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Video Transcription

that’s right now why are you recordingyou don’t need to record this – dadalright what does it say let’s step onefirst okay375 375 right please not 480 no no no nono no turn this seed 350 to 400 yougotta go in between Happy House I’mmoving it just a little tiny bit nothreesome okay now you can takeeverything out of heretake it down[Music][Music][Music][Music][Music]okay oh you know what I don’t know if wegot baking soda we do yeahand stuff I should put a hammer there[Music]all rightnow it says in a small bowl no if you’regonna screw around like this I’m notgonna make this with you okayin a small bowl righttwo and a quarter cups flour so you needtwo and a quarter cups of flour okay sotwo scoops of that all right yeah makeit level okay scoop again Oh keep it inthe container no no that’s not how youwhat gonna make sure it’s okay keep yourfingers out of it you think is it didyou even wash your hands all rightthat’s two quarter one of those it’sflour one of those come on now yeah nowit’s wood everything everywhere you’regonna clean up cuz the last time I didthis with you you may have a disastrousmess Hey look crap all over the placeall right what’s the next thing that yousupposed to add baking soda how muchbaking soda we’re gonna use a teaspoonrightone how can you tell be careful look atthis one oh look 40 half a teaspoon init no that’s tablespoon that’ll be waytoo much you see how that has a B in itthe one that doesn’t have a B there’snot half a teaspoon[Music]okay hold on I’m shooting secret yepkeep it now shake it inside there allright you’re good oh well keep in mindyou get all that right all right stopall right now get set that aside now goget the butter and put it in here thenyou gonna put it in this big that’s finethat’s bread[Music][Music][Music]thisis how much butterall right that’s not enough butter it’sgotta be full give me the little butter[Music]yeah hopefully sure the flowersyeah know what followers I’m addicted tofortnight now I used to be addicted tokick dog fight how do you still like youare watches oh yeah I in fit in like umat least twenty two tops of days allright dump that Yunisscrape it out grip down the bottom yeah[Music][Music]you forget your password then they’llsend you an email how many how many issugar because it says right heresoftened butter in sugars so 3/4 3/4 ofa cup yes so how much is this know 1/4so how many of those do you need howmany to say 3/4 right yeah so 1/4 plus1/4 is what 2/4 I mean you need 3cookieshold this because then we got the brownsugar actually can you focus on thisinstead of like your video the wholetimeyeah how many of these do you need yeahhow many how many what does it say overhere you know it says 3/4 you don’tlisten you don’t even pay attention allright yeah are there any other serverson this list nope okay all right in lifeon mix okay so now we gonna mix what’sthat I love that actually shut up for asecond that’s talking in your yip-yap[Music][Music]so[Music][Music]172 so that’s one seven[Music][Laughter][Music]no keep itlook you’re throwing up you always keepthis on you see you see me lifting itall[Music][Applause]go get an egg how many did I say one eggright you don’t need to heat it up justcrack it and put it away don’t make amess every two secondsokay now we need achieve a teaspoon it’snot then oh yeah wow this is not regulartaste that you’ll see it’s not regularvanilla vanilla yeah it tastes good instop not all right what’s up and thenI’m go ahead okay what time[Music]the things on yeah[Music]it’s gonna get murdered[Music][Applause]hold the ball[Music][Music]in the bowl when he thinks in about thewomen hold the bowlone job to hold[Music][Music][Music][Applause][Applause]now the last thing asked shook up no yougonna stir it not with this with Ashleyyou can lick those after we’re done okay[Music]come on sister lets go all right bringit out cuz I need that spoon get a smallspoon[Music]all right now rounded no yeah now thisungreasedI open it all the way only yeah wellit’s it’s nothin can you send manyminutes is gonna cook 30 minutesno no way read it againwhat is it what’s the middle of 810 okayso the timer on no timer on okay now usethe up four minutes until you reach howmany minutesyeah I knew 0:09 oh okaythere’s another pin huh get the pin inthere go gowait wait you just cameoh he’s already cooking mm-hmm the onlytime you can use you don’t need[Music][Music][Music][Music]are you guys straight out[Music]a little bit can I have this one yeahlike it the first thing that we added[Music]yeah we your things you don’t need get aspoon there’s plenty over theredon’t want them dead and you know whatyou do put it yeah put it in themicrowave for 10 seconds only 10 secondsno 10 minutes – it will get burnt by theway those chocolate chips for makingcookies watchdog’s cookies not even 10more seconds[Music]thank you one let’s go[Music]I literally push the microwave[Music]thank you one time or second no not 11second here’s 10 more secondsOh[Music][Music][Music]you joke you why she has a birthmarkright right

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