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How to bake Raisin Cookies

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Video Transcription

hey there guys wasn’t my to another
video and recovered be wondering who are
my well come over here I am this little
girl sister and you can al-fayed my
youtube channel I have side
baking powder and baking powder it is
alright stop it all-purpose baking then
brown sugar no you don’t need brass did
you do any better
side then it mixes okay put that in side
pour the butter then pour some sugar
hole it’s the legend you need to mix
so then guys you have to mix like the
butter and sugar together and it will
form like this then you need to add a
lean-to and then that’s it is this
gradually one flower on it
also even inside in your hair
it’s kinda Mickey we need a call ball
then guys you have to like we heat the
oven to like 20 and that’s what my mom
said hundred Thank You 22e and we got up
face jungler
we need to put all-purpose flour
remember you need to preheat the oven if
you’re doing this
hey and you need to put all-purpose
flour and races
and the Reimann guys also prepare trays
and a Cote shoes like three trays or
whatever I don’t know where none is
gonna retrace and by the way this is the
recipe we used my mom is helping us to
mix it into three mm-hmm where you need
help to trap your dad out of school and
mommy yes how you transfer it to this
tree that like tiny tiny whining pieces
that’s way that my real brother she
wanted to tell me I know we hadn’t hit
100 subs to like say Freeview ourselves
but stuff we’re gonna do it lagging and
we’re hoping to get a lot of viewers on
okay we will be back in a second
Montreal finish this guys here we are we
have two of the cookies here leaving on
the oven thank you looks so good I want
to taste them but I can’t yes okay so
it’s not in shape by the way we are
waiting for the second the third badge
to come and so us on my English I’m not
used to like be on camera it will be
back then too okay here is the oven we
are putting the third badge here doesn’t
it – badges second bag it’s not sitting
so you have to wait okay we’re gonna
heat that you’re just gonna wait because
they fix not fitting so yeah we’ll be
back until this cooks yeah leftovers
here so you’re making extra I want to
get this I want to also get it tastes so
sugary mmm you did the government yes we
are using my mom’s phone by the way
if you and if you have any questions and
guys you cannot comment down below what
are you ladies guys what do you like
pancakes or cookies comment down below
yes Mia next time we’re gonna make
pancakes which is really easy guys you
like the ways and I can make a cake yeah
I’m gonna post something on it so guys
by the way we are a you have to tie your
hair and wear an apron I didn’t wear an
apron cause like my little brother was
wearing it and yeah and I like because I
was so uncomfortable and she stole
another batch of cooking Hey
still looking I do wear like a dum-dum
okay guys so I’m calling on olive oil to
like follow them it’s all day the trees
so if you can so it will not stick to
the tree yeah just wipe I will teach you
what they rarity to each mine hey okay
guys we’ll see you and then you get back
to do him here we go guide our
cookies that looks so good

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