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How to make no bake gorilla poop cookies

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Video Transcription

hey guys welcome back to my channel ifyou go hit the subscribe button turn thered into a great subscribe button and soyou can join our family and if you arenot newwelcome back I love you all so muchthanks for being partthanks for being part my family so todayI’m going to be teaching you how to makegorilla poop it’s just pretty much achocolate and peanut butter oatmealcookie that is a non bake and so I’lltell you what you need you will need Ydonut stick of butter or a half cup ofbutter I didn’t know marjoram or I’msorry margin will not work for thisrecipe because marjoram doesn’t meltproperly like butter that’s and it doesnot need to be softened because it willbe melting it in a stove also anotherthing wait okay a second let me justkeep going so I have also fourtablespoons of unsweetened cocoa powder1 and 1/4 cup of white granulated sugar1/2 cup of milk 1/2 cup of peanut butterand three cups of quick oats I just needto check on them oh yeah so it is I 1/2a cup of all so what you will need is alarge or medium sized a bowl a spatulaor whisk a stove and a saucepan so ifyou are not wait also you can add forextra flavor and texture you can alsoadd in a half cup of unsweetened coconutshredded coconut cranberries raisins andother type of nuts if I wanted to butI’m not going to be doing that in thisrecipe and you will need a stove like Isaid and if you if you or your parentsare not comfortable with you using astove make sure to have their help andany other pretty much little supervisionso yes and you also need umI just already turned on my stove justto get it heating up because I don’twant to wait foreverand war on you guys to death in thisYouTube video so I already heated thatup so turn it up to high or like highmedium because you will need to boil andagain if you or your parents are notcomfortable with you doing this have ahelp from an adult put something sorry aresponsible person like I was sayinglike I said in my first video on thisnew channel is like if you have an olderbrother or older sister then um and yourparents are comfortable with them usingthe stove or oven if any other brushthat you have make other videos then youcan have them help you as well okay solet’s just get over to the stove okayguys so I’m over here with my pan whichis on a stove that is on high to heat upand I’m just going to use a spatula ifyou are gonna use a spatula make you canalso use just a regular um spoon look atthis spoon just like this but I’m justgoing to be using my spatula if you aregoing to be using a spatula looks reallycool it looks like it’s purple on thecamera it’s actually red in real lifebut that’s kind of interestingbut like I would say if you I can wantto use a spatula make sure it will notmelt cuz some very cheap ones will meltso make sure that it will know okay okayso what we’re going to do is we’re justgoing to put in our milkoh my gosh I made a mistake I’m sorryguystechnical difficulties okay I did withthe technical difficulties I’m sorryabout that I guess there’s a headed armtoo high so be careful with that just anote okay so next time squared to enterbutter oh and also I hope you guys areall staying safe and they have sanitizedmy counter for working so make sure youwash your hands before doing this mighthelp you have all stained suits duringthis pandemic so I’m just going to okayjust just be careful okay but yes makesure I thought what I was saying okayyes I hope you all have been stayingsafe during this pandemic and also makesure you wash your hands before you doany baking or cooking and I were justcutting up the butter to make it easiernow I’m just going to add another shipit and so you’re pretty much is going tolet this boil and then let the sugardissolve so I’ll be back to you whenthis is doneoh and also this whole process shouldtake I’m sorry I’m just trying to findthe rack so I can clean up well and thiswhole process should take about one anda half minutes okay I’m about to youagainand also it poorer you if it if you seta timer for one and a half minutes andit’s not boiling or it’s not the sugarsaren’t dissolved yet just wait so mysugar is pretty much already dissolvedbut I need to wait for it to come to aboil first and then I can take it offthe heat also make sure that there areno lumps I will show your mind kind ofoh nice foam you keep breaking that I’mfilming on there we go and make surethat there are no lumps oh look it’sstarting to boil yayoh and also I’m going to be filming therest of the video here because I amscared to carry that over there justjust so you know okay guys it is boilingjust gonna let it boil for a minutelonger now I’m just going to turn offthe heat and move it to this okay sowhat we’re going to do is so you’removed it really heat and we’re going tostir in the peanut butter oats andcoconut or other indie games so I’m justgoing to pour it into this bowl herefull of those scary I don’t know why I’mso scaredokay it’s gonna use a spoon oh and alsoI don’t think I mentioned this in thebeginning but using this teeny or achunky peanut butter I was planning touse creamy sorry about the noisepeanut butterright back with you when it’s due oh andalso if you’re doing this and make sureto not touch right here but it is veryhot because this was boiling okay so Ihave just finished giving this let’sleave it up just make sure that youdon’t see any chunks of peanut butterand I just have a different sheet linedwith parchment paper and just atablespoon and I’m just going to takehaleyss and it’s not really a dough it’smore of a liquid kind of thing butthat’s how it’s supposed to be and justdrop little balls on and they can bekind of closed there’s not to the pointthat they are like touching but you’renot gonna bake these so they’re notgonna really spread and it’s kind ofthese they can be like kind of earshapes so if you feel like yours aren’tturning out they’re just supposed to bebetter and I will be back with you whenI finish the cookie sheet so if you wantblack cookies you can just bang thisdown on the counter very good to me putthe cheese or if you want to keep themround I’m just waiting to tap a littlebit and I’m just going to be puttingthese in the fridge so so not putting itin any door fridge oh and also if youknow what video my dad is from or mysecond channel yeah I’m gonna be able toshow you guys the finished product it’spretty much I’ll just gonna tell youwhat it’s gonna look like it’s justgonna look exactly the same as it waswhen I put it in the fridge they’re justgonna be hard so let’s just go for theoutro I hope you guys enjoyed this videoI love you all so much

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