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Kelsey Makes Peanut Butter Cookies!

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Video Transcription

hi we’re back and we’re going to showyou how the cookies turned out and eatthem so this is a review right so daddydaddy made him a little too big he waskind of like monster cookie used to getfrom Boston Pizza okay so you’re gonnapick up a pick one I have coffeemy dad is okay so should we grab one nowwhich one are you gonna get pretty onejust one of mine okayit might not be okay no you will get atummy they’re cooked you rip them andyou see what’s inside best part iseating them mm-hmm they actually turnedout really nice just like chocolate andthey’re actually equate I think they’recooked they’re not burntnice to be you don’t like it yours istoo doughy in the inside oh yeah nowelcome so good it’s not going[Music][Laughter]it’s pretty good cookiesyou’re not gonna eat all these you haveto eat them before lunchtime ohlast time we have 12 minutes that youalmost cooked chili do want to try somecookie you take see buddy that’s italright see ya these are my kind ofcookies so I’m really excited so we’vedone we I’m donea little bit we’ve mixed the flour westarted a little earlier right yeah sowe mixed the flour sugar flour andbaking powder bakingsoda and now we melted some butter andwe’ve got some peanut butter we needsome vanilla maybe do one or two ofthese one morewe love sorry we started this wait nowwe got two eggs two large eggs then weneed 108 yo do you know how to do it yoto get the you know we want you or waitwhat say yo fiocchis the yogurt right sowhat you do is you crack an egg into twohalves and you just take that step outand then you let you kind of drain outthe white stuffyou can do open it up into there’s thechicken to the what’s next[Music]to scrape the sides of the[Music][Music][Music]and we shouldn’t eat the dough rockswe’ll get all these chocolate chips intothe mixer[Music][Music][Music][Music][Music][Music]Micke seems to be it’s so nice oh it’sreally now you can start taking likethis[Music]cookies cookies what are you doing myhands are really greasyI can’t touch your hands on your[Music][Music][Music][Music]I think we might need another studysheet okay it’s super to the reason theinternet sometimes can you lead toastray these ones yeah they’re superduper greasy that’s probably why I havebutterwe got butter so it’s really cheap youcan see my pan it’s super creepy andthat’s it’s super greasy I love it Ilove slime oven at 350 twelve minutesokay we’ll put these in 12 minutes timerand make a couple more cookies withthere okay maybe we mix them too longI’m pretty sureI don’t know what happened make them asmall nest I wouldn’t do that chipscause they’re kind of they’re fallingout oh we’re going back in time if youdon’t want know what back to the futureis it’s a movie that’s called back tothe future and there’s three of themback to the future Back to the Future 2and Back to the Future 3 I watched allof them and it was really okay okaythat’s a bit I don’t know what we’regonna do here okay if you wanna see whatlooks like it kind of looks like grease[Music][Music]if you made these cookies try to putmore flour in then it says just a littlebit because we thought we hadtoo much but I took out a little bit andthat’s too much still but I don’t knowwhy that’s still a little bit so okayshould I use all these chocolate chipsoh okayif there’s too much chocolate chips ifyou make this recipe you can just eatone or if you eat like five[Music][Music][Music]I[Music][Music][Music][Music][Music][Music]tell us about your day you didn’t evenhelp you just ate you were angry thismorning weren’t you now we’re makingcookies this is part of our isolationand pandemic awareness kit calledcoronavirus okay they don’t have anyquarter virus in them if you have cornvirus goes far away don’t make them okayI’m not being me I hope you don’t knowdon’t know ladiesmaybe if I do that or a front-flipsmallest cute little ol blue hair I’veever seen I want dyed it pink but thatdoesn’t really work out because of myhair color um well we’re talking to youI think we should split them up so theirsmell like mine that’s why I make themready these ones with other cookies arelike for Giants there’s like butteryou so they don’t explode to each otherit’s a like a giant wash my hands Ihaven’t showered in six weeks cut in sixweeks or shaved in six weeks here we goso I’m show you the clothes so you canactually see them okaywell the ones right there you can see methereso the cookies I think we should bakethem a lip you know my mom taught melike a toothpaste oh yeah[Music]and put a toothpick in it if you haveone or like don’t put like yeah I don’treally understand cuz that doesn’t makeanything really well I don’t you wastedI don’t knowI wonder okay I’m going to show you thecookies okay if you have the chopstickokay so don’t be big it a little longernot for like 12 minutes or our oven iskind of wrong it’s kind of broken sowe’re kind of like baking it for alittle night okay so I’m gonna show youthe cookiethere’s the cookies they’re reallygracious they look good but they’rereally greasy okay I’ll show you alittle bit what they look like on thetray like this see all them dad can youturn the TV offthat’s a dog that’s a dog that’s our dogchili kooky-kooky-kooky it was a jokeyou you are a joke you lucky aren’t youwho’s that chunky monkey who is a babyto come soyounger dog right here me he’s reallyreally old chili you have my stuffy I’mgonna grab it huh I’ll go get her tothrow her toy okay you have stuff onyour face from crepes yes yes damn thismight become a couple weeks ago actuallymy personal hygiene out there I’ll haveto take my hat off you’re gonna get pairin the cookies come on Charlie okay I’llput my hat back 50 years I still don’tknow if you should be asking for peopleokay what people my friends on herebeing in ascendant my friends my hairlooks kind of fun oh but they’re giantright oh they’re like big as your headokay took them for a little longeractually that you I don’t know okay theynever stop they you’re never ready aftercooking just I don’t the problem is youdon’t wanna burn them there’s two dogsoh my goodness oh he’s so cutethank you she’s so cutelive strawberries all there in thecookies come on okay I wonder whenthey’re done to show your math skills 1+ 1 – 2 + 2 8 16 16 + 16 30 32 + 32 6464 + 64 is 1200 no close 128 128 + 120 Ican only go high as like what 10 plus 20plus 40 I always get Mac step becauseyou’re just umyou’re just um skipping one number youfix my apron because my thing you can’tsee the top you know the familyreal child all the time I did you dothingsno okay you should be done I really wantto try them oh it just beeped we took itout before babythese ones are smaller so maybe theytwelve minutes okay I don’t know thetruck it’s probably the butter and theflour that made it so greasy and mix inall the chocolate chips went away fromthe dough I mean that oh here’s myfavorite part so we got this thing whatis it I wash my hands don’t worry I’mgonna try one with should we put whippedcream on them no cookies oh my I have tocut it’s like a size of a small chain Idon’t know oh my goshwhy their problem this one is probablyas big as mine you’re gonna have to like[Music]are we done very strong we’ll makeanother video when it’s time to try themand when these ones are different sowe’ll be back I think we’re gonna stopit[Music]

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