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How to Make “No Bake” Cookies

How to make cookies that do not require baking! Super fun, quick and easy!

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Video Transcription

hey also today I’m gonna show you how tomake the no bake cookies often calledboiled cookies as well so let’s getstartedfree start you want to make sure thatyou have some wax paper aluminum foilworks too but you need wax paper andsome space so I’ve already cleared offthe table and I’m gonna put this waxover down so we have somewhere to dropthe cookies at so here are all theingredients that I’m going to be using Iam going to be making a double batch soI’m going to double everything on therecipe for it but and this is sugar[Music][Applause][Music][Applause][Music][Applause][Music]so as we’re waiting for the butter tomelt I’m just gonna continue to stir itmake sure everything’s mixed in good andonce it melts and starts to boil thenwe’ll let it boil for about a minute andthen add in the rest of the ingredientsI went ahead and set out my oatmeal overhere so it’s quicker for me wheneverthis does start to boil[Music][Applause][Music][Music][Applause][Music]so once you’ve got everything mixed init should look like this now I’mdropping it onto the wax paper once Igot further in my hand got so tired soit got really sloppy but there’s reallyno right or wrong way to do thisjust scoop it out and put it on the waxpaper and then it’ll hardenokay so now I am done laying them outyou can tell I got so tired over thereat the end they don’t look the best butyou’re gonna eat them anyways okay so Ihad enough time to put all theingredients away and wash the dishesthat I used and they’re already startingto form like the ones that I did first Ijust washed my hands I forgot to filmthe final product but this is what isleft after about a week so they’rereally good both of my parents lovedthem try this out with your family andlet me know how it goesI’d love to see any pictures if you makethem

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