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Cookie-ing #withme and Bake Off Winner David

I went live with winner of last year’s David, to have him teach me how to make his signature cookie, and I interview him whilst they bake.

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Video Transcription

Oh yawn oh my gosh run hello everyoneI’m waiting on David so as soon as DavidKoepp sign I’ll be readyI’m just setting up this station this isthe first time I’ve used this wholegizmo for from life so let’s see howthis goes okay David you are let’s seehe’s not yep hopefully he will be seehello everyone hello everybodyah okay we’re gonna pick something in aminute hopefully um so well all of yougetting on I just wanted to tell youwhat’s gonna be happening so I’m gonnabe baking with David as soon as he joinsDavid is the winner of the great witchbaking show if you don’t was a greatpressure baking show my god you need itin your life right now is simplychirping super positive the people arelovely and it will just make you feelall kinds of good I know that things arepretty crazy right now and really shittyand so it will add some positivity toyour life I’m sure it’s gonna make youfeel okay okay hello hi hellovery good t-shirt to get the audiencegoing yes it was can I see you a secondplease Beauty how are youthat may be thank you oh very good Ohworking from home to weather here we’vebeen are exercising chucking frequentit’s just started wow that’s nicewhere are you telling me they were justeverywhere you are ok we are in Londonin South London which yeah I’m actuallyoriginally from Yorkshire from the northof England so I’m not a regular in thesouth normally but I’m living in Londonand I love it you are Franck I tell themwhere you’re from yeah ok he’s from aplace called with me everyone so a lotof you I know that you’re Whitney wasthe first vacation I ever went and I wasI think 12 and I was really upsetbecause that was my first holiday andthe whole time the weather was miserablebut it was I was it was the time whenLauryn Hill had released her album TheMiseducation of and so I spent a wholetime estate to The Miseducation ofLauryn Hill anyway David sweetheart whatwe do it today you’re gonna teach meyeah it feels a bit strange to Englishguys doing cookies for Americans yesAmericans obviously are the cookiemasters these ones are the dog eggsbecause a lot of people I think is atthe moment everyone’s due to missingdifferent things but I’ve heard a lot ofpeople asking for recipes without eggsbecause they’re really struggling tofind eggs and well they’ve only got acouple left etc so this recipe does notexit all and it’s kind of like one ofthose chewy I don’t know how you’d sayin America do you say flapjacksno that means pancake here but I knowwhat you mean is true consistencyyeah like a chewy ot ot you just thinkof like if the Americans just think ofyou like you’re most gooey granola butlike you chewy scorn Oliver I guess yeahyeah it’s exactly that so yes sir it’san OG cookie like a granola bar okayokay show meget going cuz it’s gonna take like 50minutes in the oven and then I can do aget to know you betteryes okay thoughthis is also quite tricky because I eatI’ve lived overseas lots and often withAmericans and we do bake insidedifferent ways don’t we like we use cupsit’s not quite the same as yesterdayMolly kick is on and I love Molly King abunny back is out and we look for meback okay go and cool just for thisspecial Baker vapor this is my big buttthis is why I’ve worn the final ah didyou steal anything from the tent I suredidwhat did you get I’m using this waspretty this was pretty good piece ofequipment I stole well let me see itwhat was it really good don’t use itokay right so we’re gonna start byputting 125 grams or 1 cup of sugar inthe bowl I’m using that’s okay right ohyeah it’s fine that’s gooddo you use a regular vault no no no cluethe kitchen is actually quite good beable to see both American okay how muchflour the sugar I’m using brown sugarthis is a soft brown sugar I don’t useoh I’m just gonna use regular sugar youstop no regulars – but I think thisrecipe is quite good because you canfind and get away with most things okaythey’re my favorite kind of recipes soI’m gonna stick with your light brownsugar and then butter mm-hmmhow do you make your butter in theStates we use cop salsa but that ourmeasurements I’m here to tell you grams- okay fantastic we’re gonna do 125grams of also okay do you chop it up oranything I know I don’t but I’ve gotmine at room temperature me too okaygreat okay America it’s like one it’sone stick and like 1/8 of a stick ifyou’re in the u.s. oh and what I shouldsay this album a post-nuptial you’ll dothis also giving your poster recipe forthis yeah with this as well you coulduse I wouldn’t