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Video Transcription

make sure you have parental supervisionand permission before you begin thisrecipe gather all of your ingredientsfrom butter a sugar flour salt bakingpowder vanilla lemon extract yourequipment before you begin cooking itsrecipe add your room-temperature butterto your mixing bowl make sure you getall the butter from off the wrapperyou’re going to incorporate yourgranulated sugar to your mixing bowl andbegin creaming those together once youhave mixed those well you’re going toadd one egg and be sure to crack youregg into a separate dish to ensure thatyour egg is good and that you do nothave shells in the egg as well and addyour flavoring agents of vanilla andlemon extract to the mixing bowl[Music]once you have incorporated all of yourflavoring agents into your creamedmixture you’re going to sift your dryingredients into your recipe you’regoing to be using all-purpose flour saltand baking powder you’re going togradually sift those into the mix untilwell avoid overmixing because we do notwant to activate gluten in the recipe[Music]youonce all of your flower heads beenincorporated into your dough you areready to roll out your cookie dough andwhat you’re going to do is lightly startflour the surface and portion out yourdough I also recommend that you flouryour cookie cutter as well as yourrolling pin that you’re going to beusing and that’s going to help keep yourdough from sticking to the rolling pininto the surface if your dough is stilla slightly sticky you can sprinkle justa little flour on it but you want toavoid putting too much flour on it as itcan affect the outcome and the Crim ofthe you’re cooking you’re going to rollout your cookies you’re going to takeyour cookie cutter and cut your cookiesinto the desired shape or sides I’m justusing a basic round cookie cutter andthen I’m going to place them onto myprepared baking pan that has been inlined with parchment paper I’m going tobake that cookiesbetween 8 to 10 minutes or until they’relightly golden brown around the edgesavoid overcooking allowed place onto acooling rack once they are finishedbaking and serve when they are cold butremember these are sugar cookies and sowhat I like to do so that everybodyknows that they’re sugar cookies I willtake a little sugar sugar and lightlysprinkle sugar on top of each cookie sothat everybody knows what type of cookiethat we are serving happy baking andenjoy this recipeyou

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