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I made great mulch out of no bake cookies

Well we all are not perfect and my above video is a proof of that.

Original of the video here

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Video Transcription

hi everyone welcome to my channel sowhat do you all exactly do what you havewhen you were said to make a cookie butyou ended up making great mulch andthat’s why I’m eating a chocolate eventhough I’m on a dietI’m eating a chocolate and the reason isI was trying to make cookies and I madegreat much no hold on you look here toit this is call so this was supposed tobe a mixture for cookie oats banana andalmond flour now I don’t really knowwhat to do with that because I don’tknow what to do with that it tastedawful thank you so much for watching Ijust wanted to share this is whathappens when I try to bake cookies Imean this was supposed to be a no bakerecipe but still with no bake recipe Ipulled out something really great andthat is not okayI mean that was not sufficient that Ijust made one bowl of itI made these frozen idiotic nutty thingsout of it which is now of no useand that was my mom she went out tothrow the kind of mulch that I have madereally don’t know what am I gonna dowith my baking skills if you guys haveany suggestions please write them thecomment box and help me out with bakingbecause this is the second time I haveburnt or I went off to cook somethingand it ended awfully not that I’m not agreat cook I mean I can cook Indian foodin the most amazing possible manner andI don’t really make any mistakes butwhen it comes to making I’m like oh mygod what the hell is that so thank youso much for watching my video and I hopeyou liked it the like

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