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GiveIt AShot : Cheesecake Cookie Dough Cupcakes

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On today’s episode I am going to be making Cheesecake Cookie Dough Cupcakes. I love both Cheesecake and Cookies. So I wanted to try and put both together. Tune in to find out the results.

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My name is Kyle. I have absolutely no culinary experience.I made this channel because I hate spending time looking for a recipe video. After spending time I finally find one that looks so good. I try to make that particular recipe. UGGHHH there is a problem though. You can’t duplicate what you just watched. So all that time and effort just went down the drain. So that is why I made this channel. I am going to try to duplicate recipes that I see or read. At the end of the video I will rate that recipe from 1 to 10. If it is a 10 it means that I would diffidently GiveIt AShot again. If it would get a 1 that means that there is no way I would waste my time with that one ever again.

My Goal is to help you find videos that actually work for regular people.

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Video Transcription

hello and welcome back to anotherepisode of give it a shots before we getstarted I like to thank all my newsubscribers for subscribing to thischannel it really means a lot to meknowing that you guys like this channelenough to subscribe if you haven’tplease click the subscribe button 3thumbs up if you liked the video my dadonce said to us one day Wow cherry Pepsiso give me those thumbs up if you likedthe video today we’re gonna be making acookie dough cheesecake cupcake we’regonna take the cookie dough we’re gonnaput it on the bottom of the cupcakeholder I’m gonna put the cheesecake ontop of it throw it in the oven let itcook let it bake and then afterwardshopefully we’re gonna have a really gooddessert for the family so let’s checkout the ingredients that we’re gonnaneed all right so we’re gonna start withthe cookie dough that we’re just gonnaput on the bottom of the cupcake holderslike I said the rest ingredientone cream cheese 3/4 cup sugar I’m gonnause two eggs 1/3 cup sour cream and 1/3cup heavy cream we’re gonna mix all thattogether to make the Cheesecake andthat’s gonna go on top of the cookiedough okay so I’m gonna be using the 1/3cup heavy cream and I pour that in firstnext I’m going to use the two eggs we’regoing to use the 3/4 cup sugar 1/3 cupsour cream and then the cream cheese andwe’re gonna mix we’re gonna beat it onlow settingso chunks of the cream cheese in there[Music]turn it upwe don’t want no Chuckyou know one culture[Music]all right that’s perfect so on to thenext step put in the cookie dough intothe cupcake holders I finished put inthe holders in now we’re gonna be takingthe cookie dough taking about a spoonfuland placing them into the bottom of theholders pressing them down making surethat they’re covering the bottom andthen we’re going to be going and pouringin the Cheesecake so once again I’mgonna fast forward so you don’t thewatch me doing all of that cookie doughand then we’ll get to the Cheesecakethey have all been filled in with cookiedough our next step is to take thecheesecake part we’re gonna pour thatinto the cookie dough and we’re gonnacontinue that for every single one so asyou can see we filled it with theCheesecake batter now it’s ready to gointo the oven the oven we’re gonna setat 350 degrees we filled in theCheesecake batter we set the oven to 350degrees we’re gonna put the pans in theoven or roughly around 55 minutes andthen afterwards we’re gonna check to seeif it’s perfection all right so they’refinished I’m gonna take them outas you can see there it’s a nice goldenbrown so we’re gonna have them cool downafter they cooled a little bit we’ll putthem into the fridge let them chill andthen we’ll take them back out and do thetaste test we’ve made it to the tastetest I chosen one out of the bunch tosee how it’s going to taste and give ita shot so let’s try this Bon Appetitto all you watchingokay so if I had to give that a readingI would rate that a six the cheesecakepart of it does taste very good thecookie dough as you can see isdefinitely crispy I like my cookies tobe softer so that is why I would give ita 6 maybe next time I can try put it inthe oven for only 15 minutes instead of55 and see if the cookie dough doesn’tget as crisp if that would be softerthen I would definitely give it a shotagain but comment down below let me knowif you guys like crispy your cookiesmaybe this is a 10 for you guys againI’m a softer cookie type guy softerbatch so for me it’s a 6 but thanks fortuning in on another edition of give ita shot please make sure to subscribe andif you want to check out any of theseother videos please do so thank you foreverything and we’ll see you next timeon give it a shot[Music]

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