use something like an oilbut you can use different parts that ifyou’ve got one of the and you know thevegetarian or vegan spread ones or maybein quite well depression listening tothat well you’ve got the ants prettyyou’re fine I have it so I need thethings I saw you do your your exerciseswith their resistance bands my gosh Ineeded it I’ve been so lazy this lastweek well I’ve done it fake let’s dolook anything so okay oh I’ve alreadybeen ready to 350 yeah I’m just gonna domine now yeah which is what nick agothat writes about 160 okay yeahI one bit on makeup didn’t actually gothrough to the final edit was when I wasbit minutes in meringues and I can putmy own on and I watched for an hourbecause the lights still on in the ovenso I thought it was on and I waited foran hour until at the end and then I justdidn’t put the rose on obviously and sothey never know it’s fluffy or we justmix inkno just mixing just so it’s kind of likecream together great it doesn’t have tobe like that light and fluffy creamyokay so the banana works kind of likefinding like an egg and we’re also usingchia seeds in this recipe and that isthe same thing they they get reallysticky on the edges and they bind like aneck as well so bananas obviously docome in different sizes so I’m gonna bereally enough to ask you how much arebanana ways skill I only know skillsokay when I get out of this size I’mgonna mush it first okay greatwith this recipe as well with all ofthese kind of wet things you can alsojust blender it works best if you’ve gotkind of an old banana let’s see okayhere’s the thingI know you’re saying England but therewas trimming for eggs I’m readystruggled for bananas so I literallymanaged to get one banana at the storethat’s not it’s not like super ripe sounfortunately it’s not gonna be greatI think I’ll still work you can also usewhat I don’t use bananas before you canyou know when you have like there’sobvious banana breads and things but youcan use pumpkin you could use reallyfine oh nice else could use sweet potatookay okay I think it’s gonna work it’sripelike okayimagine strange it is with yes put itstraight in and then mix againit seems I live with this and thingsthat people get hold of because I keepon making posts and then some peoplecertain areas you know a lot more thingthan anotheryeah yeah it is bizarre but what I willsay yeah it’s such a strange thing toregularly I’m gonna see a bread flour bygoing to before we went on a strict alockdown now but a few days that beforewere on that I want to I don’t have anybread flours I’m not we don’t we don’treally have lots of stock I managed togo to a pizza shop and they were sellingtheir bread flour and Aikido that’s nicethat they were doing that we’ve gotflour here tooagain okay okay this now because but nowthat does not multiply wouldn’t a verywell but it will come together so don’tworry wait I may not hit up after thebanana and we’ve not passed the bladderyet right nope so now we’re gonna addsome flavors so you can kind of addwhatever flavors you want I mean peoplemight go some bizarre combinations butI’m gonna go quite traditional for thisbut people really can do everything Ilove putting you know the almond extractflavor I put that in everythingI mean I’ve become so immune to it I putin like ridiculous strengths as well butfor this I’m gonna put a teaspoon ofvanilla and a teaspoon of groundcinnamon and always use the really goodvanilla because cheap another isn’tactually vanilla it’s made from like andhe’s just you know they should have 230compound flavors in it and I bought myvanillawhenever I add vanilla and cinnamon Ijust eyeball it so if you want to do itproperly follow David don’tbecause I mean there’s really a anAmerican recipe that I find that doesn’thave seven minutes I know and I love itso much my favorite spices so much okaywhy are you choosing to use a bowlinstead of a mixer just out of interestdo you know I always I will keep in mystomach sir as a giftjust before I fight for they got I’venever used one before so growing up we Ithink we were just given bowls andspoons to kind of play the same for meyes I just got used to this not quitelike I feel like I’ve got more controlas soon as I don’t notice for thestomach’s this stuff at the edge youknow I prefer a regular Bowl and spoonfor the cake because you can fold in theflour a lot better yeah yeah yeahright now we’re gonna add the flourwhich is one cup flouri this again you can kind of use whatyou want like practically you just use awhite all-purpose flour but this becauseit’s kind of an open escape it kind oftakes well with some of the whole grainso I need a little bit of formula Brownpart – what I’m gonna be about half ohnice okay greatgood beer it’s good kid got healthy PGgood bacteria oh my god is like livinghis best