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Learn how to make Haikyuu crow cookies to eat with your friends 😀

Emily is the author of Cooking With Anime on Crunchyroll, the food blog Penguin Snacks, and loves to teach people how to make their favorite anime foods.

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Ingredients listed below!

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Video Transcription

[Music]okay guys so trending along with ourdishes that you can make to eat whileyou’re watching hike you are making adesign cookie today I’m trying to put onthe little figure from haikyuu that islike the mascot for the Bible team he’slike the Little Crow I think is what heis but then they designed them in theanime to make them look like the varyingmembers of the volleyball team so I’mtrying to make sure yo Today Show you henot to like them the orange boy you haveall seen him if you haven’t seen hye-kyoit’s the orange boy I’m trying to makehim today as like the Little Crow on thecookie so let’s jump into the recipe seeif I can do it[Music][Music][Music][Music][Music]okay guys I’m back and I’m thrilled withhow these turned out I mean look at howcute these little things are I have toadmit I ran into a bunch of struggleswith this first I haven’t made thiscookie dough recipe in Japan yet and itdidn’t work out I didn’t measureproperly it was just all kinds of badnews it’s my favorite cookie recipe fromsweet Ames she’s a creator here onYouTube and she does the cookie designslike this one but like a lot betterI had a recipe so you can go check outher website and buy it from there if youwant to it’s really really tasty but thecookie didn’t come out right so I had totoss like half the batch and then thedesign element of it was reallydifficult for me because we start withoutlining the like little crow figureright um I tried one and it was so badit just looked it looked you know howMonica there’s like in Fruits Basket theMonica how you should drop panels withher left hand to convey like awkwardnessand unease in the situation that’s whatmine looked like awkward and uneasy so Ihad to conscription into helping me dothe outline of the crow so that we couldgo and then like filling it in othercolors it’s just the blackout way that’sthe hard part but they’re done now andI’m really happy because they lookreally cute and I can’t wait to sharethem with my friends um and yeah so I Idon’t know if I would recommend that youdo this design necessarily but if youwant to you can watch this video andkind of figure out how to do it itdefinitely takes on trial and errorroyal icing is not always the easiestthing to work with but once you get thehang of it I quite like it because youcan really push it around and and makeit work for you once you get the hang ofit but I hope that these liven up yourlife I hope you think that they’re cuteyou enjoyed watching the video even ifyou yourself aren’t gonna make them somakes me to give this video a big thumbsup subscribe to this channel if you wantto and that’s all for me today I’ll seeyou guys later bye hi oh oh while you’reon my end screen make sure to hit thatsubscribe button I also have a secondchannel that I’m sharing with Sarahbecause we’re moving to Japan so see thelink in my bio for that channel and gooverand subscribe to see you later bye[Music]


  1. 언니~~~ 아가들 진짜 엄청 귀엽네요 비아는 진행을 너무 잘하구 보나는 애기애기해서 넘 구엽당 힝 그리고 영상꾸민게 넘나 예뻐요

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