit’s really smelling goodand remember this part you need to get ahelperget burned- ten secondsnow eightsix five four three two all right I’mgonna immediately take it off the feetso it’s not on the burner anymore soit’s not the bubble it’ll will start tostop down because it’s not yet but ityou know get a little bit more heat onit cuz it was so hot all right now myteaspoon of vanilla see how fast it quitbubbling because we took that heat awayfrom it okay I’ve got my vanilla I’mgonna pour in one teaspoon and I’m gonnago ahead and just take my spoon and getthis peanut butter in here and plop itright down ingot it out pretty good we stir so I’vegot my vanilla in there and now mypeanut butter is in there you see thepeanut butter getting all covered upwith chocolate and it is melting downI’m gonna take pop pad over here so Ican bring my pan back over it doesn’tmake this counter too hot can you guyssee here how that peanut butter isactually melting down in you see howit’s kind of swirly peanut butter thesedays all rightmmm now it smells like peanut butter andchocolate smells like a Reese’s PeanutButter Cup all right sturdy and Iwouldn’t get most of the chunks of thepeanut butter gone before I add in theoats and I’m just gonna take the boatsand remember I’d already measured theseout and had the exact amount so I’mgonna be able to just pour them directlyinto this mixture now I can’t even tellwhere the chocolate and the peanutbutter separate they’re all just oneliquid so here goes I’m gonna pour inabout half the oats and stir them up Iwant to get them good and covered withthe chocolate in the peanut butter andthen I’m gonna pour in a little bit moreI’m gonna stir that much up you want tomake sure your oats cuz your oats arekind of a tan color you want to get themcompletely covered in chocolatefinish it offI’m just gonna stir like crazy you knowI was gonna put these in a mixing bowlbut this worked out just right to keepit in the saucepan so I’m not even gonnahave to mess with the mixing bowl Ilucked out had enough enough room in mysaucepan now can you see it guys you cansee it’s chunky from the oats so for theoat flakes but it’s all covered in thechocolate oh it starts to get it as itis away from the heat and it’s got thoseoats in there it starts to get a littlethicker and you have just a little bitmore to stir it but that’s what you wantto do now I’m just gonna take a bigspoon large spoon and I’m going to takeone prepared to the sheets and I’m gonnaget a spoonful and I’m just gonna dropit on the cookie sheet now these are notgonna be perfect little round cookieslike you might be in if we if you openup a package of Oreos you have perfectlittle round cookies these won’t beperfectly round boy are they gonna begood all rightnow you want to put them space them outon your cookie sheet so that they don’tmush and you get one giant cookie seeI’m putting about it inch in betweeneach one of them cuz if you put them alltogether they’ll just you’ll just haveone huge huge cookie and maybe thatwould be good I don’t know I think thatmight be a little too much whoopsdribbled all right here we goand you’ll see these are not coming outstraight or excuse me perfectly roundthere but boy are they gonna be good nowthe next thing we have to do after weget our cookie sheet prepared is they goin the fridge and you’re supposed tokeep them in the fridge forabout two hours and that way they getnice and hard not hard as in like a rockbut they get more like a instead of gooright now I’d say they resemble look atme I’d say they resemble goo you knowyou can’t really eat him if they’re toomuch like goo so we’re gonna put him inthe fridge now here’s my cookie sheetfull of them I’m gonna put this into thefridge and get the next time it dependson the size of how much you what sizeyour spoon is that you’re using youmight need more cookie sheets cuz you’remaking a little bit of smaller ones butyou might be able to fit him in onto oneof the two cookie sheets so I’m gonnakeep just putting my mixture out here onthe cookie sheet and then as I get themall done I’ll put them in the fridge andthen I’ll check back with you guys inabout two hours and we’ll give them atry all right I’ll see you soon heywarriors here we are back a couple hourslater I’m gonna take our cookies out ofthe fridge mr. bill and you’ll see ourcookies have firmed up they’re no longerwishing mush so I’m going to have aspatula here and I’m going to take themhot one off of this the cookie see Ohmr. bill is back there here you go mr.bill take a taste and give us yourimpressionthis is delicious seems really greatit’s good I’m gonna give one a trymyself see how solid they become afterthey sit in the fridge mm-hmmI hope you guys enjoy it Cheers

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