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Best Ever Cinnamon Roll Sugar Cookies// Tutorial by That’s How I Cookie Coach

Use Stefanie’s delicious sugar cookie recipe to make the best ever CINNAMON ROOL SUGAR COOKIES!

Cookie Recipe and Tutorial:
How to Make Sugar Cookies Part 2 Making Dough

Icing Recipe and Decorating Tutorial :
How to Decorate Dipped Sugar Cookies// Easter egg Cookies

My favorite Supplies-

Watkin’s Vanilla

Watkins Clear vanilla– I use this so that it doesn’t change the color of my icing.
11 oz.
Gallon (this is what I have LOL!)

Watkin’s Almond

Joseph Joseph Rolling Pin

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Video Transcription

[Music]hey everyone welcome back to that’s howI cookie coach I’m Stephanie and todaywe’re going to be baking up somethingreally delicious I don’t know about youbut during this stay at home quarantinetime I’ve been trying out some newthings and I’ve been trying to makethings that I’ve never made beforeso for Easter morning I made homemadecinnamon rolls for the first time everand they were so delicious that got methinking about some cinnamon rollcookies that my cousin’s made forChristmas this past year and I thought Ibet that I could make those cookies withmy sugar cookie recipe and really justone other ingredient the cinnamon sothat’s what I did yesterday I took mysugar cookie dough and I made them intothese amazing cinnamon roll cookies andI tell you what I had to hide these onesfrom my family because they were eatingthem even faster than they ate the realcinnamon rolls they’re delicious so Iuse the dough that I have already givenyou the recipe for and shown in my videohow to make sugar cookies part 2 makingthe dough if you remember in that videowe made two of these disks so the recipein that video has enough to make two ofthese we are just going to use one todayso you can cut that recipe right in halfand follow along with this one okayso first thing we’re going to do I onlychose this for about a half an hourinstead of like in the other recipewhere we chilled it for about two tothree hours the reason is because we’regoing to be rolling this dough upinstead of cutting it out when we’redoing cut out cookies we want that doughto be really firm and really set up sowe have nice straight edges with this wedo want it a little bit softer so thatas we roll it it doesn’t get too crackedmylittle cracked it’s fine it’s stillamazing but we’re gonna try and avoidthat as much as possible today I havethis rolling pin it’s a little differentthan the one that I was using beforethis one is a Joseph Joseph is the brandI do have a link in my store on myAmazon storefront which is in thedescription below for this one I’m usingthe biggest the biggest band on it whichis the purple band and they believe it’sten millimeters for me that’s just alittle thin for my cutout cookies butit’s perfect for this and it makes itsuper easy so I’m just going to go aheadand start rolling again I type typicallywill roll on a silicon mat it usuallyallows it so that the mat will stay inplace it doesn’t slide all around and Iusually don’t get too bad of sticking soI don’t have to continue to add flourand incorporate that into my dough andstart to dry out the dough so I won’thave any flour when it comes to rollingso I am rolling this now when I wasdoing it before I found that a goodmeasurement oh I forgot something we’reonly gonna do half I did this when Itried it out yesterday – we’re going tocut this in half because we’re gonnamake two rolls otherwise we end up withone super gigantic roll so I’m going tojust cut that in half and set one ofthese aside and then I’ll continuerolling forth so let’s start that overhere I’m going to aim for about a nineinch by 7 inch rectangle doesn’t have tobe perfect nothing in baking does butthat’s my goalalright let’s see what I’ve got hereI’ve got about sevenby seven and a half I’m going to take alittle off of this edge and add it downhere should get a nice rectangle let’ssee what with that now yeah that’s aboutthat’s pretty close to about a nine byseven so next thing I need to do is meltmy butter okay so now what we’re goingto do is we’re gonna take one tablespoonof melted butter and we’re gonna brushit all over the surface of the doughjust like you would making homemadecinnamon rolls we’re going to brush iton really generously all over here[Music]so just like I divided my dough up inhalf I’ve also divided my toppings intotwo portions as well so 1 tbsp of meltedbutter for this portion of dough andthen I’ll also do 1 tbsp of butter forthis portion of dough over here in mycinnamon and sugar mixture I have two ofthem one for each batch and I have 2tablespoons of sugar and 1/2 a tbsp ofcinnamon so I’m just going to go aheadand I’m going to just shake that allover my melted butter my dough okay Ilike to kind of press it in a little bitapply a little bit of pressure and thenalso it allows that melted butter tokind of come together with the cinnamonand sugar all right and now the excitingpart we’re going to roll it up okaywe’re going to roll it up and we aregoing to wrap it tightly in some plasticwrap so I’m going to try and make it astight as possible and I’m also kind ofpulling