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How to make Bread! (First Time doing this)

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Brenda M.

Hey guys today I’m teaching you how to make Bread here are the ingredients:
-1/8 cup of warm water
-1/8 cup of warm milk
-2 tsps dry active yeast
-1 pinch of sugar
-1 cup all purpose flour
-1 tbsp granulated sugar
-1 cup milk
-2 tbsp melted unsalted butter
-1/2 cup all purpose flour flour
-3 tbsp all purpose flour
-2 tbsps room temperature unsalted butter

Prepare the oven:
375 degrees
28-22 minutes

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Video Transcription

hi welcome back to my mom and night inmy candle I have a special guest hername is Leslie and today we’re gonnabake bread Susie can go outside and getit yes so that’s right transportationsand I’m like yeah I know so is he likecooking because i rims and her familyher blood one cup of all-purpose flournext year then I’ll put one tablespoonof sugar next we’re going to put onenext we’re going to put 1 and 1/2teaspoon of saltnext 1 cup of milk 1 tablespoon ofunsalted butter and ice melted and thenyou’re gonna make[Music]room temperature unsalted butter one ata timedrink sprinkle flour on your workingsurface lightly transfer your dough ontoyour working surface and mold it into aball ball in your your oil bowl and thencover it with oil with the clean kitchentowel and put it some rewarded is on thestove in the oven or in a microwave waitfor it to rise for one and a half hoursor twothough as you can see it rose up high itwas like lower but now it’s like reallyhigh as you can see the yeast has hathad it brought wheel your panlook at that it’s very nice and spongyyou could see probably least worked onit and yeah make it into a rectanglekind of form your uncle the other side[Music]and then you’re gonna close the eggsBucky by putting themand then you’re in a pinch the top placethat in your lowIso right now we’re talkingdoesn’t have to be perfect yeah itdoesn’t have to be perfect just as longas it’s like let’s say 20 and we’regonna put saran wrap on top so it couldrise to like the top so we could fakeplastic wrap so the dough doesn’t stickto the plastic wrap because then thatwould be a disaster this is an exampleor how you put it on top say put foilunder this right here okay and we’regonna let it sit for about 20 minutesand rituals in your oven oh okay thatrose so good[Music]top of the next you’re going to putbread inside and we’re gonna be I thinkyou should put on the top cuz it’s gonnaI recommend put on the top so the breaddoesn’t touch the hot thing and you’regonna put it to 18 to 22 minutes they’llput 22 minutes if it’s not gonna fitwe’ll put it for a couple more minutesyou go put butter on it if you wantyes I like cool down though so and yeahso we cut it into pieces and see what itlooks likeyeah looks very good you could you couldput it in like a mini sandwich if youwant yeah this is really nice yeahthat’s all for today’s video I hope youenjoyed it the recipe so comment downbelow if you want any more recipes we’lldo itso yeah don’t forget subscribe and itwill make them really happy and grateful

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