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Peanut Butter Chocolate No Bake Cookies

Peanut Butter Chocolate No Bake Cookies

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Video Transcription

hi Lindsey here like and subscribe tothe channel if you haven’t already hitthat Bell up top for those notificationsgood evening everybody I’m going to showyou guys how to make some peanut butterchocolate no baked cookies these are oneof my favorites for my childhood mostpeople have this stuff lying in theirpants are going to make peanut butterchocolate no baked cookies I’ve alreadymeasured out all of my ingredients and Ihave them all lied out heremy son Dallas is helping me tonightlet’s go ahead and go over theingredients so I have a half a cup ofmilk we have three cups of the oats twocups of sugar I have a quarter cup ofcocoa powder we’re going to do a pinchof salt we have one cup of peanut buttera stick of butter which is equivalent toeight tablespoons let’s see and then onetablespoon of vanilla extract we alsohave lined our baking sheet withparchment paperand we have a pot over here on the stovethat we are going to have to my stove onI have it to a medium heat we are goingto add in the butter the sugar and thecocoa powder and bring that to a boilI’ll set the milk yeah in just a secondlet me get this butter in my son’shelpingyou see how the butters about meltingnow I kept stirring it because I didn’twant the sugar to remove all the heatnow that the butters melted in we’regonna just you know let this keepsimmering until you see bubbles and letit boil just for barely like a minuteand take it right if you see any companytrying to get it out with your spoonthat guy keeps going see how it’sstarting to get bubbly all can you seethat so we’re only gonna let it do thatfor about a minutewe don’t want it to burn then we’regonna take right offI took my pan nice and cool and nowyou’re gonna take the boats that youhave set aside dump that in mix thataroundyou don’t do this kind of quicklybecause you don’t want the chocolate andthe sugar and stuff to kind of getHarden and it helps if it’s still hottomorrow ingredients together so nowthat you got the oats nice and coatedyou’re gonna take that cup of peanutbutter that you had set aside and you’regonna drop that into there okay just asec I’ll let you put this me let me stirthis peanut butter around anytime I’m inthe kitchen he comes in here he’s onlythree years old he comes in he’s I camein I think it’s the sweetest thingnow that hot butter is nice and meltedin there in Dallas what I need you to dois in there thank you and then we haveto do the vanilla one tablespoonvanilla hey good job thank you stir thataround see how it’s getting hardened yougotta be quick cookie sheet that quicklybecause it would Harden drop it on toyou know just keep doing this until youhave no more batter and if not have thislittle cookie tool then just make ballsof the cookie dough and kind of press itdown however you want or if you’ve madelike peanut butter cookies it’s gonna doit like then you have to let these kindof set out for a second while it’s stillhot and harden up then once they getmore hardened place it in therefrigerator these are deliciousyou guys make them with your kids whileyou’re in quarantine and let me knowwhat your kids think drop me a commentif you enjoyed this video and be sure toleave me a thumbs up also if you’re anew person visiting my channel I postrecipe videos statement be sure tosubscribe and have a tray full of allthese little chocolate peanut buttergoodness balls we’re gonna let thesekind of sit out for a minute at roomtemperature and harden up before weplace them in the refrigerator to finishharden what my son just tried a littlebit of it does what do you think of itdid they taste good yeah yeah are youexcited to eat oh yeah

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