up from the bottom as I go totry and close any crap that might behappening nice tight cinnamon roll sugarcookie perfect all right and then like Isaid I’m going to wrap this pretty tightto keep that in a nice tight roll andthen this will be refrigerated for twohours so that it comes together andchills and firms up so that when we’reready to slice it it will slice reallywell asall right so I’m just going to do myother role I’m going to let you watchthat and a speeded-up version and thenwe’ll be back ready to slice and bake[Music]all right so these have been chillingfor two hours I am now ready to slicethem up I have this serrated knife hereso this seems to work the best forslicing through them and not putting toomuch pressure and squashing them so I amactually going to aim for 16 slicesmakes them each a little bigger than ahalf an inch so I’m just going toeyeball it and go about half way andthen I’m going to do the next one inhalf and in half and then again againwe’re now going to be at eight and onemore time is going to give us 16all right now the ends don’t look quiteas pretty but I tell you what they tastejust as delicious so those are like thebakers treat if you want the little endshere I’m gonna go ahead and place themright onto my baking sheets becauseunlike the sugar cookies that we didbefore I am going to go ahead and popthese right into the oven my oven isactually already preheated behind meit’s at 340 degrees and it will be readyfor me to put these in right awayall right straight down the centerhalf-half yeah yeah so much easier thanrolling them out and using cookiecutters and it’s going to be prettyawesome to these when my husband hadthem yesterday he said he thinks thatthis is his new favorite flavor so youguys will have to comment below and tellme if this takes the cake for yourfavorite flavor as well or if one of myother flavors is still your favorite putthese all on here wind them up these arestill going to go into the oven for thesame amount of time as the traditionalsugar cookie so 340 degrees and I’mgoing to be watching them around 16 to18 minutes so I’ll be back and I willshow you how we are going to do a verysimple decoration to make them look likecinnamon rolls[Music]all right you guys it was a painful 18minutes to wait because I could smellthem the entire time but they’re finallydyingtypically I would let them cool a littlebit before putting the icing on but I’mgonna be impatient now I’m gonna letthem cool just a little bit while I talkabout the icing and then I’m gonna goahead and put the icing on so my icing Idon’t know how many of you have seensome of my tutorials before or come tosome of my actual decorating classes butI have been decorating now as a businessfor about seven years and I still use itblack bags so maybe one day I will moveon up in the world and buy some actualpiping bags but this is what’s alwaysworked for me I really like it and Ilike the fact that when I teach myclasses and do these tutorials I canteach you in a way that doesn’t requireyou to buy a lot of brand-new equipmentand invest money in something that youjust might want to do here and thereZiploc bags are things that you have onhand ready to go and they work so myicing if you did not yet watch mytutorial calls I think this one’s calledhow to make dipped how to decoratedipped Easter egg cookies I don’t knowI’ll put a link below but then like hamis my glazed icing recipe this one forthese cookies I actually did it a littlebit even more simple than that I did notadd the corn syrup and I did not add thewhite food coloringI just didn’t think it was necessarywhen we’re trying to give it atraditional cinnamon roll cookie look sowhen we’re gonna do this all it is issugar milk and vanilla extract I didstill use the clear vanilla but that’sup to you so then I put it into my bag Icut the tip off we’ll just a tiny tinybit and then I’m just going to use thisto ice over the top of them just givethem each a little squiggle of icing andthey look almost like a real cinnamonroll matter of fact I sent a picture ofthese to our friends yesterday when Iwas making the first batch and I said ohmy gosh you guys look what I have in theoven and our friend said Oh YUM cinnamonrolls I said uh-uh cinnamon roll sugarcookies and I promise you some of theseare going to that family later todaydon’t worry I won’t go near them nocontact hmm all right these are lookingso goodthe icing it is kind of melting on themlike it would on regular cinnamon rollusually on sand minerals you put it onwhile the top I probably would wait forthem to cool matter of fact maybe I’lllet this pan cool and show you aclose-up version of icing those so Ihope you’ll be able to try please let meknow leave me a comment make a commenton my facebook page if you don’t followmy facebook page head over to Facebookand like my page that’s how I cookiecoach I do a lot of announcements thereas well so enjoy have a wonderful dayand I hope you tried some of thesecinnamon roll sugar cookies[Music]

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  1. Wow. So many great tips in this video. I’m definitely going to be making these soon. Thanks Stefanie!!!!

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