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How To Make a Skillet Cookie

This is one of my favorite recipes that Sarah makes, a skillet chocolate chip cookie. You can do variations with it with chocolate chunks, chocolate chips, peanut butter chips, M&M’s or whatever candies you prefer in your cookies! You can find a variation of this recipe here:

Original of the video here

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Video Transcription

hey guys today we’re going to show you
how to make a skillet cookie or Sarah is
this is why her specialties and I always
have her make because they’re really
really good so I’m gonna let you watch
her and we’ll explain the whole process
step by step
okay so the first step in making these
is you want to put your flour your
baking soda and your salt in a bowl and
it’s all you basically pretty much all
your dry ingredients up as I say I do it
now you don’t want one and a quarter
cups of flour Oh
all-purpose flour excuse me one teaspoon
of baking soda and a quarter teaspoon of
salt if you’re wondering what that noise
is it’s that what hey what are you doing
you go for mommy
no hey you gonna help mommy eat the
yeah you just want to get all mixed up
you need to use a sifter or you can use
a little twist by Tears
the next steps for you to do is you take
your butter which you’ve got a half a
cup of unsalted butter you need to
soften it either let it sit out on the
counter top or microwave it how is it
you might believe it just just enough to
get it soft but not completely melted
but it soft enough to work with ready is
it ready
so you want to do that with your butter
put it in your mixing bowl and then add
a half a cup and 2 tablespoons excuse me
we’re man 1/2 a cup of peanut butter
after you get all your wet ingredients
mixed up I want to put in the flour
mixture that you mix up earlier and let
the recipe calls for 3/4 cups of peanut
butter chips and 3/4 cups of semi-sweet
chips but we only have chocolate do you
approve yeah so before we put our cookie
dough into our skillet we’re using a
nine inch skillet Justin’s gonna butter
it so it’s gonna stick
and we beat we heat it up
those should be pretty easy to work with
not too sticky and not too dry this is
why I never make it in the oven so we’re
gonna put it in our 350 degree oven for
about 20 to 25 minutes you want the
center to still be soft but not
not the back okay so it’s finally done
when you first pull it out you want make
sure it’s a nice golden brown you can
get it too dark
it’ll get too hard and too crispy I like
the cookie good and soft it’s not as
yellow as it looks in the videos because
of the lighting from the stove right
when you pull it out it’s going to be
really up you let it cool for
about half an hour before you cut it
I’ll share a slice here a little bit
I’ll link my blog post that has a recipe
on it as well right thanks for watching
that cookie that’s a lot if you have to
pull up I’ll burn your mouth does it go
down huh
we’ll just pull it out up how bad you on
is that what is that beer is it what is
it what is that what is that cookie so
we didn’t wait as long as we should have
to flip it onto a plates like from a
little bit but the kids were very
impatient and I think this kid was a
little bit impatient too but it’s ready
to cut celebrate you have a sample what
a big piece can mommy have some thanks
Bobby can have them oh but it’s so gooey
and delicious look at that and one of
the reasons why ours is so do we also is
because we added extra chocolate chips
put his piece on his plate you eat yours
you want a fork and using forces
recommend it when it’s doing you go eat
let’s see you eat it tell me how it
tastes okay
piece of help huh
what you think wait just a minute what
you think bud yeah hey bird hey what you
think yeah the yummy Bobby tell us what
you think get to try it firstly
all right boogies next good stuff huh
what is that
Espie very good definitely try this
recipe you won’t be disappointed
if you like a video and then a big
thumbs up and subscribe to our Channel

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