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bake cookies with me!! 🍪

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hope you guys enjoyed the vid!! 💕


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Video Transcription

Oh somewhat funny into a by like poppingin but get my phones out okay chocolatechip cookies I don’t know why I have toactually look at I want I mean I wantedto make sure it’s stuck what to do soyeah I love chocolate chip cookies Ilove baking so they should be a goodvideo so let go I got my book right herewe’re gonna go get other stuff I meanokay so I got everything I need umawesomeI know you see that our Christmas treeyou still do not pay attention to thatbecause I know one of you watching thisdefinitely still has that Christmas treeup too so don’t judge okay so it saysyou can make it with a 1/2 cup of butteroil to use vegetable oil and we don’thave like it says wait 1/2 cup of oncetake the butter we don’t have a stick ofbutter we have like a container ofbutter so I don’t feel like you meltingit and it might play whatever so I’mjust gonna use the olive oilwell not olive oil vegetable use theorganic it’s diversion okay[Music]what was that I have to see cinch upwhat 1/3 is animation because it’s noton this one so I’ll be right back so I’mbackso it says instead of like the measuringcup you could also do 5 tablespoons andin 1 teaspoon for the 1/3 of likefiguring out a measuring cup gonna messup the cookies put too much oil in itjust his oily and who wants oily cookiesI’m so sorry if you hear noise in thebackgroundmy sister’s watching me on booby onetime she wants to watch TV cuz you knowwatches TV it’s now when I’m making avideo so five tables it’s a lot oftablespoons a 1 teaspoon that’s a lot ofright one do it okay okay I’m just gonnaput this one on tablespoon and then I’mgonna start one more time cuz I want tomake sure you can never be too sureokay so I was correct if they’re sayingfive tablespoons but I’m not gonna fillthe um spoon up all the way with the oilthat’s one at least that’s what my momtold me she said you don’t move that’s alot that’s a lot that’s threeyeah the tablespoon okay[Music][Music]okay so two tablespoons of water andthen just I just filled in my free cupof water so we’ll have to go back andforward the most important you can youcan see the most important part to Diegoremember when a picture of an eight wasthe most like picture or a slash a photoor insta like y’all remember dad oh mygoodness definitely be Kylie Jenner’sphoto like I still can’t always do thatlike I end up crushing it I just want tobe like because Ruby said over like ohand I thought okay see this is why thisis nothing never be a baker virus youneed to review this wooden spoon whatI’m sorry the virus is just okay youdon’t have an electrical whisk and wehave the whisk but it’s like bendy sothat’s not gonna do the trick so I’mgonna have to use a wooden spoon alsobefore we started I would like to tellyou guys I’m horrible as stirring so hewouldn’t see I’m I don’t know how tostir I never know I’m not a stir thisjust like it’s it’s notso I’m gonna fast forward or like toskip this partand come back when I’m done stir themokay so I’m going for like smallercookies because I want more so I’m gonnause a teaspoon and if you want biggercookies you use a tablespoon I don’tknow why I’m talking to you guys likeI’m teaching you how to make cookiesthis is in tutorial I mean could betutorial it’s not um but yeah here I goI’m just[Music]so here it cookies I don’t know ifthey’re spaced too far enough from eachother but we’re just going to see andthey are now going to go into and I’llbe back[Music]

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