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Ms. Stacy shows you how to bake cookies with a family member!

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Video Transcription

everyone its Miss Daisy I’m makingchocolate chip cookies todayand I wanted to share the recipe withyou and let you know it’s a fun activityif you’re home with mom or dad and youlike to bake this is a great day for itmaking Nestle Tollhouse more cool righton the back of it actually has a recipeit’s super easy so I have some in therecipe here inside of my bowl is a stickand a half of butter we’re gonna addsome sugar it’s brown sugar and whitesugarokay there’s three-fourths of eachinside of here so we’re just going toadd that to the bowl we have some bakingsoda and some salt but we’re going toadd right we have some flour that we’regoing to add so it’s going to be twocups here of flour and so that way youdon’t pack it down we’re just gonnascoop the flour in okay unless you havea sifter at home so there’s one here’stwoand then it says that you need 1/4 soright here on the measuring cup we seethat there’s 1/4 so we’re going to fillit right to that line right and we’rejust going to stop therelittle too much all right we’re going toadd it into the mix okay nextwe’re gonna do one teaspoon of that okayI’m gonna throw that in therenext is the favorite you can add as manyas you want or as little as you want Ilike a good cup right oh I almost forgotthere’s two eggs needed before you addthose chocolate morsels we’ll just mixit all upI already mixed up your bowl it kind oflooks like this all rightit’s a nice light brown color by thetime you’re done and you can use aregular spoon and it mix up niceokay now we’re going to add our favoritepart chocolate morsels let’s see if theonly likes to put in one cup and then itlooks like this and you’re ready to putit on your baking sheet and put it inthe oven and make your chocolate chipcookies I hope you enjoyed us mixingtogether before I put that in the ovenI’m gonna clean up as you can see I gotflour everywhere so we’re gonna grab upsome weights there’s some napkins orwhatever you want to use and we’re justgonna run it over cleaning up the flourthat you see making sure that we wash itall down really really good putting awayall of our dishes and throwing awayanything that we have to put inside ofthe trash all right so I hope youenjoyed making chocolate chip cookiesand I hope you enjoy doing that withyour family[Music]

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