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How to bake shortbread cookies | egg free biscuits | 3 ingredients biscuits

How to bake shortbread cookies | egg free biscuits | 3 ingredients biscuits

Hey loves today I am giving you budget friendly cookie recipe, I hope you enjoy
This one is also favorable for those that don’t eat eggs or don’t like egg.
Simple fast and yummy
#Shortbread #egglesscookies #sugarcookies

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Video Transcription

hello my YouTube family welcome to myyoutube channel my name is and AramaBrenner to those of you who I knew youare most definitely welcome to thischannel and to my kitchentoday we are going to be makingshortbread cookies these are very simplecookies biscuits that are egg free andonly need three ingredients which isyour sugar your butter and then yourflour of course cookies have to haveflour anyway without wasting any of yourtime let’s get into the into the videobut remember to please please subscribeto my youtube channel it really helps mea lot for us to keep growing and to keepcreating better content let’s get to thebaking part of the video we’re going toneed for this simple recipe is threecups of cake wheat flour and then onecup of white granulated sugar and thenyou’re going to need 400 grams of yourRamahmargarine these are the only ingredientsyou need to make a good shortbreadcookie aka sugar cookiewe are starting by putting our threecups of flour my cup is 250 millilitersand I got this from PAP and they arevery affordable[Music]after adding the flour directly into thesame container I am just adding one cupof sugar I was just with measuring itinto the cup the next ingredient will beadding your margarine this should bemelted you can leave it out in the Sunor pop it into the microwave and defrostit for like a minute and then you’rejust going to mix it in you have to mixin very well hence I am going to end upgoing in with my hands just to make surethat everything is incorporated my handsare cleaned and washed I am sorry thatsome of you don’t like when people makesa flower with their hands but I do nothave a hand I do not have like a standmixer hand side to go in with my hands Ipromise you they’re clean but anyway wejust mix mix mix until everything islike incorporated very well you need tomake sure that your flower you don’thave like flour pockets inside of yourdoor[Music]at this point when what you want to dois just spread some flour on a cleansurfacegrab your PIN I’m featuring my emptywine bottle today as a rolling pin and Ialso put some flour around it and thenyou’re going to grab some cookie cuttersI use the smallest size I got this fromclicks and yeah I just cut and then tryto lift them from the surface and thisdough is very soft so you might have alittle bit of a challenge but it endedup working out very well I think soyou’ll just pick them until your tree isfull my tray takes about 12 of these andthen with my tray I just spray it withsome nonstick spray before I place themand when I am cutting I preheated myoven to 160 degrees Celsius and that wasit so this I baked at 180 degreesCelsius for 20 minutes you will have toput them with a fork to make sure theyare well done inside so this won’t endgolden brown because they don’t haveergo anything but it’s perfectly fine[Music]Wow thank you very much for watchingguys so this is the final product I wasable to get like three trays out of thisrecipe so thank you very much forwatching please remember to subscribelike and comment and when you guyscomment it makes me very happy and Iwill be sure to like the comment and tocomment back if you have any questions Ilove you very much and bye

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