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Ice cookies in the making by Danyon & Yass

Want to distract your kids from watching and playing their tablets?
Please watch our videos and see how kids enjoy making cookies.

Ingredients for the dough
2 1/2 cup Flour
1 cup powdered sugar
1 beaten egg
1 teaspoon salt
2 1/2 teaspoon almond extract
1 teaspoon vanilla
1 cup butter

Ingredients for the icing
4 cups powdered sugar
5 teaspoon water
food color

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Video Transcription

[Music]so hi guys and these own AHA me and weare ready for – we are ready to make soI know go haha million cookies cocina Iknowyes me wants to bake some cookiesbecause today is a special day it’s aspecial day today so iron so it guys soagain guys for a nossa Cidade shallbreak a gobbet island o Partha I know socookies so I had Marin tie on two and ahalf sifted flour tapas Marin tie onpowdered sugar 1 cup tapas one egg thatwas 1 teaspoon salt 1 and 1/2 teaspoonalmond extract and 1 teaspoon vanillaand 1 cup unsalted butteryay impaired asado the even mode not andtapas are icing naman so 2 4 cups ofpowdered sugar and then the Padano pipeteaspoon of water but I need anothergamete and water to the kimitaka know Iknow non liquid food color so you know Iam agin pollen water so I am guys solet’s do itso it guys not add my own flour salt andthen now we need to add there the bunnydies me can you add the vanilla pleasein the mixture here yes one yes pleaseyou are just one yeah that’s perfectright and then second when you add thisone pleasewhat’s that that’s not me Dexter yeahawesomethank you the next we are yes mean canyou are the netno you’re all right moving the raw edgesaha perfect thank you so then where canyou add this one please move that’s thebutter unsalted butter caramel unsaltedbutter sure you have to put it all yes Iam so yeah so it guys so just wash myhands so in me mix kasha using my handsin the lung passing a wallet at homeI know we don’t have a machine for nowso[Music][Music][Music][Music][Music]the dull now this time I’m doing I’mlike what I didn’t even do I’m going todo the rabbits are you yeah in thiswe’re in French no one will do do ahouse it’s okay it’s me there’s no faceokay it’s me you can do as many as youwantall right here we go connect anotherpineapple and angry is a thingI think in we do a no road until there’sa little bit to say with the joy we doit over again[Music][Applause]yay there’s a big one[Music][Applause]so an guys ready in a shop for baking soonyx shaped masala[Music]oh yes me[Music]how is it how are you[Music][Music][Music]come on up at mine wow that’s amazingso and guys so now eating time nationalmarque dos[Music]

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