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How To Make Spritz Cookies/Classic Spritz Cookie Recipes

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The Best Spritz Cookies
1 cup butter, softened
1 cup confectioners sugar
1 egg
1 tsp rum extract 
1-½ cups all-purpose flour
¼ tsp salt
Colored sugar

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Video Transcription

[Music]this is way from mama boys keychain Ihope everybody had a great Thanksgivingtoday guys I’m gonna share with you thebest ever recipe for buttery spritzcookies this cookies a perfect forChristmas cookie you can enjoy them witha cup of coffee or tea at breakfast solet’s get right into it you know mama Bdoesn’t like to waste time these are theingredients you will needall-purpose flour and salted butter saltegg graham exort confectioner’s sugarcrystal sprinkles and we’re gonna beusing vintage cookie press guys so let’sget started and I start off bypreheating our oven at 375 Fahrenheitthe reason one mine is 350 is becauseit’s a convection oven so let’s get backto the ingrediences ball I haveall-purpose flour I’m gonna add saltthen I’m gonna mix all this togetherthen set it aside into the bowl I’mgonna add my butterand confectioner sugar my mixer is onin goes one egg rum extract[Music]now I’m gonna add a flowermy mixer is on low guysthis recipe guys is so easy you can evenuse this spoon if you like but today Idecided to use a hand mixer using acookie press now we’re gonna pipe ourdough into a baking sheet pan take thedough and shove it into the cookie pressjust like so guys I have a pantry plateso we’re gonna be using that mitralcookie tray is not greased eyes makesure is cold okaywe’re gonna pipe our cookie dough makinga quarter turn the first one they nevercome out right don’t worry about itwatch sprinkles on our cookiesour cookies are decorated with sprinklesnow is time to bake them at 375Fahrenheit for 69 minutes or untilthey’re brown on the edges our cookiesare baked now what I’m gonna do I’mgonna transfer them look at them guyslook underneath how they look so I’mgonna let them cool completely there youhave it guys best of us please cookiesthis cookies guys are easy to make youcan you can have fun decorating themwith sprinkles you don’t even need tochill the doughthis book is freezes well and you canshape them wonderfully to your friendsfamily the best ways can be stored in anairtight container a tea roomtemperature for up to 5 days so youdon’t have to worry about anything Ihave five days perfect so guys if youenjoyed the video give it a thumbs up ifyou are new to my channel welcome tomama boys kitchen hit that notificationbell for more upcoming videos so youdon’t miss our upcoming videos andsubscribe until next time guys bye honeyfor my honey bye my honeys[Music][Applause]

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