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Julia no bake cookies

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Video Transcription

I’m Julia and today we’re gonna bemaking no big cookies so you’re all theingredients you will need to make no bigcookiesyou don’t need half a cup of coconut oil1 cup of maple syruphalf a cup of almond milk 4 tablespoonsof cocoa powder 1/2 a cup plus 4tablespoons of peanut butter or anysubstitute you would use because someonein your family has allergies or you haveallergies 1 teaspoon of vanillaOh a creamy peanut butter can’t leavethe time to join um 1 teaspoon ofvanilla and 3 cups of oats it’s vegan[Music]cookies and now it’s back to you Julietok so the first first thing we need todo is we need to get a medium saucepanand we need to set it to medium low heatand when you have that on you’re gonnajust put your coconut oil in so whathappens to coconut oil it’s gonna meltthen we’re gonna mix everything in – ohso now we just wait for this to meltit’s melting really quickly that’s noton quick it’s actually what our nextstep after that we would add in thecocoa powder the the almond milk themaple syrup and the peanut butter andthe vanilla extract and we would mixthem all and combine them and then wewould take it off the heat andwithout the oats yep our coconut oil ismelted what’s next so next we needs toadd in the and that’s it um we I’m justgonna stir that up quickly and then nextwe add the almond milk and anotherlittle stir and we add the maple syrupand butter so pretty much we’re addingeverything you can but now we have towait for it to melt before you put allits it does peanut butter melt we willmelt yeah okay so now we we’re gonna you upcookies we need to clean up becauseevery good Bakerokay now that everything’s melted itsmells super good um the next step is totake it off the heat with there okay andwe add in the oatsand you stir pause a couple correctionsin the recipe we have to let the mixturecome to a boil for two minutes beforeyou put the whole thing stirringconstantly the second one was we foundthat the cookie mixture was still a bittoo liquidy so we added some more oatsto make it a bit more firmer JulietBonnie showed them the product they youthink soI already started making some of thecookies and right now I’m using aneighth of a cup measuring cup but if youdon’t have that you can always justmeasure out about a teaspoon full androll it in your hands let’s make a balllike that but anyways I’m gonna we’regonna finish and once you’re done you’regonna refrigerate them and we’ll be backso that is how you make no big cookiesat home that you can enjoy follow thelink on the screen for the recipe I hopeyou enjoyed these easy to make cookiesI’m Julia from mr. Burgess class andit’s been fun baking with you[Music]

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