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How to Make PEANUT BUTTER COOKIES with only 3 ingredients!

A tutorial on how to make this super easy Peanut Butter Cookies using only 3 ingredients ! Have your kids join the fun !

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Original of the video here

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Video Transcription

[Music]what’s this name mm-hmmwhat’s your favorite one of yourfavorite cookies Olivia cookies okay sowe’re gonna make that today we’re onlyyou saying we only need to use threeingredients 1 cup of sugar one cup ofpeanut butter and okay and then we’rejust gonna mix it togethercan you put peanut butter down overOlivia because we don’t want them to getdirtyokay so we’re gonna mix it togetherOlivia’s gonna help me okay sugar firstbut the sugar Olivia very good so yeahyour kids get totally help you’re makingthis cookies I mean they’re so easy tomake put the eggs be careful all thedays okay and the peanut butter and youdo the peanut butter so there’s our eggor a cup of sugar and the peanut butterand then we’re just gonna spear themtogether mix them together just aspatula or a wooden spoon whatever okaylet me help you Oliviaokay so you mix it together until smoothand then we’re gonna scoop it scoop thecookie mix with half tablespoon verygood Olivia and then we’re gonna scoopit and put it on our baking baking matso after you scoop them you’re gonnamake into little balls like this so makesure they’re 2 inches apart or elsethey’re gonna stick togetheryeah and that happens before okay sowe’re done making the balls and nowwe’re gonna crisscross it I’m gonna showit to youokay that’s gonna do it careful okay soyou’re gonna do a crisscross just likethis yeah just do it lightly Oliviamm-hmm very light mm-hmm just like thatand you just keep goingcriss-cross very good good jobnow you’re getting the hang of it Olivia[Music]okay so this is how it’s supposed tolook like make sure they are two inchesapart because they would stick togetheryeah and because they spread out theywould spread out all right so thiscookies are ready to go in the oven 350degrees for 12 minutes okay okay thecookies are done let’s see oh wow itlooks so goodlet’s pull it out it looks so goodso the cookie should look like this sogoodyeah this is sillyokay so you let it cool off for twominutes okay how is that good[Music]

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