life right now nothing that’shealthy it’s just getting all it waswe’ve got two little different kimchi’son the go and she’s really goodokay so flour inyeah already smells gorgeous and nowwe’re just gonna add a teaspoon ofbicarb as well do you call up baking sowhat is baking soda yeah no whatsoeverin this does it rise at alland it has a lot liver puffs it’s notalready it’s not massively risen likethe baking soda helps with that but interms of binding it just still findstogether quite well it’s not gonna becrisp in any way right so now we’readding the last bits which is going tobe the oats and the chia seedsokay so oats it’s gonna be 2 cups ofoats I love you make the mouth a fewleft elite rolled oats but the rest I’mgonna be using porridge oats and again Idon’t know what you call thesedifferenceso once again the rolled oats selectbigger oh yeah the part that’s justquickly to cook yeah yeah so in Americawe have rolled oats in quick cook quicktoast you can can use either okay andthen the chia seeds going as well rightyes which this is the third cup of chiaseeds a lot I can’t wait to taste thisthat seems like a lot and did yousticking your cheap a bit I’m stayingso don’t yeah I mean I practiced theseearlier so I just picked him up my teethjust be smelling go I wish we hadsmell-o-visionokay let’s that’s it then pretty muchthough that’s all you’ve done unless youwant to add anything else okay the goodideas of what you might add they can addup to like a hundred grams of prettymuch anything you fancy so good thingswould be different dried fruits and soraisins typical granola bars raisinscranberries well do any of those dryflicks I really like prunes and sourchips yes definitely chocolate chips youcan do chocolate chips and then you canalso put cocoa powder into the mix ifyou want to make itbanana chocolaty ones you can use otherchips cocoa powder you could also dolike chocolate on top squigglesafterwards and then nuts would beclassicI really like different nuts I mightjust because anybody who knows me knowsI sugar fiends and then chocolatechocolate chips to mine okay I’m notsome walnut we’ve got ityou ripped your healthy I had somechocolate chips out of chocolate chips[Laughter]what’s Pizza sweet it’s gonna higherhigher cocoa contentokay the question is when you’ve beenbaking cookies you’re pretty good atthis and are you one of these peoplethat weighs your mix so you have theexact size no I think that people onlydo that if there are other great whichis baking show the babies pickup becausewho cares about that in real life I doso I do tonight’s cream scoop so I douse an ice cream scoopsee I didn’t do that never done beforein my life but then since being on makeoff I just kind of liked how neatyeah I do like that sometimes I go alittle crazy with what’s left I found itbut I won’t do that SIG’s I’m gonnapretend I’m not Pig and so I’ll fight onthe side so that’s it we’re goingstraight in with dishing off yeah I wasgonna put some I’ve got some tree bananachips I’m just gonna say oh alrightalright so should make roughly more than20 whoa okay are we do they spread allup so well should I leave a bit of adistance between them all yeah one wasthat big oh it looks gorgeous way to doit but I’m gonna feeling ain’t no one athome measuring we don’t have those kindof I’ve seen that Americans use thosejust make it so much easier to bake andthis is cops are one of them and this isalso another okay so I’m gonna do one 6ud6 yeah and then I can freeze the restoh yeah that’s a good idea because Imean as well yeah I ain’t gonna eat Imean I I never thought about freezingalways freeze meant to get I’ll make abig batch and then whenever I’ve gotguests coming over I’ll lead them toThor out for half an hour then I’ll putthem in the oven and then I’ve got freshtreats for my guestsso do you do them as Chuck do youactually wash them out as choice yeah Iscooped it into Tupperware and squeezeditOh such a clever idea you know thanksmyself because I really don’t haveself-control so this just means thatokay I only have max I’ll have the restof the day yeah I shall push over somethings but baked goods it’s not one ofthem like biscuits and already eats asmuch but makes this hits like homemadebiscuits then I’ll def needs you know Ireally wish we’ve done biscuits with youinstead of cookies I’ve just realised itwould have made more sense of theEnglish person did like scone biscuitsno no no I’m sorry to explain to youraudience at home who’s American biscuitsis a cookies England called biscuits butlike traditional English biscuits nahnot cookies I wish we’ve done like Idon’t know you’re okay with shortbreadoff anyway yeah yeah yeah yeah um Daviddo you lack the mouth I’m gonna findmine oh yeah a little bit okay um howmuch you gonna fund yours out I dowhatever you