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hey y’all! as you can see my name has been changed.. idk why i changed it but i just did.

hopefully you are staying healthy at these hard times!

i hope you try to make these!! (if you’re not allergic)


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Video Transcription

hey guys it’s via and today we’re gonnabe trying to make peanut butter cookiesI found this recipe on tic toc so firstwe have to wash our hands and then whatyou’re going to need is one cup ofpeanut butter one cup of sugar andyou’re also gonna need one egg so firstyou measure everything out which itskind of difficult with the peanut butterit’s very difficult to get the peanutbutter out but you are going to beputting the cup of peanut butter intothe bowl first and as you can see I’mkind of struggling doing that but that’sfine so yeah I was struggling very muchvery very much and then you add your eggI did that one-handed and then you mixit until it looks creamywell not creamy but kind of like whenyou’re making sign I don’t know but thenyou add your sugar and don’t make a messlike I did and you’re gonna mix it upand you can use your hands if you wantto I was like why not and you don’t wantyou’re not done when it still looks likethat because like they’re still bunch ofsugar you have to keep mixing which tooka while and then I forgot to turn theoven on so when it looks like thatyou’re good it’s kind of like sandplaydough I don’t know how to explain itbut yeah and then you line your whateverit’s called with parchment paper I thinkthat’s what that’s called but yeah afteryou line it with parchment paper you getyour dough I recommend not doing this onthe oven like I did by the way and thenyou have to roll it into little ballsand I don’t really know the size maybelike an inch and a half you’re gonnakind of do it like away from each otherafter you do that you’re gonna flattenit with a cup because like they don’tflatten a lot a lot I think I don’t knowmost I’m not a professional don’t listento me well you can if you want to butyeah these did yeah I’m gonna lay laughsso yeah didn’t you do that for at whatam i doing oh yeah then I attempted toput flour on top of the cup which didnot work and then I also tried to blowit with did not work then I’m doing myshirt which made a mess and I was likeOh which there so farmy shirt right now I should probablyclean that soon oh well but then youflatten it which I’m doing right now andit’s kind of difficult so be careful soyou don’t break it or drop it like I didand then I continue doing that for quitea bit and then you can take a fork andmake little markings in it which lookreally cute the person on tik-tok didthat so I was like why not so yeah I didthat one-handed which is actually reallydifficult and then I continue to do thatto the rest of themand then we are going to put them in theoven for 10 minutes at 350 degrees Ishould have said that sooner but oh wellso yeahyou put them in for 10 minutes at 350degrees so yeah that’s me doing that andthat’s also me figuring out I don’t knowhow to put things in an oven properly soyeah I’m failing right now but that’sokayand then we set a timer for 10 minutesbecause our oven has a timer and yeahnow we’re gonna eat the macarons that wemade a few days ago that didn’t turn outvery good but um they still taste reallygood so yeah that’s nicethat’s really good so yay my timer wentoff and now it’s time to get the cookiesout and they look so goodokay so here’s me taking it out I’m kindof failing but that’s okayoh and I also like couldn’t figure outhow to turn off the oven so yeah that’sthem when they’re done um I said letthem cool for 15 minutes I’m gonna behonest I only let them cool for likefive or six and I’m trying them theywere really good but they were likereally crummy and grainy but otherwisethey were really good love y’all bye[Music]

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