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Making Easy Oatmeal Cookies GONE WRONG

The Corona virus has made me jobless, school-ess and slowly becoming crazy from staying at home everyday for the last two months. so I’ve decided give in to the madness and open a youtube channel.

Hi, I’m Jeremy, an English speaking Vietnamese boy who sometime got mistaken for a Korean but most of the time a Chinese. I make content about making myself look better then most people( include but not limited to health, beauty, life style,…). If anything spark ur interest then subscribe to my channel where I’ll try to upload at least 2 videos a week. It’s mostly a fun time here

IG :@jeremytraan_

Original of the video here

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Video Transcription

[Music]come with me bitch you can’t judge mewell we’ve got them just me and I’mdestined to go to hellso even God can’t touch me bitch firstyoutube videooh yeah welcome to my channel you don’tknow me maybe you do maybe you’re myfriend my dumbass forgot to say I metone name so hi I’m Jeremy nice tomeet you so I decided to start eatingclean to boost up my new system and Ithink I thought myself why not kill twobirds with one stonethirty days he’ll be eating Charlie so Ilooked up intensive recipes online andthey all have this one very commoningredient which is oatmeal yeah I’mgoing to make some very simple cookiethat you can make tiny minute okay let’sstart with I have prepare an egg easymission focus hey I got some peanutbutter okay okaypeanut butter I have some honey and thisyellow ship whatever that is and mostimportantly how easy does in my bloodbecause like I’m too lazy to set up thecamera next to the blender over thereokayso let’s start I just think my nails ofcamera I’ll leave it at then all youneed to do is take yourtake your grind up oatmeal this is verythis is not the way to do it you dump itit do you see thatoh oh just open it do you have some moreI just pour my okay now peanut butterit’s a fun funny thing about peanutbutter it is like i watch i watch onpinterest and a lot a lot of ingredienthas peanut butter in it but when Ilooked the calories in this look at thisand you saying that is healthy likeSamantha explained to me Samantha whatthat tells us you see you trying ishealthy you white people are nuts youtelling me that if I eat this I can loseweight okay I believe youso we just can take a spoonful of peanutbutter which I have eaten most of itbecause I’m a fat fish scrape it off I’mjust gonna dump it out and stir oh mygod this is disgusting[Music]why those words I love you Alice dearhoney you may still eat you toobasically you just put everything in abowl I just – shut up honeythere now we just mix it and not get iton my track student actually we do havethis very disgusting looking concoctionlet’s keep on stirring it do it earlymix it’s supposed to look disgustinglike is it isn’t about that I guessabout keeping yourself looking fresh andthat’s what I’m doing and that’s justproven that oh oh no oh it looks likebirdsoh my god and also I think I make it tooliquidy oops I think that happeningmaybe some more counter oh my tracksuitI just I wasthis is karma okay now we have reallydisgusting consistent consistency wechose just to take a bowl I’m taking heyvlogger style so we’re just going totake this gonna get my good angle ohthat’s a good thumbnail please ignorethis mess like guidance I don’t seeanythingyou’re a delusional bitch taking myplate place it really dangerouslybetween the sink and the ground soincreases the chance of I’m ruiningeverything this iPhone cannot flip thescreen nice okay point takenokay you don’t need to look at my facelike I know you don’t miss me like it’sjust gonna be for a few seconds Claire Itake this perfection wait I don’t docobbler okay we take you take a spool ofa spoon of us and then do it again fivethousand time a first youtube video andthis is what i’m doing okay ignore themess there’s okay is it look disgustingthe important thing is that you’rekeeping yourself healthy all about thetaste it doesn’t need to have a goodpresentation I swear to God if you andif you’re gonna embarrass me like thisunacceptable take to this and saw theoven put on the grill set for like 20 30minutes funny sorry II made this once and I accidentally putit on microwave and almost burn my housedown ok see you in 30 minutes like us Idon’t know a few moments later so I ranout of patiencelet’s test a cut with a knife it’s coldok[Music][Music][Music]don’t you know I was planning on makingpancakesoh-hoh entire time I did not think thisis I did not think for us but second Iwas gonna make cookie y’all my shelfdumb dude no I wasmaking cookie I was clearly makingpancake look at this like beautifulconcoction look at this beauty like yesokay it’s time for me to try it soexciting[Music]okay how do I do this let’s just takethese like take take that piece oh Ireally like the consistency very hard Imentally how I like my pancakes louderlet’s just crack one open okay okay likeis crispy it’s just good okay BonAppetit I’m not lying this is kind ofbomb damn how I actually like what whatthe hell I was I was fully anticipatingfrom you to like involvement butactually kind of good like huh I’m goingfor a second bite like I don’t caredeliciouscome on this is good this is sogood like I may describe the taste it’sso sweet and and it also have the verylike nutty nutty taste from the peanutbutter overall supposedly cookie butturn into pancake because it has an ownlife you cannot define anyone else lifebut yours okay it’s not it’s somethingabout the outside is what on the insideas matters like your slothI’m disappointed in you it’s as my firstthat’s my first video about eating CLEabout eating healthy and clean I hopeyou guys like the video subscribe formore content and my crazy adventure I’llturn off the camera and finish this offlike this is good I don’t know what thehell you would I don’t know what thehell you’re talking about this is good

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