did before I’ll just dookay I’m gonna show you what I’m tryingto lift do you see the top who have beenflattened out I’ll see my slightly letme see yoursoh you’ve done it a lot OhI’m not going with my hands then that’salso something I’ve noticed in Britishbaking compared to American you oftenflatten your biscuits and we’re anAmerican just leaves a mound yeah justreally is also we often put things inthe fridge to try and keep it so itkeeps its shape as well yeah which isnot something that you always do herevery often at all okay so I’m makingthem so they look like you know how whatyou’re about to put scones in the ovenoh yeah look like nice now if you wantedto get some kind of Christmas on theseyou could dredge them in powdered sugaricing and then they will actually get abit crisper in the bank whereas theseones are going to be much more yeah I’mgonna save mine when I’m making icingfrostingoh no just that be the end of the dayokay okay I just wanted to show themwhat they can find at home great yeahokay and the waiting for the oven yes wecould even do it in well I reckon theseare gonna take I like the window alittle bit I don’t win they’re quitebrown because I still say stopped yeslet’s do them for 18 minutes okaycan you set your timer I haven’t workedher as well but she’s a real person andshe’s always got my back okay now wehave 18 minutes to find out more aboutyou my lord so please I don’t know you Ijust think I’m talking about bake-off nookay I’ve got a bunch of questions Iwant to start with this when I walkedinto the tent I crieddid you you know what I didn’t cry thewhole way through I’m not madI was bunting bake-off to break me andmake me crying said oh yeah I’m not thatemotional but I was definitely totallyspeechlessI think I went into that kind of like Iwas speechless has been walking down andthen I quickly went to the hyperactivegiggle II kind of I just yeah yeah I getthat I’m not usually very emotional ifanybody knows me from queer I you knowthat you see me cry twice in five seasonfour and a half seasons I’m not usuallythe crier of the group but I love theshow I love break up so much I love pickup some like I can’t even tell youI don’t be creeped out but I’ve watchedyou a thousand times I think I’vewatched a season probably five times Iwatched every season at least five timesand so going into the ten I was like Ican’t believe and you know what’s reallysad is that we’ve achieved a lot withClara I really have but my proudestmoment was going into I think withmakeup like you’ve done obviously loadsof TV so you know what the thing is withthe magic of TV how it transforms a TVstudio into what we see on TV no makeupis amazing because as you’re walkinglike across the grass into this tent itreally is exactly like yeah so you feellike you’re still like property withinthat much program I want to ask so it’sdifferent for us because we are used toTV did that add a crazy layer of nerveso yukizona great but you guys are usedto a camera I assume oh yeah I think Ithink it will work themselves talk aboutthat more than actually happens becausebecause you’ll probably have seen whenyou were there the same people come tomake up each year so there’s definitelythis kind of like family of the crewyeah you all know each other laugh andjoke and they quickly get you in thedeath as well so I would say for thefirst full of Bates yes definitely youare aware of the cameras you’re kind ofa terrifiedyou probably bit more guarded about whatyou’re saying and but very quickly youjust lose all that that youjust do you forget that the cameras arethere you take your friends with thecamera people so therefore yeah youcannot just miss this big machine Iremember very early on when we sat themin our show I thought our no that’s okaythe cameras are there you do very veryquicklyI mean wonder if that was the case foryou guys then when I start to see one ofyou really shaking towards the end of ababy I’m like oh maybe they’re going tothe camera yet yeah I think no I thinkwe just got used to them with makeupyou’re so so focused on the task I canimagine the same with when the guys didnext passion it’s so busy you’re sofocused you give your worry is thatyou’re gonna like waste any timethinking about things aren’t necessaryso I think that also helps that you justdon’t notice anything else okayall right all right um is there anythingyou do on the show that you cringe at behonest if there’s one scene where shewould look out for the it make you watchme do that I mean yeah there wouldn’t bebut I was watching it in fact this bodybits I didn’t even watch you Michael andI think Henry well at the fridge and youwere discussing something I kind of whatthe think was now I wish I could andsadly comes over and you just say thisone thing that I can howlingyeah that’s