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Video Transcription

hi third-grade welcome to my kitchenI’m gonna show you guys how to make ano-bake cookie today and it’s it is acookie but it’s a very healthy versionof a cookie and it’s something that youcould do on your own if you havepermission it’s no bake so you don’tneed the oven but you do need to askyour parents for permission to use theirfood if you would like to try to makethese okay so all you need is two cupsof oatmeal one cup of peanut butter Iuse the creamy kind but it doesn’tmatter if you would like to use thecrunchy kind and you need half a stickof butterusually but I’m gonna change this recipea little bit today and actually useinstead of butter coconut oil I don’tknow if you’ve ever seen coconut oilbefore but it’s a little bit healthierthan butter and it’s gonna do the samejob in my cookie recipe so like I saidif you only have a half a stick ofbutteryou can try that this is just to make ita little bit healthier for you all rightso I’m gonna put you up here so you cansee what I’m doing okay so this is thetwo cups of oatmeal and I’m gonna justkind of move those out of the way anduse a microwave safe Bowl and I’m gonnaput in my two or one cup sorry one cupof peanut butter kind of hard to scrapeoutall right that’s probably as good as I’mgonna get him needs another spoon reallyclean it up here and then this is whatmy coconut oil looks like and coconutoil is it starts as a solid like thisbut if you heat it up for a little whileit really does melt down into a clearoil if it gets hot enough all right andI’m gonna microwave this for about aminuteso here’s some of the things that arehealthy about this cookies so you areusing some things that are found on myplate which you learned about earlier inthe week this is whole grains which is apart of my plate the oatmeal and a lotof people don’t know that protein is apeanut butter and a lot of beans andthings like that are also included inprotein so people think of meat withprotein but actually this has a lot ofprotein in it so that’s another healthychoice that you’re making with thesecookies and the oil I would have to lookand find out a little bit more about theoil but it does it is made of coconut sothat’s another thing about it if youdon’t like the flavor of coconut thisdoes make it have a very strong coconutflavor and the cookie I love that butsome people might not like the flavor ofcoconut is much all right I’m gonna goget the rest of the set be careful whenyou bring it out okay so here’s where weget to mix everything togetherOh mix this first so as you can see thatcoconut it’s because starting to breakdown into a clear oil and I’m gonna mixthis in so if I just put this into theoatmeal the cookies will be pretty plainso at this point I want to think ofsomething to flavor it just a little bitso what I like to do is put in just alittle spoonful of brown sugar because Ithink brown sugar goes really well withoatmeal and comment on my video onseesaw about anything that you thinkwould be good to add in here to flavorit or what might you add into the cookieto add a little bit of vitamins or extranutrients to it to but is there anythingin your kitchen or that you can think ofthat you could add in here to flavor itI bet you’re pretty creative and you canthink of some things so I’m just gonnapour this in see if I need the rest ofthat and stir it up and it’s gonna makea pretty messy batter should havementioned this but before you startplease make sure that you wash yourhands really welljust like you saw in the video the thenurse with the purple soap she did areally nice job washing her hands youwant to have a really clean hands cuzyou’ll kind of need them to form theseinto a ball a little bit more gear sothe last thing that I do once that’smixed I just got some parchment paperhere these need to sit in the fridge forabout two hours so I just scoop them upwith a cookie scoopand some of them I sometimes will use myhands to form into a little ball sothat’s why your hands need to really beclean so there I’m going to keep goingwith that I’m gonna leave those in thefridge for about two hours like I saidand then you can put them in a differentcontainer but those are little peanutbutter oatmeal no bake cookies that area pretty healthy choice for you thanksfor watchinggood to see you guys

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