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I eat bake cookies not unbaked cookies !

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Video Transcription

just want to say if you’re an older ifyou’re a guy that’s of age and whitehair or not or have like any hair colorI was gonna say if you’re a guy likesomething a gym um maybe the youngest 25to white hair I just want to say look inthat y’all is like excuse me some got anice eye looking at child like lookingat it’s like being what it’s like beingwith a guy who he’s asking me you wannabite of a sandwich and I say sure andlooking at you is like do you want tobuy the cookies and I’m like sure and doyou want to say go on yes and as I lookat you it’s like a psychologicalpositive Co horse where if y’all gotthese piercing eyes it just makes youwant to like smell in there y’all andkissing y’all and with that odor thatman smell it’s like smelling gravy yeahand don’t get twisted just ain’t no I’mone here looking for no sharing and heshut the Freak up cause justice pressand dance I’ll always have prefer olderguys you know cuz like I said I bet whenI like I said let me get y’all someadvice I might lick the batter but uhbut I don’t eat cookies and today bakedall right remember only cookies whenthey’re baked not not not not not notunbeaten no I eat baked cookies notunbaked cookies take care

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