what we were discussing thesetting the second times of gelatin yeahso so Sammy and all are angels angelsbut Sandi just has a place in my heartlike no one could possibly fill yeah Imean sandy for me I love a tough butsandy I walked Sunday when I was a tinykid on a program called call my bluffwhich is the daytime TV show my crownwould watch it and I didn’t even knowwhat she was saying I was so young Ijust remember laughing at her laughs soeven I don’t recall it and I listen tome eat cereal for in the UK so I kind ofalways loved sandy tops fate so when Idon’t knowbefore the bake-off I’ve no idea thisquiz she did that she did all kinds ofkind of slightly more cerebral radio forher so when I saw she was on thebake-off she was I wasn’t most excitedto meet her and she is just one of thosepeople that knows exactly she readspeople doesn’t she she knows whateveryone wants so a lot of people thatmake off really need that plastic worldencourage them and hug them and I thatkind of gets my back up a little bit Ithink if something’s going wrong andsomeone comes in gives me a homesickthing yeahwhereas sandy would come up and make ajoke and she just knew that’s how Imeant it but yes no they’re always likethey’re not just doing things for TV thewhole time they’re coming around andhooking you at chatting to you knowyeah she’s I mean she’s so funny as wellso clever and so like Ishe’s one of the funniest people I’vemet in a long time and you’re actuallythey don’t just do it for camera therewas what was my cake was baking you knowthe little table where they where theysit and chat so when we’re not seeingyou guys when you’ve done your bake andthen we see the judges and then thepresenters or the house they’re sataround the table that’s actually in thetent which I never knew yeah we’ll justhave a good old chinwag she was justhonestly truly lovely okay why don’t youfavorite things that I’ve had what’s theweirdest things that happened since yousince you’ve finished the show I justthink the way to things is with publicinteraction how like now I don’t getrecognized that much in the streets likeI people recognize what we’re doingwhere they recognize me from oh yeahand then often people will work outlater so I just find it strange whensomeone sends you an Instagram messagesaying I saw you today but didn’t comeup and speak to you here I find thatstrange because then I just feel thatpeople are kind of watching you’re notoh I know rather people just came up andsaid hi each time no what can I tell youMike so sometimes it’s fine when peoplesay I bought a lot the time what they dothat it’s when I’m doing something I’mlike I do I love that you’re doing thatinstead of interrupting my dinner I dofollow you there and yeah I wouldn’tlike it if I was having dinnerand last famous is unit unsigned isn’thalf as much it was it’s not like it’smy hair it’s the giveaway the damn thingjust gets me in trouble every time umwho who do you still see from yourseason we all pretty much we were areally tight season and seeing issometimes with more difficult ones gotvery good night you said years ago yesyes chatting on the phone which I thankyou lovers chatsvery regularly yeah so like some of usare live in London it’s easier for us tomeet up because you can meet a pro butin general it’s easier to meet upbecause you meet it for a short time youcan meet after work London did you livein London before the show or you movedafter the show yeah no yeah it’s herefor five yearsokay Nick hello he helps with Instagramis it nice my husband doesn’t getinvolvedis it nice having somebody that helpsyou in cigar I I mean it doesn’t help meNick does it yeah I mean I was I wasproperly pretty started before they callI don’t know how to use my phoneanything like thatI mean party before I was in London I Ijust did two years in rural Malawi whereI had one of those proper old-schoolphones that did wasn’t a smart phone atall so I was quite far behind the timesand I’m going to use that as my excuseand so Nick is amazing he just becausesocial media and like the opportunitiesafter something like Bake Off are hugebut I want to also keep on doing my jobso I’m doing that three days a week andso at the moment things like socialmedia it’s yeah between the two of us wespend a lot of time you know regular jobit’s not so good that they know so muchabout you now yeah it’s quite strange Imean it’s a lot of people when theyfirst I have conversations with them ontheir health and then at the end theywould just say oh congratulations BakerI think when I was a bake-off I lookedso andlike I’ve been 10 France and then when Ilook as rough as you like for the wholeday they definitely don’t do my hair oranything I even wash in the morning so Ithink people don’t really recognize meat work so much okay okay you did 