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Boss the basics – How to make bread – BBC Good Food

Whether you want to make pizza dough or you simply want to know how to make bread from scratch, Barney has you covered. Try these clear and simple instructions and make delicious fresh-from-the-oven bread, perfect first time.

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Video Transcription

hi miss barbecue booty good food andwelcome to boss the basics now the basictechnique we’re going to be bossingtoday is bread we’re going to be doing areally basic bread if you’ve never madebread before this is the recipe for youwe’re going to be turning the same doughinto pizza into a basic loaf and intodifferent types of bread rolls theingredients we’re going to need for ourbread is some strong white bread floursome salt some fast action yeast and alittle bit of sugar it’s important thatyou use strong bread flour because plainflour has a different gluten content ourplain flour is fine for things likepizzas and flat breads but for bread forbig loaves of bread you really wantstrong bread flour about eight rolls orfour pizzas we want 500 grams one sachetof yeast now saturated yeast is exactlyseven grams so in that goes I like mybread to have lots of flavor so for mybasic dough are you to take aroundroughly ten grams of salt for 500 gramsof flour so that’s about two teaspoonstwo level teaspoons if you like things abit less salty just do one but you doneed a bit of salt in your bread andthey’re justthe touch of sweetness and then ateaspoon of castor sugar 300 millilitresof water will give you quite a stiff dogthat’s easy to work with and 350 itcould be quite a wet dog that’s harderto work withI have big red over today so I’m gonnago somewhere in between I’m gonna do itthough with 320 325 millimeters which isour basic recipe our recipes are basicbread rolls so I just need to add fatknow where the mix are both that you canuse wooden spoon for this for structureI like to take my hands in so it’s justa matter of mixing the dough togetherwe’re not worrying about a meeting atthis stage we’re just trying to get allthe ingredients mixed together thenwe’re going to leave it about 10 minutes5 minutes straight in there and just mixand we’ll just got ourselves a roughthough now this bit is essential I dolike to leave the dough by 10 to 15minutes kind of activate the yeasthydrates the flourlet’s ingredients and get to know eachother so I tend to just leave that inthe bowl and then cover it with ananteater okay so I’ve go to interpretand you can start to see all reallystarted to soften just by leaving it inten minutesand now we are going to need itnow it’s impossible to measure theIncredible Hulk is impossible to onlyneed by handto the surface and and they change therecipe good old elbow grease for thenext is just a stretch what we want todo is we’re trying to stretch the glutenin the dough so I can to set my timerand then give it a good ten minutes sothough it’s been kneaded for ten minutesand we know it’s ready because when weget it into a ball and we press it itsprings back so look stretchy means it’selastic it means it’s good to go so youknow pop that in a bowl about teaspoonof oil into our bowl and then our doughgoes into the bowl and then we leavethat for an hour or so or until doubledin size and cover it up with theTeague’s now and leave that for about anhour so that’s what it looks like in ourbowl that’s all we’re going to coverthat’s what we’re going to see later andthen this is the one we’re gonna beworking with so the first thing we’regonna make is a basic quite low so ourdough just goes onto our surface it’sabsolutely fine to add a little bit offlour now and then I’m gonna knock youback a bit knock the air out of it a bityou could put this in a load of tin butif you don’t have a loaf tin I’m justgoing to show you how to make a nicerounded loaf so you just want to bringthat back round onto itself just on afloured baking tray and we’re going topop back somewhere to W the size that’sgoing to take about 40 minutes it makesabout 8 small rolls six larger rolls youcan tie them into burger buns or hot dogrolls but the easiest way to divide itif you don’t want to measure each one isto do it into a sausage like this let’sdo this one into six really and thenthat’s about even I’ve got a bench knifebut you can use any knife we’re going togo about half way and then each one youjust need to cut into about three if youwant you can weigh them out and thenmake sure each one is the same weightsimple bread rolls we just roll theminto balls like this so that’s a simplebed roll then for a hot dog bun a bitlonger so you just roll it onto itselfand it’s a matterjust rolling it like this the burgerbuns probably want them a bit biggerthan that one we’ll take one of theheart and then you just want them a bitflatter like this and that’s going tomake a nice burger bun you can try doinga mini baguette really fun of roll thatout to a sausage shape so that againwe’re just going to have adapt our doughabout and then we delete those for about40 minutes the pizza are very similar toour rollswe’re just could not just going to knockthe air out of it ever so slightly andwe’re going to cut it into four so andthen just as if we’re making big rollswe’re just going to roll into a niceround and each one of these it’s goingto be a decent size piecesso that’s four pizzas out of the mix sojust something thin if the rules beforewe’re just going to roll them into tightballs and these are going to beinside today we have basic bread breadrolls pizza dough my first lap our breadrolls baked hi about 40 minutes theywill double in size this is our burgerbun sir because it’s about the bunwe’re gonna claim it with a bit of eggand then dust it with the few sesameseeds like so then I’m going to leavethis one and this one as it is splitthis one down the middle box with littlebit of flour not essential nicethis one down the middle just need ashot my spit that down the middle andthat will split open and it cooks I’mgonna pop those in our oven so I oftentemperature is on to tear the flour justabout 2:30 for this one nothing morethan a dusting of flourand we’ll just do a couple of sliceslike that and they just go open up cooksay and again that goes in our oventhat’s gonna take a bit longer thatmaybe 35 to 40 minutes so now on to ourpizza dough you can roll it with arolling pin but you get a much nicerpizza if you use your fingers to stretchthe dough out and that’s how you get thenice crust to it stretching the doughtry not to tear it I’ve just got sometomato passata which I’ve seasoned witha bit of olive oil and some salt andpepper which has been doing a classicmargarita cubes mozzarella but you canuse any cheese you want cheddar workswell mozzarella is authentic and a smalldrizzle of olive oil and that’s gonna goin a really hot oven for about 12minutes and then we’re gonna have a verybasic pizza like all pizza you can topthathowever you like so we have a blue belowour bread rolls and you know bread iscooked when you tap it on the base andit sounds fuller and we have our pizzaall cooked from the same basic printerthis has been foster basics I’m Barneythank you ever so much for watching[Music]

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