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How To Bake The BEST Chocolate Chip Cookies

Welcome to my channel! I like baking cookies and in this video I share how I make the best chocolate chip cookies! If you liked this video, please like & subscribe. I post food & fitness videos, morning & night routines. I upload Tuesdays & Fridays!

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Video Transcription

[Music]welcome to my channel it is after 11o’clock at night so what could be moreof a perfect time to make chocolate eggsand vanilla with ingredients in thishole[Music]we’re about halfway through ouringredients so now is usually the timewhen I start to pre-heat the oven rightnow I’m just mixing up these ingredientsand I’ve already put together and itdoesn’t look super appetizing like thisI promise you this will end up lookinglike cookie dough so the first half ofthese ingredients you want them to turninto a light smooth brown color that’show I like to do it and I find that itis very effective and getting reallygood chocolate chip cookies once itlooks something like this I stop andit’s time to do the other half of myingredients now it is time for our flourI get 2 cups of it to start off with Iput it into this sector and I have oilunder the sifter and I can cups of flourI will take 4 tablespoons of it and addit on top and the last thing we get isgoing to be salt and I like to do itover the sink so it doesn’t pour outeverywherethat’s going to be 1/2 spoon once I puteverything in here I just it I try to bevery careful as you can see it’s amountain[Music]so I’m mixing all of those ingredientstogether and I like to mix them untilyou can’t see like any of thisyou know flower you want it all to beone a whole consistency all one colorthis it’ll taste amazing that way sowhenever I make chocolate chip cookies Ilike to get the dough super smooth andcreamy almost to where it looks like itcould be ice cream because I promise youthe taste will be look good and whenyou’re baking cookies allow yourself totry out the dough make sure it’s goodand especially right now while all myfamily is asleep I get to test out thedough myself so I get to eat as much asI wantI wanted to put those of you guys knowthat after our cases no average meansnow is one of the best parts of bakingcookies adding all of the chocolatechips and I like to add extra chocolatechips[Music][Music]thank you so much for watching thisvideo I really hope you enjoyed it andif you’re new here my name is kaya andplease like and subscribe to see morevideos from me I like posting food andfitness type of videos and I’ve alsoposted morning and night routines if youare interested in any of those and Ipost on Tuesdays and Fridays so nextvideo will be coming out this Fridaythat is it for today’s video

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