10France it a little bit I loved a floralshirt you wore a floral share couldpretend to like very very muchnotice I quit you stand out in the tentis nice is that do you have a favoriteever winner or favorite ever contestedthe doctor one favorite about what doyou say tomorrow tomorrow from seasonNadia yeah it was so gentle and I mean Ialso I tend to like the people I liketheir food the mostyeah especially when people I’m not asimpressed by like a fancy fondantflourish my like when someone talksabout and something just beenbeautifully spiced or something and Ithink Tamar thought that I he they wereall so impressed with the textures andthe flavors that yeah but then he wasalso so gentle and yeah he was he wasready to see I want to kiss yourfavorite Oh too many you are so we weknew you gonna learn from probably fromepisode 2 I was like he’s gonna win Iloved Steph I love Steph so much but Ihad a feeling you were gonna win and theonly reason I thought you’d win isbecause step was a little bit nervous Ithought oh I’m nervous really can play amajor major part in your bake and so Ithought oh he’s very calm my husband andI use to cook refer to you as thebeautiful one quite honestly the firstcouple of episodes we can’t rememberit’s hard to remember that many peoplesays well who are the pretty ones gonnawin so yeah I knew you were gonna Ithink I thought you were gonna win fromday one but so you one of my favoritesNancy I don’t know vaccine to choose wenot have the same order of seasons inEngland youlet’s hear so our seasons are the samenumbers as yours so Nancy whateverseason that was here I think it wasseason three in America or season two inAmerica Lord Nancy I think you don’tfollow that scrum it sounds funnybecause she’s not just giving you bakingtips like she gives you a life tip she’sa regular Martha Stewart but she is likea powerhouse baby I know I think thatbook was like a Bible it’s not she wasdifferent level when it came she had abook yeah all right so I think becauseproducing it because you say like withthe stack it’s not just baking like thatthing of being awesome makeup doesn’tit’s not the best bakers necessary toget the food to the end is being able tobut you’ve seen it my kids yeah I’ll usetaught you experienced it it’s beingable to call them to your nerves I haveto deal with stress and also just beingable to do things in double speedbecause all they do is ask youhere’s a bake but not me six four I wasdoing it to the during that which isinfuriating you know I’m trying to bakeyou stop distracting me okay the onemore of my favorites without a doubt isNadia I love you so much and I found itreally interesting I loved watching hergrow so yeah there were still loads ofothers who would I follow I findhi Lois I think she’s not a great Bakerbut I find her hilarious every year isprobably every person probably lovesthis huge group of people that you justlove there’s always somebody who Idislike so muchoh we obviously share who it is becausethat would be really mean but there’salways someone I’m like you I try to becrazyget out a tent yeah and you know whatthis is what I kept I’m trying to tellthe biggest when people go upset whenthe public don’t like you or trolling onsocial media I would always say look Ican remember watching it and there’salways someone on the same key there’salways someone that I just like not themas a person I just like their characteron baeckeoffe tell you why it is sotherefore I’m not going to get annoyedif people just watch me and can’t stopme that’s usually what I do when I findthem frustrating it’s because theyrespond really adversely to something Idon’t you brought with but I was onlyobviously but I would get readyfrustration if my fate wasn’t workingbut I was never just vile about it toanyone especially not the people whointerviewed me so when that happened Iwas like okay yeah you’re not myfavorite person um speaking of whenthings weren’t working out and what Iwill tell you is this so my episode ofthe 30 Baker is on tonight for stand-upscancer you were gonna see a version often brands that you’ve never seen beforedoing it yes I know it’s horrible youwould have hated me because I did nottake it seriously I love to bakeeverybody else goes in the celebritiesgoing because they’re just there to havefun and they will experience the BakeOven I think it’s funny for me because Ilove the show so much and because I’vebeen busy since I was a kid I took it soseriously I kept trying to tell myselftense do yourself to be funny and goingthere yeah they surely campaign theythink it’s fun they look bake-off butthey’re not really like it’s verydifferent when you go on the normal showbecause you’re really trying very hard[Music]Rahul and the reason why it was calledbake with Rahul the reason why I likeRahul so much