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Cooking In Quarantine 3 Ingredient Dutch Oven Bread

6 cups flour
2 teaspoons yeast
2 Tablespoons kosher salt (or 1-11/2 Tablespoons table salt)
3 cups cold water
Dutch oven or heavy, oven proof pot and foil.

Mix together dry ingredients in large bowl. Add 3 cups of cold water and stir with wooden spoon until dough has a shaggy, moist appearance and all dry ingredients are well incorporated. Add more water if needed.
Lightly cover bowl and let sit for 24 hours.
Generously flour a piece of parchment paper and turn dough out onto it, using floured hands. Tuck the dough into a ball, keeping seam side down. Let rise for 1 hour. Half and hour into the rise period, place a dutch oven in the oven and preheat to 425*. After the dough has risen for an hour, take the hot dutch oven from the oven and turn the dough into the pot. (Be sure that the seam in the dough is faced up when flipping the dough into the dutch oven) Cover dutch oven with lid (or tightly fitting foil, if using a large pot.) Bake at 425* for 35 minutes. Remove lid and continue cooking bread for another 15 minutes. Remove bread from dutch oven and cool on a rack for at least 20 minutes before slicing.

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Video Transcription

hi guys and welcome to cooking andquarantine for this episode we’re goingto be cooking a basic white bread its24-hour rise but it’s very simple thereare only three ingredients if you’re notincluding the water if you’re includingwater it’s four but I don’t count thatbecause we still have water coming outof the tap even though everyone’s buyingall the bottled water we still have itavailable so this is how you make itit’s so incredibly simpleI can’t even stress how simple this is Ican even do it with my children meaningit’s very simple all you do is you startwith six cups of flour I use all-purposeflour because that’s what I have youcould use bread flour too if you’d likeso I six cups of flour I’m going to dotwo teaspoons of yeast I’m usingFleischmann’s active yeast any uses finetwo teaspoons of that and then I’m goingto use two tablespoons of kosher salt ifyou don’t have kosher salt then you mayuse table salt but I’d reduce the saltamount to either one T one tablespoon orone-and-a-half tablespoons so you haveyour dry ingredientsliterally three things flour yeast saltstir it up stir it up good ninetieship-hop song because of that stir it upyeah I think I’m thinking of the CabbagePatch the original recipe calls for adifferent amount of flour and yeastratio and also calls for a shorter risetime 18 hours but that math is too hardI feel like when you’re trying to count18 hours to when you want to bake thisit’s just a little too much we can’thandle that we’re already trying toteach Common Core math to our childrenin our homes we don’t need to figure out18 hours so we’re doing 24 hours you do3 cups of cold water into the dry boxand you need to watch me stir becausethis is the part that makes good breadso just stir it really well until all ofthe water is incorporated into the flournow you want what’s called a shaggydoughshaggy dude you don’t want any flowersticking to the sides of the bowl seehow there’s flower right there so mythree cups was not enough so I keeppouring and adding it just a little bitof water until all the dry isincorporated into the wet part of thedough see how it’s starting to sticktogether you just want to keep stirringit like that until it’s all incorporatedif you’ll look at the dough see how it’sjust a little wet a little tackyshaggy like that that’s exactly how youwant the dough to look you don’t evenhave to touch it I mean I know we’retrying to keep social distancing so thisbread is perfect for quarantine once youstir your bread all you do is cover itwith plastic wrap can cover it kind ofloosely you want to make sure that it’snot totally airtight but you want tocover it so little fingers don’t get inthere in the 24 hour process you wouldthink that they wouldn’t be interestedin messing up your life like that but weknow differently now you put this in asafe place and you let it sit for 24hours I like doing the 24 hour timeframe because then you can do it at thesame time each day so if you know youwant it for dinner then you make thedough right before dinner on theprevious day if you know you want it forbreakfast yeah same thing right hi guysso I know it doesn’t look it because youknow editing but it’s 24 hours since thelast time I touched this bread I knowI’m wearing the same outfit but let’s behonest who’s actually changing theiroutfits every 24 hours and these tryingtimes nobody so we have this beautifuldough I’d love for you to see what itlooks like after 24 hours you’resupposed to be filming what it lookslikeso if you’ll look at this doe look howkind of wet and bubbly it is that’sexactly how you want it to look it’sbeen in a long rise so it’s veryfermented it actually has kind of asourdough taste to it so I have flour inmy hands and I may use this flouredhands to pull away from the side of thebowl you see that such nice doing sosoft and gooeyyou kind of want it that way because themore liquid that’s in there the more itwill steam inside of your Dutch oven andthat steam is what Cree is thisbeautiful crunchy crustokay so once you’ve pulled it away fromthe side of the bowl you make sure youflour your parchment really well is itlike I said it’s pretty sticky dough butthat’s the way you want it good okayso I’m just gonna dump out the doughonto the parchment put a little bit moreflour on both hands okay so you tuckeverything kind of underneath like sojust like a pretty loaf of bread that’sexactly what you’re going for and it waslike with minimal work at all of minimalingredients you want to make sure thatthe parchment is really well flouredbecause this does stick do you seethat’s just stick to my hand okay so youlet this beautiful ball of dough to siton your floured parchment for about anhourhalfway through this rise so half anhour from now put a Dutch oven with lidin your oven and turn it to 425 a fivetaught me too fast for you all of thedirections are also in the videodescription so that you know exactly howto do this all right so your ovens beenpreheating with your Dutch oven in it soit was a very hot hence theokay so you take this it’s so simple allyou do is dump it in upside now I’ve gotmy bread and I jump it in upside downand then you just put on the lid and putit in the oven for 35 minutes so after35 minutes you just open up take offlook at that so this is my beautifulbread how pretty that is do you see doyou see how there’s all that really niceridges and everything that is fromputting the bread dough seam side downthat’s why it’s all open like that isn’tit beautiful now all you do is wonder ohit’s really hot once it’s done you justdump it onto a cooling rackflip it over now this is our basic whitebread I have so many other flavors thathave this basic dough and I’m going tobe making other videos with sweet andsavory breadswhich is a variation of this recipe butthis is the basic one it’s so simplethree ingredients 24 hours which we havetons of time so you’ve got time to do itand people will not get enoughtell me one

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