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Making a Mug Cake with Cookies

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Video Transcription

[Music]hey guys welcome to Jay’s vlog and SinEater I’m free so he’s gonna try to makethe cookie fake mad cake yeah yeah okayso he’s gonna tell you other ingredientsthat you need what do you need Jay Ineed some cookies mm-hmmnice ones don’t hug and mug this is justto put in the middle so it can be like alava cake well that’s what we expectright okay till it’s thought so thefirst thing that you need to do is keepthe cookies in a circle wait now we putokay now we meetso when you dance terribly need to looklike this and then I’m just gonna addinland I mean into my faceI put it on ten minutes but we won’tleave it in for 10 minutes so now wejust waitit’s my luckyoh it smells like a quite few doinganything wrongoh there’s mostly with me with baby thisis how they may pitch you like yeahso this is what it looks like and I looklike a Whitby I look like mouth overhereits moist and tried sorry I think[Music]oh so we get them all look at the skinyou eat even come on I think the stuffwith kids manlet’s get proper biscuits like thisvideo be sure to like it and subscribeand we’ll see you all next time[Music]

11 Replies to “Making a Mug Cake with Cookies

  1. Hi Lydia! Happy Monday to you my lovely friend. I don’t think that I have ever had Cookie Dough prepared this was before and made to be eaten like this. It came out looking great, and now I will have to give this a try. Thanks for sharing this. Hope that you’re doing well and being safe. Always look forward to seeing your vids and your lovely self each week. All the best to you always.

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  3. I love this recipe! I’ve tried plenty in the past and none have turned out this good! Since I don’t have chocolate chips; I added cocoa powder! It tastes just as good!

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  6. I’m not new, but the comments were bare, so I thought I’d share, that this would be awesome in ice cream.

  7. if you don’t like raw eggs try using vegan eggs or soy bean eggs I think that’s what its called .

  8. WHYYYYY Lydia! I was just getting back to eating good stuff. NOW I have to (btw those are tiny portions) figure out how to make this work! Great video as usual, thanks for this!

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