she makes very well andobviously he won the show the reason whyI found rather funny is because thepresenters and the judges could not gethis name right every episode Paul wouldpronounce his name differently at onepoint he was calling him rail just getit togetherhis name was so easily put in it everyepisode I loved him as well because nosetting trying to touch his name you’vegot people like sandy you know like theykind of throw you off sometimes and whenthey’re chatty and the judges do and Ilove about the whole threw them off likewhen he was talking they cleaned ityeah really make them feel uncomfortableand I loved it you tell us anythingyeah I’ve got some things I’ve got abook which we’ve just finished it’s akids book and it’s just by cooking inGerman it’s got my first cookbook soit’s got cooking and baking and it’s totry and get kids involved from a earlyage and also adults with their kids andbaking and cooking and so that’s comingout in August and it should be come outin America as well as the UK what peopledon’t realize is that you guys I mightbe you guys are probably a bigger dealin America than you already man it’sawesome here so it makes sense to bringout a book you yeah as well see you gotme a long time ago I came over verybriefly to someone’s wedding and I wasit if you come to America and I’mworking with my husband Ellie right nowhopefully I’ll be done by summer if youend up winter where I can you come to LAyou are absolutely staying with me andyou were gonna bake in my heart yesthat’s not just on Instagram why but youand MIT can absolutely stay with us wewould love that very much cool perfectand then I do a lot of things to do withhealth so I work in health and mastersin public health and I do a lot ofthings with nutrition so my I reallylike it when bakes and food can behealthy as well not that I meanobviously I think about moderation soyou can instantly you can still enjoy acake but there’s also ways of makingcakes and biscuits and and differentfoods slightly healthier and mix withthat I really like just the idea ofdiets and what to concludes can do fewand then exercise so I’m just doing alot of the work I’m building on at themoment is related to kind of foodexercising health greatwell that’s memorable yeah yeah yeahI’ve got a column in The Guardian couldyou get that America’s or don’t you wedon’t get the card even but we can lookat this view online love oh god like yesI got column called Alex top alex istelling us that our biscuits our cookiesare readyit smells gorgeous it heats what doesthe front remove my camera back see youguys see but is why I quite like thingis to me I quite like to mind they’requite Brahman that this type of cookiebecause this because they were softercookieyeah like the caramelization so if youlike this was a two minutes video for 15minutes you’d probably be very lightbrown but I like I love a chewy cookiedough okay readyeveryone the steam bake-off palsy oh youdo that thing like this do you yes andthen you put it back in fuel but it’snot there’s not this timewait let me smell see your what yourslook like Oh yours really quite spreadout okay great yeah and you really haveto have them cool down before they justbecause they’re really soft so whenthey’re warm and so basically these arethe kind of cookies that are best whenthey cool okay greatdo you put them on a wire rack yeah andI need them on the paper just for like afew minutes and then transfer into Iraqyet meet you okay good so can we justwait for five minutes just to cool alittle bit and then we’ll because Ireally wanna try it last year actuallyit’s got good memories father’s neveryeah gorgeous take one swing from fiveminutes and what else do we need to knowabout you what do you do we have simplyasked our prop Tia do you have siblingsyeah actually uh when I was I was tryingto get people to guess what I was doingthis vehicle unlike with and I said atone point that we were the same age thatwe were from the same parts that the UKand the unit miles away and most peopleguessed is my twin brother X I do have atwin brother obviously we are the sameage no he tries to be but he’s not whatdoes your family think of all thisthey’ve loved it my family really lovedmy family are foodies so they’ve alwaysliked food and they definitely love BakeOffso yeah they why did you the show’s beenon for I think 10 years why did you waittill now to do it I I don’t know Iwanted a challenge first of all I havein previous years you know the cause somany people by 17,000 people applied andof all of the 17,000 people they’ve gotfive or ten people are telling themevery single year you should have acough and I wasn’t any different peoplewere always telling to apply and I wasalmost terrified about being on TV thatwas worth more scared about thananything else