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How To Make Breakfast Cookies

To make a full batch.
These are the measurements…

1.5 cups oatmeal
2 medium bananas
1/3 cup of nut and raisin, mini chocolate chips, crasins ect…

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Video Transcription

hi I’m Chris Gianna and welcome to mykitchen today we’re gonna be makingbreakfast cookies which might throw youoff a little bit but here I have exampleof ones that have not been baked yet butthese have grain they have fruit andthey have protein in them so they’reperfect for an on-the-go breakfast andthey’re super simple they the base onlytakes two ingredients which are bananasvery ripe bananas as you can see theseare quite brown and have spots on themthat means that they’re gonna be supersweet and that means that these areprobably gonna be the best for a recipelike this and then rolled oats and thenwe have some cinnamon here I just likecinnamon and some salt and then we havepecans and raisins which I like to addinto this the original recipe called forchocolate chips but I don’t havechocolate chips so I’m gonna be usingnuts and raisins and then in this cup wehave melted coconut oil which we used tobrush the pan so that nothing wouldstick to it because we ran out ofcooking spray also we are going to beusing a scale to weigh out all of ouringredients because that’s how I do itso yeah so let’s get started so firstoff we are gonna go and get one ounce ofthis can be kind of frustrating becauseit never gets right on one ounce it’salways like 99 I made point 99 or onepoint two ounces add them into thisthing over here and then we’re gonna goin with half of a banana and I’m justgonna take off the peel and then we’rejust gonna chop it into little coinswhich makes it easier to mash latercoming up now you’re gonna use your forkand you’re just gonna mash man a nose upkind of like that and it’s going to looklike baby food when you’re done that’swhat you want you want it to look like abanana baby food baby food puree kind ofthing um there are gonna be some chunksbut that’s perfect that’s what you wantyou know if you don’t like the chunks ifyou made it make it and find that youdon’t like chunks in there you couldthrow it in the blender with maybe atablespoon of water just help it alongbut it looks like baby food as you cansee and then into the baby food we’regoing mean listen to the mashed bananaswe’re gonna add three shakes of salt formyself sugar and then about 1/4 ateaspoon of cinnamon and then we’re justgoing to mix it all togethertell us all one Stephanie looking mushyes so that’s done we’re gonna set thatasideno we’re not actually we’re gonna addour one ounce of rolled oats to mixtureand just mix until everything isincorporated yeah so this is my minibatch I made when I make one of thesemini batches it makes about two roundswhich eight if you want to call themcookies you can but I don’t like callingthem cookies because I’m having them forbreakfast and that just doesn’t soundright to me but okay so pretty much okayso now that it’s all mixed together weare going to set that aside and they aregoing to measure out one ounce of pecanI’m using pecans you can use like I saidwhatever you want for mixing chocolatechips fresh apples whatever it is thatyou want to add come on get it to whineokay there that’ll workokay so one ounce of pecans and we’rejust going to roughly chop them so thatthey’re not so hardokay add them to the map and now we’regonna put in one ounce of raisins if wehad craisins I would put raisins inthere that would be really good so nowso now we have one ounce of driedraisins which is just because okay nowyou’re just gonna mix all the mixestogether and this will make two roundsabout this size you can make themsmaller if you’d like also around thistime or maybe at the beginning of youcreating this you should preacher ovento 350 degrees so that it’s ready whenyou are done making this okay so now weare going to UM we have already greasedthe pan with like I said melted coconutoil because we ran out of cooking sprayso if you run out of cooking spray youcan use butter any kind of greasy ediblegrease that you have olive oil worksthen you’re just gonna go in with yourhands and grab about half of it andshape it into a circle because thesewon’t actuallyand in the others they will just staythe same shape that you put them intothe oven eyes so if you just dollop aball on in on the cookie cookie panit’ll come out of the oven looking likethat my hands okay so these are gonna gointo the oven after an hour 50 degreeswhich i think is 170 degrees Celsius youmight need to recheck that for 12 to 15minutes or until the tops are goldenbrown they’re not actually gonna wellthey are gonna cook but it’s just tohelp to set everything together so yeah12 to 15 minutes and they should be donethank you for watching as welcome backas you can see the cookies the breakfastcookies we made turned out really well Ihave them I had them cool then I tookthem right outoff the pan and look at they staytogether they stay together and yeah youcould justI personally eat two of these for mybreakfast but you can eat as many yearswith little you want and I store them inan airtight container and that’llprobably last that you can King week ortwo but they probably will only last aday or two because everybody eats in ourhouse there’s a lot of yeah thank you somuch for watching this video I reallyappreciate it if you like what you seeand you want to see more click thesubscribe button the like button rightit’s ok bringing like thisand so yeah I will I can call me put therecipe do if you guys want the recipeI’ll give it but the video has all themeasurements anyway thank you so muchfor watching um we’re gonna have anothervideo come back come out coming outaround the same time as this one so besure to watch that thank you so much forwatching and have a good day bye

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