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How to bake cookies pt1 this is part 2

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Video Transcription

hello guys my name is Rafa and workingin raucous kitchen where I am theexecutive pastry chef today I will beteaching you how to make chocolate chipcookies step one has nothing to do withthe food everything to do with hygienelet’s write on the water get a littlewarm you’re gonna wash your hands that’sstep onelittle soap in there make sure it’s warmand scrub for about thirty secondsmake sure you get palm Center fingerstop two and make sure you get under yournails because we will be using theirhands to mix the product and spread outthe dough in a couple of steps and so ifyou don’t do this they’re just badokay now that we’ve done that you’regoing to want to get all youringredients out I’ve already got themlaid out it’s very simple we’ve got ourcookie powder we’ve got some butter andwe’ll also be using some water verysimple just those three ingredients sowe’re going to need a teaspoon of waterdoesn’t matter powder and I like to puta little extra it’s making sure that’syour choice though the second thingwe’re gonna put in here is some butterdoesn’t matter what kind of butter youget if you like unsalted butter that’sfineyou like margarine that’s fine how muchbutter are we gonna use a lots thisrecipe calls for about a quarter cupthis looks pretty good you can also useyour spoon to kind of clean that up ifyou want to be really exact you want toput it all in herenow of course you’re gonna need a bigbowl to put this in I didn’t specifythat in the beginning but I’m sure youcan see and also a little spoon humps sothat you don’t have to get your handstoo messy so you’re gonna get messyenough later go want to put this to theside in case we decide to use more of itnow open up your cooking powdercarefully because it can’t fly out ifyou’re not careful let me take a look atthis so you can see what’s in herenow what you want to do is you want togo ahead and put that’s gonna looksomething like thisand then after that you can just useyour spoon or whisk if you have one andmix all this this is gonna take a whileyou don’t have that much water in herewhile we’re mixing this we’ll go aheadand talk about the importance of whatwe’re doing I know I may not seem superimportant to making cookies but you gotto think of the essence you’re bakingyou’re cooking you’re feeding dude andthat’s importantmoreover a lot of species use baking andfood to connect with one another I don’tknow if you guys have families that makecookies you know you beat them and youcan taste the love that’s what we’reshootingnow that is not thoroughly mixed yet butwe’re gonna let that settle for a secondbecause we want to preheat our oven overhere I’ve already got it preheated to350 I just did that a little bitbeforehand because it will take a coupleminutes and I didn’t want to keep youguys on the line but it’s really thatsimple you’ll just hit your bake buttonand your preheat light will come on makesure it finishes preheating that lightwill usually go off or you’ll hear ading depending on your oven so once itreaches 350 which this is that you cango ahead and leave it there alsoremember you have to make sure your ovenis empty if you leave anything in thereit’s gonna get ruinedokay back to finishing the mix and itlooks like a little bit because it isthis will not make a lot of cookies it’sa labor of life just like I do grandmaused to make them now personally mygrandma actually never made of cookies Ididn’t really know my grandma but Ihaven’t made cookies with you know someimportant people or brownies or cake andas watching us we enjoyed making youknow it’s part of the experienceand when you put in that work that laborand you eat it at the enemy makes ittaste that much better now this isprobably good so where you can plop iton there and it’ll be good to eat thedough should be soft and not grainy Ilike to mix it extra so make it supersmooth but like I said as long as youget a decent mix so that it’s notraining that’s all you need because youdon’t want to chew into the cookieanything cook and you can kind of tastethe batter you know that dustiness youalso don’t want to get a better balllike a pancake now told you we’re gonnaget your hands dirtyI’ll put some stuff away just to givemyself more room you will not be needingthis but you can put it away wronggo ahead and pile that up near thebottom that way you can scoop it upeasily this is one way to do it if youdon’t want to get your hands dirty youcan just plop it on there with the spoonbut you kind of have to keep going at itoh you see you see that spill that’s whyyou don’t use the spoon well Ipersonally don’t but if you don’t wantto get your hands dirty this is one wayto do it now let’s try it the other waywith your hand okay get your hands dirtybut there’s more left to itnot traditional I know but you can tastethe differenceyou’ll notice this batter is not likethe kind of dough that you buy a prefrozen that kind of dough when you pickit up with your hand it’s all stucktogether you know because it’s frozenit’s fine it’s good but this this is howthey used to make them back in the dayokay you spread the stove out about twoinches apart on every side because itwill expand in all directions to top upthat first once and make it a little bitbetterokaythink we’re good there I’m go ahead andput that down want to rinse off my handsdon’t lick the cookie dough it’s reallynot good for you and then go for it youknow chefs orders now look at this youcan tell which ones I did with my handand which one I did with the spoon somepeople are better with the spoon it’sreally your choice at the end butsomething about getting in there you canyou can taste the love all right we’regonna take our six cookies that arespread apart and we’re gonna put them inthe oven on the top rack here oven onlyhas one rack that’s fine now we’re gonnabake these for approximately 10 minutesokay now that those are in the ovenwe’ll play the waiting game and we’llsee how our finished product looks atthe end

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