and so I think I was in areally good place this year like I thinkpeople also think that because like I’mwith Nick now if you look at our socialmedia it looks like me and it could betogether as long as you rock and this weactually happen and I didn’t come outuntil I was 13 so like a nice divehappened from then obviously it’s quitea journey to kind of self-acceptancebecause there’s still a lot ofinternalized homophobia or even afteryou passed that point etc etc yeah andso this was probably the right to theperfect time for me I’m just glad thebake-off kept on getting bigger andbigger and didn’t bomb yeah because Idid always want you i always dreamedlike I genuinely I’m someone that hasproper datings like I spent I can walkdown the streets and it’s Jimmy werebeing bundled and champion etc andBangkok was one of my daydreams where Iwould like go through each episode butlike obviously I would win every singleepisodes did my daydreams but yeah itwas a told you binder I can take off soit’s still seeingyeah no I I know that our experience isa little different but every day whenI’m out and about I know this is how Iabsolutely will but in the morningI wake up in my home and with my husbandI go to my grocery store I go to thesame gym I’ve been to for a long time itjust feels like oh yeah regular life andthen it’s oh I know you no one’s gonnabelieve this but I promise you it’s trueyou forget until you’re out and aboutand some random strangers just like ohhey oh yeah you truly do forget unlessyou’re immersed in everything you forgetand especially if you keep your friendsthat you had before yeah especiallysomething like you know some peoplemaybe they go into a different world andthey use it as a way to kind of amazingfriends and family be bond and you staywith those friends and then you’rekeeping the same life so yes when peoplesay what houses change your life otherthan party financially and that the factthat I and a lot of people a lot mumbleno me my life is actually very similarto how it was before every day if I haveabout how I’m usually with my husbandI’m in Salt Lake City I don’t look Ihave a home in LA but I don’t live in LAI don’t live in New York so I’m notliving that lifestyle where I’m at aclub every night or a bar every nightI’m living a very regular I’m usually athome watching TV baking and watching thebake up but literally is pretty muchevery day I am living the dream as faras I’m concerned I don’t wanna thepressure of going out right it’s gonnastill on the sofawatch TV and eat cake yes when you doget invites to events then and you go tothem it makes them more special as welllike I love the fact I get invited tosome really cool and stuff but like yousay the majority of the time I’m at homecooking and so yeah yeah I go to maybelike literally no job this is gonnasound like a spoke to a radius fiveevents maybe six a year that’s it cuz Iwant them to feel really special andwhen I’m going even beforehand a musicscene in physically sick way oh my goshmovie like it’s my husband who has tosay getting that damn cake is usuallywork is that get in the car as soon asyouturn up your to talk toyou’ll be fine but I feel physicallysick going into these events thinkingnobody’s gonna talk to me it’s a reallyweird feeling yeah and also I guess youdon’t think that everyone else isthinking the same thing because a lot ofpeople are very good at putting on ashow so yeah everyone is just I put on ashow I could walk in like oh he musthave gone out I wanted you to say helloDavid this was blissful I just want tohave a bite of this cookie gorgeous mmmI just piss Kristin Kristin the outsideon the edge and then stopped and milkyeah they are and those chia seeds outthere people must be protest yeahquestion could you do this do you knowif you don’t have the answer so be itcould you do this with like a Criscoinside like a plant-based Crisco insteadof butter if you want to do a veganversion definitely yeah you definitelycan I wouldn’t go with Idol but withyeah they’re kind of the plant-basedbutters like Crisco you can definitelydo gorgeousboo boo boo box doesn’t Aleppo it willbe a vegan right Damon that’s thatthanks so much for this thank you somuch for this I’ve loved it we’re gonnaput for all your asking have some noticeso I can get the recipe I’m gonna postit within the next few minutesthey’re just ingredients list on thenext instant story so you check it outthere and bake it tag us so we can seeit in our in sasori’s please yes doyoudo you very much like you hope yes heresumed I’ll see youthey just hang out Nick your invites toobviously my loveso nice to meet you also I can hear youstill certainly my love stay safeeveryone out there please stay safe stayhome stay safebye Sam bye everyone bye

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