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Let’s bake cookies ft. Ella

Thank you so much for watching. I hope you enjoyed this video. We hope you get to laugh as much as we did making it.

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Video Transcription

my name is Ella you should subscribe tomy channel we will soon find this outbecause she found that making cookiesand she did a horrible job because theytasted very bad[Music][Music][Music]Kendyl I would like to let you know thatI’m very much so straight and she is notso I just do this as jokeokay monetizinga few moments later it was at thismoment she knew she up[Music]I don’t know you messed up big-time I’mthe better Baker I use the logistics wedon’t have a good yeahI use your spatula it sucks it to woodenI do anything I do this anymore she’s sodown I’m sorry she’s not a bakermeanwhile the actual Baker’s out heremaking some masterpieces[Music][Applause][Music][Applause][Music]me tearing off this off button and tresI need tookay so basically you guys are going tocomment down below who do the best don’tI think I already won by a longshot whatshould she do what are you doing I willshow you mineI added pink color to make it try tolook it’s more Minzy I think they’realmost done[Music][Music]I freaking hate her[Music][Music]device Shusher every time she tells meI’m stupid like whywhat did you do now the Saltine pulled abunch of something my cookie and I’lljust write mushy so I’m gonna try it nowI’m scared[Music]while it’s a Sheltie she keeps talkingabout that I don’t think that’s icecream I think myself I’m not actuallylactose intolerant fun basically lactoseintolerant have been diagnosednow it’s time to teach Ella how torenegade[Applause][Music]thank you guys so much for watching Ihope you would subscribe to my channelsubscribe to our channel it’s gonna belinked down we going subscribe to ourchannel link down below have a post in awhile so comment down below

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