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BAKE WITH ME: 3 ingredient oat cookies *easy & delicious*

hi everyone welcome back!!
today I showed you how to make my favorite cookies ever! they’re so simple, easy & healthy!
hope you enjoy xo


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Video Transcription

hi everyone welcome or welcome back tomy channel if you’re new here my name isLexie and subscribe if you haven’talready so I’m in my kitchen todaybecause I’m gonna show you guys how tomake my favorite very ingredient Ohcookies can I tell you they’re amazing Iliterally mean they’re so good I meaneveryone should know about these they’reso easy and quick and yummy so much isgonna do it all so sorry that my hair isbut if you can even tell I just showeredand I’m trying really hard not to cheaton my hair I really didn’t want to waitto make this video so we’re just gonnaroll with it as far as the ingredientsyou need to write bananas these ones areactually pretty small you have anybigger ones make more but this is all Ihave right now and then eat some oatmealsome chocolate chips and that’s all youneed to make these cookies like that’sitbefore we start you’re gonna set youroven let’s go do that I’m just gonna setmy oven to 375 so it can heat up whilewe’re making them just uh make surenothing’s on them okay so the first stepyou’re gonna do take your Nana’s peelthem and just put that into a mixingbowl also make sure you wash your handsbefore you start oh my gosh it’s kind ofself-explanatory I like to break it soit’s just easier to work withokay so your bowl should just have yourbananas in it and you’re just gonna takea fork and smash this all together soyou have a thick banana piece thing thisprocess could get really annoying reallyquickly just bear with me just do itokay so this is what my shirt not even amixture this is just what the mashedbanana this light is really messing yeahlook like just mushy it really doesn’tlook appealing like any slightest rightit’s totally fine we’re gonna put thatto the side for a second and go aheadand take your own sneezo cup you’regonna use a cup and you’re gonna use oneand a half cups of oats at that straightto the back and then just like that andthen you’re gonna just mix that alltogether as well it might take a fewminutes until you start really noticingthat it’s becoming like 1 1 well evenlike start smashing it like just dowhatever you got to do to make sure thatit is like 1 am I making any senseso my mixture is kind of starting tobecome just one texture that like makessense they’re basically binded togethernow okay this is the fun part you cankind of just add whatever you want Ipersonally just use dark chocolate chipsbut you can add almonds you can addraisins I like cinnamon whatever youwant but personally I think that whenyou have a ripe enough banana so sweeton their own and like the chocolatebanana mixture just it’s to die forso I use these Ghirardelli darkchocolate chips but they’re kind of bigif you could tell I have personally cutmine up but I’m gonna go ahead and cutmy chocolate chips up add into this mixit together and then I’ll show you howwhoa top that man I feel veryprofessional when I cut things like thisit doesn’t seem perfect but I then justthat that is the best thing about thesecookies is that all you really need orthe bananas and oats and then you couldkind of just add whatever you want to itafter that now I’m just gonna mix thattogether okay so I just took a tray withsome parchment paper down on it wash myhands before I start touching them justbecause I want to be extra sanitary mysink is up let’s gonna basically it rollthese like you would roll any cookiestogether I’m gonna see what it lookslike just so you can see that’s what itlooks like crab like that size is good Ilike to smash them down things to keepin mind tube is that these don’t expandand however you place them is howthey’re gonna come out and to be likefluffy on the inside but crispy on theoutside so like I flatten them a littlebit but not too much so that’s what it’sgonna look like I’m just gonna go aheadmake a bunch eye batter normally makes12 there’s a little s it just kind ofdepends on how thick you make them to behonest it doesn’t matter because 18-timedoesn’t affect it because there’s notanything raw in here you knowI probably should have taken my ringsoff before I started this like oh my godthis is not gonna make that money butit’s fine I bananas were really tiny forthis I feel like I normally excel withbigger bananasokay so unfortunately my batter onlyneed nine cookies but like I mentionedlike 700 times my bananas were reallysmall so if you have two medium bananasit should make like 12 cookies but againit doesn’t affect the baking time by theway you bake them for 15 minutesmy other is actually not even ready yetthat’s how quick these takes me I’mgonna wash my hands and then like getmyself situated the oven just beeped sowe’re gonna go ahead and take these overhere we’re just gonna put these babiesand for like I said 15 minutes reallyimpatient for these to be done becauselike oh my god when I make them I cravethat oh my god they’re the best withmaking a cup of coffee in the morning ifyou’re not like too hungry for breakfastperfect something’s burning it literallysounds like my ovens burning but likenothing’s wrong like I did everythingright so don’t know why[Music]here’s the final cookies first victimgood and healthy goodboom okay I’m back in my bedroom now butthat concludes today’s video I hope youguys try to make them and if you do tellme if you like them because everyoneI’ve given this recipe to loves them andI make them so much there I hope youguys enjoyed and if you did please giveit a thumbs up and don’t forget tosubscribe and I’ll see you in the nextone[Music]

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