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Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies

These peanut butter cookies are gluten free and dairy free, but not flavor free!

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Video Transcription

hey guys welcome back to Chef Monica’skitchen today I’m going to show you thebest peanut butter cookie recipe youever ever ever had there’s cocaine inthemwell more legally in this state maybesomething else but no there is not thatalthough you know if you wanted to Isuppose you could do that but I’m notgoing to really think of it they’redelicious without that ask anybody who’sever had them at the end aside from ourcoconut macaroons these are truly ourmost popular snack that we put out forguests so first of all oh and bigbonusing these are gluten free and dairyfree which i think is genius also if youwanted to make these without peanuts ifyou have a peanut allergy you could usealmond butter and it would work just aswell I don’t know why I did that foralmond butter but clearly that’s codefor almond butter so I rode off with onecup of peanut butter and you’ll noticethis is chunky instead of creamy youcould use either or I actually lovechunky peanut butter because I like thethe little crunch that it gives it andit’s natural peanut butter which is whyit’s starting to sort of leach out thatoil off the side which is fabulousorganic if possible but don’t go crazyover that that’s why the reason why ourpeanuts is so good but if I was jiffydon’t not make the knot which is forpositive Asian okay so I’m one cup ofthe peanut butter – 1 cup of brown sugarif you want chewy or cookies use brownsugar if you want crunchy cookies usewhite sugar that pretty much goes acrossthe board for almost any kind of cookiewhether it’s peanut butter or anythingelse then we’re gonna do a little bit ofour apple pie spice or pumpkin pie spiceor Chinese five-spice whatever you’vegotor just cinnamon a little bit of ourorange blossom water again not necessarybut I’m making these chocolate peanutbutter cookies and orange and chocolatelove each other it’s a match made inheavenjust about a tablespoon or so a littlebit of vanilla extractactually that was almond extract nowthough will be vanilla extract a littlebit of bothoh that was it bye-bye vanilla will domore later and one egg and thenchocolate chips these are dark Igenerally prefer dark chocolate whichmakes it very very good mixer has beenvery very nice my husband very veryhappy if you don’t like dark chocolateyou can use semi-sweet that’s fine ifyou really prefer milk chocolate go forit really this is what you like so thispoint we will just stir this alltogether takes a little bit ofupper-body strengthalthough the peanut butter was at roomtemperature so that makes it easier youdo want to use room temperatureotherwise the sticks three times as mucheffort I’m holding the camera do thatokay so then we’ll take our ice creamscooper and that’s about one tablespoonand ice cream super or you can just usea tablespoon measure and that works aswell and we’ll just go ahead and putthis on to our baking sheet that’s linedwith a silicone pad since I put so manychocolate chips in here I probably won’tneed to have flat leaves too much but Ido have my work there my oven is freehave preheated to 400 degrees and as youcan notice I’m giving these about one ortwo inches of space here just to makesure that as they spread out they havesome room to growand these will take approximately 12 1214 minutes or so debates you don’t wantto bake them to the point where they’reburnt crisp but you do want them to beset so it’s kind of like doing brownieswhere the best brownies are kind ofstill slightly gooey in the center whenyou pull them out it’s sort of the sameprinciple with these cookies you wantthem to still kind of be slightly do wein the center before you prefer when youpull them out they’re all gonna fit inone batch they have to bake it into thatsadly I may have to make it in twobatches because I’m literally down tolike the last couple and I’ll haveliterally two or three cookies on thenext – but that’s okayit yields roughly 15 or so cookies Icould have squeezed them all on here butI didn’t want to come over to thecookies and then we’ll just kind offlatten them a tiny bit but again theseare so gooey it’s not really necessaryif you do the regular sugar then you mayneed to flatten them more than that andthese will governor of it about 14minutes or so I’ll pull them out andI’ll show you what they already so it’sbeen about 14 minutes or so and theseare done you can see they did up alittle bit and without burning with myfinger I kind of want to give you anidea of the fact that there’s still sortof gooey soft in the center as thesecool they will harden up and then you’llhave that sort of slightly crunchyexterior in the really soft chewy Centerthese will keep for about two weeks orso in an airtight container so you caneither stick them in a Tupperwareziplock baggie although chances are theywon’t last that long so go home and makethem your kids will love them you’lllove them fabulous super easy

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