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How to: Make Homemade Peanut Butter Cookies – Instagram @homemade_goodies01

Cooking Homemade Peanut Butter Cookies Follow my Wife – Instagram @homemade_goodies01

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Video Transcription

okay guys we’re gonna make a quick videoon how to do peanut butter cookies mylittle assistance herewhat’s your name yes okay so for thisrecipe we’re gonna use flour brown sugarsugar baking soda baking powder peanutbutter salt unsalted butter and onelarge egg so let’s get these kidsstarted okay so first we’re gonna usehalf a cup of butter it’s unsaltedbutter so room temperature so once youpress it in you’ll be able to feel thesoftness on it so put it indid you take any longer okay and thenwe’re gonna beat that until it’s creamyokay so lets blend it okay so once yougot your butter all creamy we’re gonnaadd in half a cup of sugar okay nextwe’re gonna add half a cup of brownsugar okay so once you have the butterwhite sugar brown sugar we’re gonna mixthat together until creamyokay so we blended that for about twominutes and then next we’re gonna add inour peanut butter and our egg okay sowe’re going to add in our peanut butterit’s half a cupokay next we’re gonna add in one largeegg see if you can get itall right so once you’ve got the peanutbutter and the egg in there you’re gonnablend it againokay so we mixed that for about anotherminutes so we’re gonna put this insideand then we’re gonna get started on ourdry ingredients so for the dryingredients we’re gonna start off with 1and 1/4 cups of flour next we’re gonnaadd 3/4 teaspoon of baking soda nextwe’re gonna do half a teaspoon of bakingpowder okay and then now 1/4 teaspoon ofsalt okay so once you get all the dryingredients together you’re gonna mix ittogetheryou can use a fork or a whisk whateverworks ok so after you got that mixed upyou’re gonna dump the dry ingredientsinto the wet ingredients so go ahead andpour it in there okayokay so once the dry ingredients arewith the wet ingredients you’re gonnablend it togetherokay so once you whisk everythingtogether you’ll get a nice soft doughyou’re gonna want to refrigerate it forthree hours just because we didn’t use alot of flour the dough is gonna beextremely soft okay so we let our doughsit for three hours you’re gonna noticeit’s a lot harder which is what we’regonna want is still pretty soft at thispoint you’re gonna want to pre-heat youroven to 300 miler temperature just sothat way the cookies a lot softer so ifyou cook it at 300 you’re gonna want tobake it for 15 minutes and if you bakeit 375 you’re gonna do it for 10 minutesso let’s get these cookies ready to geton the pen okay so we have our wax paperokay so before we start rolling ourpeanut butter balls onto the pan you’regonna want to get a little small bowl ofsugar just if you want that littlesquare design on top of the peanutbutter cookie the sugar keeps a forkfrom not sticking to the cookie dough somy daughter is rolling it up right nowthen you’re gonna put it on the pan okayand then grab your fork just dab it inthe sugar a little bit okayyou just slightly push down on it thereand then the other way and you don’tneed to push it down too hard if youpush it down too hard your cookies gonnacome out extremely flat so let’scontinue on and I’ll show you guys howit looks when it’s done okay so this isgonna be our finishing look now like Isaid I preheated my oven to 300 and I’mgoing to bake it for 15 minutes just sothat way it’s a lot softer and will comeright backoh they’re freshly baked off the oven soI’m gonna let them set for about likefive four minutes to finish cooking andyeah I hope you guys enjoyed my mom’srecipe like and comment if you guys wantany more recipes bye

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